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Canton Cover-Up Part 149: Jen McCabe’s Sister And Husband Threaten And Intimidate Alan Jackson And Female ABC Reporters Outside Of CF McCarthy’s With D&E Pizza Employees


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Multiple sources from Canton reported to us that on Saturday evening at 7:30 PM there was an incident near D&E Pizza in Canton involving Karen Read, Attorneys Alan Jackson and Elizabeth Little, and members of the McCabe and Albert families who attempted to intimidate them. Here is a picture that was sent to us that an employee from inside D&E Pizza took.

The employee may have been reprimanded for doing that, because his mother deleted the image and her Facebook page entirely after posting it.

The blonde woman standing in between Karen Read and Attorney Little works for 20/20 and sat with Matt Gutman in court at the July 25 hearing. She was in court again on September 15.

They were with a crew that was filming Attorney Jackson as he went inside CF McCarthy’s, the bar next door to D&E Pizza. They appeared to be recreating Karen Read’s night on the evening that John O’Keefe was murdered, and when Chris Albert saw a bunch of dark SUV’s he reportedly believed that they were feds, so he immediately sprang into action.

Within less than a minute a heavyset man smoking a cigarette came out of D&E Pizza, where he paced outside menacingly. He began staring into CF McCarthy’s, watching Jackson and the ABC employee inside. No one got a picture of him, but he was described as heavyset, bald, and chain smoking. Sources say that they’ve seen him sitting in the window of D&E Pizza many times watching TV.

Shortly after that Denise and Bob Galvin showed up to CF McCarthy’s. Denise is one of Jen McCabe’s three older sisters, and Bob is her husband. The two of them live close by, and can be seen in these family images.

Witnesses from inside CF McCarthy’s tell us that when Bob and Denise arrived the heavyset man pointed out where Jackson was, and they went inside the bar and cornered him and the young female reporter he was there with, as he attempted to speak with a manager. Jackson did not say anything back to them, as he appeared to be there on business. The Galvins became so disruptive and combative that Jackson was forced to walk outside the bar to speak with the manager.

Multiple witnesses tell us that this is when the large chain smoking man began to pace around Alan Jackson like an animal stalking its prey, as Jackson attempted to speak with the manager. This prompted Chris Albert to come to the doorway and look outside. He did nothing to stop his employee from intimidating an attorney who was there with a media outlet to investigate his client’s actions from the night she was charged with murder.

Soon after that Denise Galvin reportedly yelled at Jackson, “Get out of MY TOWN!! Go back to Hollywood!!”

This prompted Attorney Little, the other young ABC producer she was with, and a cameraman to cross the street and attempt to get Jackson and the other producer out of harm’s way. Then this guy appeared:

I never found out his name, but after the two women tried to intervene, he, along with the heavyset chain smoking man and the Galvins, began to call Attorney Little and the two female 20/20 producers “whores” and “douchebags.”

Keep in mind, in court on Friday Adam Lally filed a motion to force ABC to hand over all of their unedited footage to the DA’s Office. Hopefully this makes the cut.

Finally the group was able to cross Washington Street and get into the vehicle with Karen Read, but they were followed by Chris Albert, the 2 D&E employees, and the Galvins. Denise and Bob Galvin screamed at Karen Read and asked her “how do you sleep at night?”

This coming from the sister of a woman who chose not to sleep all night on the evening of January 28, 2022, because she was Googling “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM as part of her plot to murder John O’Keefe. These people have convinced themselves that they are the victims because people like Karen Read don’t lie down and go to jail for them when they commit murder.

The heavyset chain smoking man intentionally stood in front of their vehicle on Washington Street, preventing them from leaving the parking lot. The driver inched forward until he finally got out of the way, but he had no intention of letting them leave without a confrontation. His boss, Chris Albert, stood by and watched this all transpire without saying a word.

If you’re wondering what happened to John O’Keefe, just remember that this is how these people behave when they’re sober in the middle of the busiest street in town. Imagine how they behave after drinking all day when someone like John O’Keefe disrespects a revered 17 year old boy in their family. They were willing to act like savage animals in front of news cameras, knowing it would be seen later by millions of people.

Denise Galvin, the sister of cop killer Jen McCabe and co-conspirator Nicole Albert, stressed that this was THEIR TOWN, because for so long it was. Chris Albert is on the Board of Selectman, Kevin Albert is a Sergeant Detective for Canton PD, Brian Albert Albert is a “pillar of the community” from BPD who they are lucky enough to have live in their town, Julie Albert is the treasurer for the Canton High School PTO, Tim Albert once owned a pool, and their children are former and current star athletes.

They don’t take kindly to out of towners who come to Canton and fail to show proper respect to the Alberts. That includes Mansfield residents like Karen Read, well respected attorneys like Little and Jackson, reporters and producers from ACB News, and Braintree transplants like John O’Keefe.

These people are so brazen that they know the whole world is watching them act like this and they just don’t care. But why would they? They know the DA’s Office, CPD Chief Rafferty, and the State Police will have their backs.

Funny how these people never seem to want to talk when I’m around. They call the cops on me or hide in their bunkers. But when three women, Alan Jackson, and an innocent woman they’re framing for murder show up, all of a sudden they go back to being bootleg Sopranos selling mediocre chicken parm in Canton.



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  1. Who thinks they wouldn’t try to kill Karen, Alan Jackson, and turtle boy if they had the chance and thought they could get away with it?

    1. Yes. This is where at least part of their behavior comes from. Kinda like so many Harley riders fancy themselves Outlaws or Hells Angels the minute they ride out of the dealership: it’s a very loose association but they don’t let that get in the way of their fantasies.

    2. “Kevin’s brother, William, has described their childhood: “Smart was good, but having the ability to beat someone senseless! Now that was real power. Education was often talked about in the apartment, but always with the implied threat that if your marks weren’t acceptable, be ready to give up your soul to God because your ass belonged to our father … and As weren’t acceptable.”

  2. Hahaha, these people are legit crazy, they must be laying the groundwork for the insanity defense. Plus as turtleriders we are not doing the right thing by allowing that shithole pizza place to remain open. It should be picketed 24/7 and all customers pictured and publicly shamed until CA inevitably closes the doors. If there was ever a business that deserves this type of treatment, D and E is it. Also the silence from our Governor and AG is deafening…….complicit by inaction. What’s the matter Maura, busy coercing state troopers to give you a licking?

    1. Nah, Maura is too busy licking her chops trying push HD.2440 thru the MA Legislature. We all need to see this fail for our liberties and freedom from her tyranny.

    2. A lot of where’s the AG’s office, if you read all of the doctors blogs, Caitlin is an employee of that office…….

  3. These people are some of the dumbest low lifes on the planet. Do they really think they can intimedate a high profile attorney, and an ABC news person, with camera man? I hope that camera guy recordered those nitwits in action. I want everyone of these scumbags involved in this murder, and cover up charged and convicted. If they skate on this, we’re fucked! I have zero faith in todays justice system. But we do have turtle boy. 🙏

  4. First of all, why havent any of the members of this group ever speak out to media or go on Television to explain why they are not involved in this tragedy? They are the victims in their minds, correct? whats amazing is that a Town selectman would inject himself into this nonsense without telling the others to stop. These fools act like children.

  5. Disgusting. I have words… the Alberts and McCabes have officially ruined the town of Canton. Were these people raised by wolves? Kevin Albert, where’s YOUR Ford Edge? You were seen leaving your house in Canton around 230am that morning….. where were you going? Helping family move a body???

  6. You all seeing how they had me removed so I wouldn’t shake the foundation of this whole state??? You know I was gonna take scalps, but apparently, they were Democrat scalps and we can’t have that. You know it’s true, they had that ethics violation in their pocket, waiting to use it when necessary. I resigned so they wouldn’t release the really bad stuff I’ve done. You get what you vote for

    1. Bingo. Someone who gets it. They only appoint those who are compromised beforehand so they have a rainy day “ out” if/when the heat comes down. Rollins would’ve blown this case wide open simply because she hates cops – esp white cops- esp white cops named Brian Albert.
      She had to go cuz all of the salacious blackmail intel Albert has on SO many officials , current & former, you name it – drugs, orgies, closeted gay trysts, corruption, oh yeah the full Monty –
      would come out.

  7. Stay classy Canton.

    Thanks to their behavior, everything the rest of the country thinks about Massachusetts will be confirmed.

    1. So they came outside to intimidate women how masculine of them. 20/20 is going to love all this video footage. I hope they got it.

  8. Court TV, ABC, NBC et al would be falling over themselves to hear the Albert’s and McCabe’s side of the story. Look at the evidence that exonerates them, show the world the proof that have showing their collective innocence.

    I wonder why they don’t do just that🙄

    1. Yes… I keep thinking its because their Lawyers are telling them be quiet but it flies in the face of these demonstrations

  9. When OJ was told by police that Nicole was murdered , he never asked what happened… Thats when Police knew he was involved—-When Brian , a first responder never came out to see the dead body on his lawn or even the fact that they are so protective of Colin not being in the house, when it doesnt matter if he was, right? Because O’Keefe never came into house, right.. so its moot… why bother to say he wasnt in house? why even entertain that he wasnt there?? we know why

    1. I watched some things on OJ a couple years ago at least, that led me down a rabbit hole about it being the son actually who was mentally sick. Also the cops were called there just a week before because he was yielding knife around and acting crazy. All were This probably has all been scrubbed, like anything good on Google search and YT have 7since 2019 I’m not saying that’s what happened but if it did it world would be something similar in oj may have wanted to protect the young.

  10. What was their plan? Seriously. Was their plan to beat up news reporters and a high profile lawyer in broad daylight? What about standing in front of their car? Were they hoping they would get run over or just stay stuck forever? Were they hoping to stage another vehicular homicide? Long term planning and forethought does not appear to be their strong suit.

    1. Yes.. Its only adding motivation for media like 20/20 to take a deeper dive into this. bad move… But a tactful decision on Jacksons part, he is fearless

  11. “My Town”??… that about sums up these assholes. Heavyset chain smoking man pacing menacingly? He was probably out of breath after all his pacing. This behavior shouldn’t surprise anyone following this case.

  12. Julie is Treasurer for canton high school PTO? I think that may mean the keeper of all money collected from parent fundraising activities. Interesting

  13. They say that once a member of the Canton Clan gets the taste of warm blood and chicken parm in their mouth they can never be civilized again…like some damn wolfmen…

  14. Auntie Bev is a drunkard. She gives the greatest blow jobs in Norfolk County at every dive bar after a few cocktails

  15. That incident that was ” reported” here was not even close to what actually happened. This is what happens when you write stories without even fact checking… then hide behind your “sources” You will not find a video of the incident because it was blown out of proportion, and would make TB look stupid for writing this article.

  16. Dear TB,
    Is it possible that the true motive here is that John O’ Keefe wanted more for his niece and nephew than what Canton Public Schools and townie friendships had to offer?
    After reading more and more, a comment made here in multiple articles sticks with me. I cannot help but think it possibly had something to do with the motive beyond Colin’s disrespect and dislike towards John?
    How insulting for these townies to learn that John O’ Keefe wants more for these two kids than what the Albert’s and mcCabe’s want for theirs. They want to keep them close and control the narrative and John wanted his kids to be exposed to other kids to elevate them and set them free.
    Now that John is gone, the very families that are involved are controlling the narrative of his kids (niece and nephew). This seems like the biggest F you one could possibly orchestrate?

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