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Canton Cover-Up Part 152: D&E Pizza Goon Sent By Chris Albert To Intimidate Karen Read’s Attorneys And 20/20 Producers Identified As Jim Farris Of Canton


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Yesterday we published a story about an incident outside of D&E Pizza and C.F. McCarthy’s in which two employees, Chris Albert, and Jen McCabe’s sister and brother in law Denise and Bob Galvin, harassed, threatened, and intimidated Attorney Alan Jackson, Attorney Elizabeth Little, and two young female 20/20 producers who were retracing Karen Read’s steps on the night John O’Keefe was murdered. One of the people involved was an unknown chain-smoking goon who works for Chris Albert. This man reportedly lay in wait for Jackson, yelled sexual slurs at the young women, followed them all to their car, stood in front of their vehicle and refused to let them leave. We now know who that man is. Meet Jim Farris from Canton:

He’s basically Tim Albert, except without the percs and respect that Alberts get in the town of Canton. Jim rents an apartment on Washington Street, has two college aged sons, was a chef at some point, and likes to pretend that he’s some sort of hardo in order to earn the respect of people who would otherwise reject him for being useless. So basically he’s Canton Mike Fucci. A source describes Farris as “a Canton character they can use and Chris Albert can pay him dirt.”

In the last 24 hours Farris suddenly began commenting about the incident on the Canton Confidential Facebook group for the first time, in defense of Chris Albert. He has defended Chris’ aggressive, bullying behavior towards random people in public, claiming that it’s OK to act this way if people are “coming after your family.” He said that he would be a “junkyard dog” if he were in the same position.

In other words, he’s justifying the behavior because he took part in it. He’s just too much of a coward to admit that he was one of the goons Albert got to do his dirty work for him.

Jim claims that it’s a good thing that the Alberts aren’t cooperating with police or handing over their cell phones because “no intelligent person would cooperate with a police investigation.”

Except the Alberts were happy to cooperate with a police investigation when the finger was being pointed at Karen Read, and innocent people don’t refuse to hand over evidence that could eliminate them as suspects in a murder case.

He claims that the incident did not happen the way it has been reported.

But how would he know that if he wasn’t there?

He said that it’s OK for Chris Albert to routinely be involved in incidents like this despite being an elected officials because he only has to behave like a civilized adult “during his duties as a selectman.”

As long as you don’t yell sexual slurs at women DURING meetings you are fit to run the town of Canton. Very high standards in this town.

Jim has defended the fact that Chris Albert never disclosed prior to the election that he has been sued dozens of times by creditors, had several tax liens placed on him, and once went to jail for killing a Hungarian exchange student. He believes this was the voter’s fault for not researching and showing up at the polls.

His defense of Chris Albert makes sense considering that he has a lot in common with Chris. Mainly the fact that like Chris he also has a plethora of lawsuits filed against him in Stoughton District Court.

Farris defended the threatening demand letter Chris Albert had his lawyer send out to over a dozen Canton citizens who posted negative, factual comments about him on Facebook in April, claiming that they were written “as a private citizen.”

Except elected officials are never truly private citizens until they are no longer holding office, and the fact that an elected official used an attorney to try to prevent citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights is outrageous and unprecedented.

He claims that it’s “not speaking a truth” to accuse the Alberts of killing John O’Keefe, even though they quite clearly did.

But it’s OK for Chris to yell out in public that Karen Read murdered John O’Keefe, even though she quite clearly did not.

Jim Farris is exactly the kind of person the Alberts have hidden behind for decades. He’s a useful idiot and career townie, desperate for a pat on the head from the cool kids. He couldn’t wait to prove himself to Chris Albert by intimidating three women and a flashy California attorney, while Albert hid behind him like the coward he is. Let’s see if Jim and the rest of these clowns have the minerals to try this on me the next time I come to town. See you soon, fellas.


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  1. Who knew that Canton was basically that town from Roadhouse? In need of a “cooler” to come in and control the Double Deuce. Thankfully we have one!

  2. Standing in front of their car to block them from leaving is a criminal offense. Too bad police weren’t called. They could still file for a criminal complaint themselves though. I wound have.

  3. Consider–> The greatest evidence is in what is absent, not what they give you. That’s been the fairly clear all along. Why would the real criminals give you what you need to convict them…they wouldn’t, they haven’t and, it is clear that they won’t. Oddly, instead of the police performing as is their sworn duty it has been left to Karen Read and her attorneys to DEMAND the evidence…that is what evidence hasn’t already been contaminated and/or disappeared.

    So much fraud & corruption in this case…

    1. So true. Innocent people simply don’t act this way. All these nut jobs do is scream at people and claim they have proof that never materializes.

  4. Are we sure Jim isn’t DA Morrisey’s mentally retarded twin brother??? They both have the same Bullfrog throat.

  5. Chicken Parm is a disaster. Look at his MO. 2002 bar fight he calls his cop buddy, gets the city sued. TB shows up at D & E he calls his brother to bail hi out. The News and Jackson show up, he calls this piece of shit goon. Chicken Parm is such a coward. No doubt when Colin called him that night after he attacked John like an animal Chicken Parm was working the phones and manipulating connections that night too. That’s what these low lifes do.

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