Canton Cover-Up Part 153: Judge Cannone Really Doesn’t Want The Public To See Image Of John O’Keefe’s Contaminated Clothing Next To Michael Proctor’s Feet Before Microscopic Tail Light Was Discovered


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During Friday’s hearing ADA Adam Lally stressed over and over again that the State Police crime lab  had found “microscopic” pieces of tail light in John O’Keefe’s clothing, after they finally conducted testing on them 20 months after he was killed. What they didn’t mention was the fact that the woman who analyzed them failed her proficiency exam, and John’s clothing was contaminated under the care of corrupt State Police Detective Michael Proctor. Here is an image of how John’s clothes were handled as his body lay in a hospital gurney in Brockton. Notice Michael Proctor’s feet standing next to his shirt, which allegedly contained the microscopic tail light fragments.

This is not how you preserve evidence in a murder case. No pictures were taken after that, and we have no idea how long Proctor had those clothes in his possession. All we know is that Michael Proctor is the tail light whisperer, because wherever he goes pieces of tail light magically begin to appear.

Since this was new information that had never been presented in court, and since the manner in which this evidence was handled was something the court should know about, the defense attempted to hold up a poster board with this image to show Judge Cannone. But when Attorney Little began to show the judge the image at the 1:32:15 mark, Cannone reprimanded her and said she wouldn’t look at them at all.

Cannone despises Karen Read’s attorneys because they’re so effective. In May they held one up with the dog bites that has gone viral.

That was such an effective image because no one with a brain looks at that photograph and believes a Lexus caused those injuries. They put compelling pieces of evidence on posters, knowing that the media and the public will see the overwhelming evidence proving Karen Read’s innocence. Their strategy has won over the public, which is precisely why Cannone despises these “chalks.”

If Judge Cannone had any sort of integrity or a desire for justice she would welcome these images in her courtroom and demand that the Commonwealth explain themselves. In a normal courtroom this case would’ve been dismissed by now, but there is nothing normal about what is happening inside Norfolk Superior Court.


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