Canton Cover-Up Part 156: Commonwealth Says Michael Proctor Made “Mistake” By Putting Wrong Times In Police Reports, Claims Karen Read Never Did 3 Point Turn In Absurd New Theory


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Karen Read’s attorneys have appealed Judge Cannone’s denial of a Rule 17 motion to give them access to Brian Albert’s cell phone records from 12-6 AM on January 29, 2022, and it will be heard within a month or two in the Supreme Judicial Court. The Commonwealth has responded with a 188 page opposition filled with more lies

The Commonwealth is now admitting for the first time that Michael Proctor’s report contains an error about what time he arrived at Karen Read’s parent’s home in Dighton at 5:30. They claim this was an unintentional mistake, “clearly rectified by other evidence including Dighton Police reports that were authored on January 29, 2022.”

Except there’s several problems with that:

  1. The mistake they’re correcting contains another mistake – Proctor didn’t say he arrived at 5:30, he said he arrived at 4:30 and left at 5:30.

2. This “unintentional mistake” was presented as evidence to the grand jury to charge Karen Read with murder. The SERT team search where the tail light was discovered took place 15 minutes later at 5:45, which wouldn’t give Proctor enough time to drive to Canton and plant evidence. If the grand jury knew that Proctor had left much earlier it would open up the possibility in their eyes that he could have planted it before 5:45.

3. If this was an unintentional mistake then why did the Commonwealth repeatedly double down in court filings, claiming that Proctor arrived in Dighton at 4:30, and left at 5:30? Adam Lally repeatedly threw out the absurd theory that the Read’s footage showing the car being towed at 4:12 was the result of not setting the clocks back for daylight savings. Why would he do this if he thought 5:30 was a mistake?



4. The Commonwealth is admitting that they knew a police report existed with the Dighton Police Department, showing that the scene was cleared by 4:17 PM. Yet they didn’t bother getting it until we filed a public records request for it the report. At that point it was undeniable that Proctor was lying, and Lally was covering for him. Now they’re saying it was all just a big mistake that they’ve been repeating in curt for the last 20 months.

The Commonwealth is also blatantly lying that they never agreed to have an evidentiary hearing. Instead Lally claims that his “tone was difficult to decipher” in emails.

In an April 14 email discussing the upcoming evidentiary hearing that Lally had already agreed upon, Lally stated he would be “looking to call witnesses of my own” if there was a dispute issue, and that the defense could call whatever witnesses they want.

His “tone” was perfectly clear – he planned on calling witnesses for an evidentiary hearing.

Additionally, the Commonwealth is now claiming that the 3 point turn never happened. Instead they are saying, without providing any evidence, that Karen Read accelerated from 0-24 mph (in reverse, in the snow) in 62 feet, striking John O’Keeefe. She then continued to go in reverse after hitting him, which would indicate that she ran him over. They’re also continuing to claim that the “hair” they tested from Karen’s car was human hair, even though a DNA test last month proved that it wasn’t.

This means that:

  • Karen was at least 62 feet from where John’s body was found before she decided to gun it in reverse. This would mean she was sitting outside of the driveway of 32 Fairview Road, something no witness claims to have seen.
  • John chose to remain in the road, while his allegedly furious and murderous girlfriend drover forward 62 foot, and then remained in place in the road in order to allow Karen Read to run him over.
  • Going 24 mph in reverse in the snow is terrifyingly fast, and accelerating that quickly in order to achieve that speed over such a short distance would be extremely loud. Yet no one in the house heard a thing, nor did any neighbors. Brian and Nicole Albert said that they heard no loud noises. Five other witnesses inside the house were not interviewed by police, and thus could not contradict this statement.

  • The Ring camera at 31 Fairview, the home of Deputy Police Chief Tom Keleher, would’ve certainly picked up Karen Read’s vehicle since it was directly across the street.
  • Karen chose not to drop John off in the driveway, but rather dropped him off in the corner of the house so he could walk diagonally across the lawn.
  • This conflicts with Ryan Nagel’s statement that he didn’t see John inside or outside the car, and didn’t see damage to the back of the vehicle.
  • John’s body would’ve gotten crushed by the car when she ran him over, and the rear of Karen’s vehicle would have significant damage. Yet there is no damage to the car, and no bruises or broken bones on John’s body below his body.
  • Jen McCabe claimed that she saw Karen drive away at 12:45. According to the Commonwealth’s new theory this means that she saw Karen leave IMMEDIATELY after hitting John O’Keefe, which means McCabe would’ve been looking out the window and have seen her strike him.

  • If Karen did not strike John O’Keefe until 12:45 then that means Ryan Nagel was lying when he said that Karen was alone in her car when he left the house at 12:30.
  • The Commonwealth has officially given up on the death by three point turn theory, despite the fact that Matt McCabe told Michael Proctor that he saw v-shaped tire tracks consistent with making a three point turn, and despite the fact that they used the three point turn theory to charge her with murder in the first place. Fairview Road is less than 62 feet wide, which would make it impossible for Karen Read to travel 62 feet before striking JO.

  • Karen Read couldn’t figure out how to back out of her driveway at 5 AM without hitting John O’Keefe’s Chevy Traverse, but she was able to successfully hit him in a snow storm while reversing at 24 mph.

They’re making up all of these ridiculous lies in order to prevent the defense from accessing Brian Albert’s cell phone records from a time when he was allegedly sleeping. That’s how you know something VERY damning is on there.

The botom line is that they think you’re very, very stupid. These people have no problem lying to the public, despite the fact that we can all clearly see they aren’t telling the truth. They will do anything to lynch Karen Read, but we will not let them.


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