Canton Cover-Up Part 157: Norfolk DA And Superior Court Tried To Suppress Free Speech At Karen Read Hearing By Threatening To Ticket Drivers, Blocking Courthouse Steps


Our movement to hold public officials accountable for their corruption and complicity in the murder and subsequent coverup of John O’Keefe’s death has been so effective that the authorities aren’t even trying to hide their blatant suppression of our First Amendment rights. At last week’s hearing two incident came to mind.

1. Blocking off the courthouse steps with crime scene tape.

After consulting with some veteran First Amendment attorneys they confirmed that this is in fact a 1A violation. If I had time I’d make a bigger deal out of this, or maybe file a lawsuit. The courthouse steps are public property and we have a right to peacefully protest on them. We were told by the head court officer Tim Rose that we could not stand on these public steps, which our tax dollars pay for, because it was “unsafe,” even though there are metal railings that allow unobstructed entrance to the courthouse. At the 10 minute mark I asked Rose what was unsafe about our protest but he couldn’t explain because there’s nothing unsafe about standing on stair.

The First Amendment does not cease to exist because some guy in a white shirt arbitrarily decides that free speech is “unsafe.” We’ve had several protests with hundreds of people and not once has one of our supporters ever threatened another person or laid hands on anyone. There is absolutely no justification for saying that our presence was a safety issue. As a result of their foolish decision hundreds of protesters were forced onto the sidewalk, creating congestion and obstruction to enter the courthouse. Corrupt MSP Detective Yuri Bukhenik was forced to walk through a gauntlet of peaceful protesters who reminded him what a disgrace to the badge he was. Watch at the 1:17:10 mark:

Please explain how his was safer for Mr. Bukkake.

This image of Karen Read’s father pointing at the man who is trying to frame his daughter for murder is such a powerful image.

He’s not going to let him take away his daughter’s freedom, and neither will we. That picture, and all these other ones were taken by photographer Brian Hale. Follow his Facebook page by clicking here.


2. State Police threatening to arrest Karen Read’s lawyers and ticket her drivers for dropping her off in front of the courthouse. 

Karen Read is a boss. This is the face of a determined woman who isn’t going to be pushed around by the corrupt Massachusetts State Police any longer.

They were clearly ordered by their superiors not to allow Karen and her team to be dropped off at the courthouse entrance, because they don’t like the optics of a criminal defendant being cheered on by hundreds of supporters. Alan Jackson reportedly told them that they could arrest him if they wanted to, but he was getting out right then and there.



This is how the American Revolution began. A corrupt, tyrannical government violated the civil liberties of free people, and when other people began to stand up for those who were oppressed the tyrants tried to suppress their right to speak. They expected us to pack up and go home by putting up that crime scene tape, but it just made us louder. They expected Karen Read’s attorneys to park somewhere else, but they refused. They even ticketed the drivers, hoping that would stop them. But it didn’t, and it never will. The fact that the State Police were ordered to do this by Michael Morrissey shows how impotent and scared they are of us. He wants us to stop, but as Alan Jackson said, “we ain’t got not quit.”


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