Canton Cover-Up Part 16: Kerry Roberts Posts Facebook Pictures Showing John O’Keefe’s Nephew Advertising Albert Pizza Shop And Bar Where He Met His Murderers

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In one of the most disgusting displays of insensitivity I have ever seen, Kerry Roberts, who was with Karen Read when she discovered the beaten and murdered body of her boyfriend John O’Keefe, posted a picture on Facebook on Saturday of O’Keefe’s orphaned nephew advertising a pizza shop owned by his uncle’s killer’s family.

The boy on the left is the John O’Keefe’s nephew. D and E Pizza and Subs is owned by Chris Albert, the brother of Brian Albert and the father of Colin Albert, both of whom were inside the home where that boy’s uncle was murdered.

Chris Albert previously attempted to stop me from writing the original story about his son’s alleged involvement in John O’Keefe’s murder. He, and every other person with power in this community, has lied to that poor boy about what happened to his beloved uncle. Now they’re intentionally putting him on a baseball team sponsored by the people who are actively covering for his uncle’s murderers, which he likely has no idea about unless he subscribes to Turtleboy Daily News. The boy next to him is wearing a Waterfall Bar and Grill shirt – where John O’Keefe enjoyed the last drink of his life before being murdered at 34 Fairview Road.

There is no way that Kerry Roberts was not aware of this when she posted it. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. I know Kerry will be reading this, so I just want to remind her that her privacy settings on Facebook are strong, and the people you think are your friends are so disgusted by this that they sent it to me.

Let’s be clear – you cannot claim to “support” the Furbush children (John’s niece and nephew), as people like Kerry Roberts do, if you are actively covering for their killers. Kerry Roberts is not interested in protecting or shielding this young boy. She is exploiting him on social media for likes as he parades around in an Albert family shirt.

John O’Keefe. went into 34 Fairview Road alive.

That is a fact.

He left the house unconscious or dead.

That is a fact.

Someone in that house did something to him that caused him to die.

That is a fact.

Every person in that house who remains silent is complicit in his murder because they are covering for his murderers.

That is a fact.

Every person who took steps to protect Colin Albert, including his own father, is complicit in the murder of John O’Keefe.

I can’t get over the arrogance of Kerry Roberts posting that picture on Facebook.

I can’t get over Jennifer McCabe and her Stoughton High School guidance counselor friend Meg Kennedy (who was reportedly Sandra Birchmore’s guidance counselor and somehow missed the red flags that she was being groomed by sexual deviant Stoughton Police Officers), posted pictures of themselves with a bunch of high school kids getting ready for the prom this weekend.

I can’t get over the fact that Chris Albert is so brazen that he showed up at Little League opening day with the police chief, and paraded around like everyone doesn’t realize his family is responsible for murdering a Boston Police Officer.

It’s like nothing ever happened. These people think they’re untouchable.

The problem is that no one is going up to them with a camera and asking them about this. That will be changing shortly. Sources tell me Jennifer McCabe is planning to go to court on Wednesday, and I pray to God she does because I have A LOT of questions for her.

This is the son Chris Albert is protecting.


You can’t find a picture of Colin Albert where he isn’t acting like a hardo and holding up a middle finger or a fist. Here he is with Brian’s son (his cousin) Brendan Albert, and a young man in a sling who some suspect was in 34 Fairview Road at some point, with the caption “fuck yo gang.”

This is a young man who was raised to believe that using violence is against people you’re upset with is always an appropriate reaction. A young man who was raised to believe that there are no consequences for violent behavior because his father is a Selectman, his uncle is a Boston cop, his other uncle is a Canton cop, and the entire Canton Police Department and Massachusetts State Police exist to protect his long term well being.

These are dirty, dirty people. Kerry Roberts, Meg Kennedy, Jennifer McCabe, Chris Albert, Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Ken Berkowitz, Michael Proctor, and many more. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they live in a nice town like Canton, sign their kids up for little league, and live in nice homes. This a filthy, disgusting, arrogant gang of white trash that has no bottom. But mark my words – justice is coming for all of them soon.

Stay tuned.


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