Canton Cover-Up Part 164: Boston Magazine Story “Confirms” Colin Albert Left 34 Fairview Road At 12:10 By Using Unverified Text Screenshot From Allie McCabe 


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Three months ago I was interviewed by Boston Magazine reporter Gretchen Voss, for a story she was working on about the Karen Read murder case. Today the story was published, and I will be going over the whole thing tomorrow night on Turtle Club. Overall I thought it was OK, although there were a few factual errors. However, what stood out to me most was Gretchen’s interview with Colin Albert, which was quite revealing.

She came to my house, sat down with me for two hours, and I answered all her questions in great detail. She also was attempting to speak with Karen Read, her defense attorneys, people in Canton, Jen McCabe, Brian Albert, the Norfolk DA’s Office, and several other people involved with the story. Kerry Roberts, Jen McCabe, and others who I have criticized in the blog refused to be interviewed or take part in the story if I was also being interviewed. They initially met with her as a group, but would only say that there was “explosive evidence” coming soon that would prove Karen’s guilt. From there they appointed a woman who runs something called a “troll mafia” and lost 2 of her 4 children to the state due to years of abuse and neglect, to be their spokesperson.

The story is long, but I’m going to focus just on the part about Colin for now because it contains new information. Karen Read told Voss that one night Colin woke her and John O’Keefe up after trespassing on their property, told O’Keefe to “go f*** yourself,” and threw beer cans on his yard. Read says there was bad blood between the two after that.

Voss also spoke with Colin Albert, who told her that he was picked up by his cousin at 12:10 AM, saw Brian Albert on his way out, and that this was confirmed by Boston Magazine via text messages provided to them.

Until now it has been mostly Twitter trolls talking about these text messages that allegedly prove Colin wasn’t in the house when John O’Keefe arrived (even though it doesn’t matter if he was if Karen Read ran him over). But now for the first time we are now seeing these supposed text messages leaked by the DA’s Office between Colin Albert and Allie McCabe (who is not his cousin).

There are several issues with this:

  1. This is not verification that Colin sent Allie McCabe a message. You can change the name of any contact to make this fit. Allie McCabe could have been picking up anyone. How do we know this isn’t one of her friends she picked up?
  2. Why does it not say January 29 on the 12:10 AM message? iPhones automatically show a new date every time a text starts on a new day. This means the entire thing is blatantly altered.
  3. If this is in fact Colin Albert, then how did he get TO the house? And why does Allie McCabe act as his personal chauffeur during a blizzard?
  4. Boston Magazine does not confirm that they actually looked at Allie McCabe’s phone to confirm that these messages, which were never mentioned until recently despite Colin being accused of being involved months ago, are legitimate. Anyone can doctor a screenshot.
  5. This was from an iPhone, but Colin’s messages are not in a white bubble. This indicates that this screenshot was darkened when it was photo copied and entered into evidence, as many of the images (like the autopsy report) have been. This evidence is NOT public, but is listed in discovery. The only way Boston Magazine could have gotten this is if Norfolk County DA spokesman David Traub violated the rules and put it in the public domain.
  6. Colin tells her “u can get me now,” and then she says “here” at 12:10. But where is “here?” This could easily be interpreted as Allie picking Colin up at his house to bring him TO 34 Fairview Road, not from 34 Fairview Road. Why would Colin be at the house BEFORE his fun aunts and uncles arrived, and leave the minute they got there? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if Colin, who isn’t old enough to go to the bars, made plans with Allie to go to 34 Fairview Road after their parents left the bar? This would put him in the house minutes before John O’Keefe arrived.
  7. Colin and Allie McCabe don’t text again until February 20, when she suddenly says “on a zoom?” Are we to believe that after his neighbor was found dead on his uncle’s lawn, and someone was arrested for allegedly running him over just 15 minutes after he supposedly left there with Allie McCabe, and it was ALL OVER the news, that the two of them NEVER spoke about this? Here is a screen recording of a text conversation between me and former Bax and O’Brien morning host Bill O’Brien that took place from April 18 through April 20 when I went on his podcast. Watch how easily I can get rid of our messages from April 19, to make it look like we only spoke on April 18 and April 20:

Did Boston Magazine verify this did not happen to Colin and Allie’s messages during their very rigorous confirmation process? A child with a basic understanding of phones would know that this screenshot is doctored, and doesn’t even remotely come close to constituting evidence of anything.

This is the totality of the the McAlbert’s claims that Colin Albert was not in the house when John O’Keefe arrived at Brian Albert’s house – a screenshot of a doctored text message. I hope the DA’s office plans to provide a full Cellebrite report and not a screenshot when they present this to a jury. Either way, it would seem that voluntarily entering this into evidence will potentially open the window for Karen Read’s attorneys to request to see Colin and Allie’s phone records, since it needs to be verified for authenticity.


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