Canton Cover-Up Part 165: Chris Albert Applied For And Was Denied A Harassment Prevention Order Against Turtleboy After Peaceful Protest At Board Of Selectman Meeting


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The other night I went to the Canton Board of Selectmen meeting to peacefully protest Chris Albert’s refusal to resign, as well as the Select Board’s refusal to allow public commentary at meetings. It was standing room only, so I tried getting in the back door when I ran into Chicken Parm Charlie himself.

That face you make when you realize this isn’t going to end any time soon.

At the end of the meeting I asked if the commoners would be allowed to speak, which caused Chairman Theodore to bang his gavel and end the meeting entirely. The crowd, filled with people who were covering their mouths with tape in protest, expressed their disgust with the board’s actions.

Since they silenced our voices we could only speak with our signs, and I made sure that mine were front and center so Chris could read them.

As you can see, Chris took diligent notes throughout the meeting.

As the meeting ended I attempted to follow Chris Albert out the door for comment, but as you can see in the Canton TV video, he shut the door on me and held it closed, locking me in.

Here’s what happened from my perspective as I followed him out of Town Hall and escorted him to his car before being confronted by the Grandpa Eclipse.

Has there ever been a bigger fake tough guy than Chicken Parm Charlie? He vaguely threatened my camera guy Richie on the way out:

“You’re not driving tonight – I know all about you.”

Chris, you literally killed a man in a hit and run and spent 6 months in jail for it. Maybe you’re not the right guy to tell other people not to drive.

Literally 5 seconds later he turned around to his personal undercover detective from CPD, who clearly didn’t wanna be there but had to because he drew the short straw and got stuck on Chris Albert bitch duty, and said:

“You’re gonna walk me to my car, right?”

And this is why I laugh when turtle riders tell me to be careful because they guys are dangerous. They make shitty pizza in Canton and cry for protection whenever I show up with a camera.

I also loved the interaction about how we paid for our cars:

TB: “Chris how do you afford a car if you owe $60K in taxes? How do you pay for this?”

CPC: “How did you pay for yours?”

These people are so stupid it hurts. Something called Krusty Panties told them that I got a free Lexus from Karen Read’s brother and they all just ran with it. Sorry Chris, I pay my taxes and earn a legitimate income, which I know are foreign concepts to you. But when you do that you can buy a new car when your old one shits the bed. Give it a try some time.

As you saw in the video, Chris was cocky and arrogant, laughing at the idea of John O’Keefe being murdered by members of his family. He wasn’t the least bit scared, and clearly thinks it’s funny that his town has descended into chaos, largely due to his behavior. But that didn’t stop him from pulling a Jen McCabe today by going down to Stoughton District Courthouse and applying for a harassment prevention order against Turtleboy. Here’s the after David he submitted to the court:

Let’s break this masterpiece down page by page.

On page 1 he makes sure to mention that he gave police copies of all my YouTube videos, then lists the VERY scary voicemail I left him on June 13.

That sums up who these people are better than anything. They think the Police Department works exclusively for them, and against anyone who crosses them. It’s why they felt so comfortable framing Karen Read for murder – they thought that no one would object. It’s why Chris called his detective brother Kevin Albert instead of the police directly when I peacefully protested outside of D&E Pizza. It’s why he has an undercover escort to his car to protect him against peaceful protesters at Town Hall. And it’s why he isn’t the least bit ashamed to run down to the police department every time I mention him on a live show with a record for the archives.

On page 2 Chris cited the harrowing incident in June when I briefly walked into D&E Pizza and was kicked out within seconds before he called Kevin Albert who dispatched the police to come and talk to me. Then he started quoting some of my greatest hits.

I love how he mentions that the police “responded and interviewed” me. Yea, because your bitch ass called them after I tried to order your mediocre chicken parm. What Chris failed to point out was that he was Tommy tough guy while telling me “you’re gonna get it,” before hiding in his pizza shop like the coward that he is. Also the “interview” was emasculating for Chris, as the two police officers didn’t know what to say after a grown ass man called the cops because a man he used to idolize briefly walked into his pizza shop.

On page 3 Chris referenced the July incident at the Waterfall, in which he sexually harassed 2 women wearing Free Karen Read shirts, told them that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe (despite a Select Board policy of not publicly discussing that case), and swore at them before being driven away by a friend of his. He was especially triggered about how I said that I was proud to see turtle rider’s unafraid while confronting evil, and that I didn’t believe people who protect murderers should be comfortable. He later went on to allege that I confronted and harassed his employees, including Jim Farris and Roast Beef Ronnie.

I’ve never seen a bigger beta cuck, fake tough guy, than Chris Albert. He is a never ending content machine.

This man actually went into court with a straight face on, and tried to get an order against me because I said that I support women who confront evil, and don’t believe that murderers should be comfortable. He did this because he’s used to the courts working for him, as they have by protecting his family despite the crimes they committed. He did this because Michael Morrissey made it clear that he has their backs, and considers peaceful protesting to be a form of aggression. He knows how ridiculous it is that bullies like him, Colin, Brian, and Jen McCabe are victims in need of protection. He just thinks this whole thing is funny. He also knows that the people with all the guns have his back, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks of him.

Here’s his employee Roast Beef Ronnie, who was so traumatized by our peaceful protest that he came outside and aggressively gave us the Canton salute.

Then there was Rude Jim Farris, who threatened and harassed female TV producers and Karen Read’s attorneys, and invited me to Canton face to face to talk with him. But when I got there he refused to speak with me, called the cops, and made up a ridiculous lie that I was blocking him from getting to his car.

But please, tell me more about how I’m supposed to be scared of these people.

The last page was the best, as he described his near death experience at the Board of Selectmen meeting:

They had signs!!


And Turtleboy gave Chris the finger! Good thing Chris has never given anyone the finger before!

According to Chris I interfered with his ability to leave too, despite the fact that he quite literally was the one who did that to me by physically blocking the exit door.

He also said that I was encouraging people to block his car, which of course was completely made up. But then again, making up stories to tell police and court officers in order to frame innocent people is what the Alberts are best at.

Can we all have a moment of silence for Chris though? He has great pain and stress, and he wakes up every day thinking about how hard his life of not paying his bills and framing an innocent woman for murder is. His relationships are suffering because people are learning what a scumbag he is, and he’s in an ongoing battle to feel like a normal person. He wants to live his life peacefully, but it’s being infringed upon by all my freedom.

He actually said all of those things in court, while knowingly causing pain and stress for Karen Read, and not caring the least bit about her mental health as she spends millions of dollars in order to save herself from life in prison for a crime his family committed. He just wants to live a peaceful life, free from criticism, as the whole world knows what his family did to John O’Keefe.

Keep in mind, in order to get a HPO you have to have 3 or more instances of unwanted contact, designed to put you in fear, that did in fact put you in fear. Chris has never been in fear of me, nor did he say he was in his after David. Quite the opposite, he’s told me that I’m “gonna get it,” and laughs every time he sees me. He’s just inconvenienced by the fact that I’m exposing him, and he expects the courts and the police to protect him like they’ve always done.

Apparently he learned nothing from Jen McCabe’s failed venture into victimhood, because the judge not only denied granting the order, he denied granting a two party hearing.

Then, because the people who work in Stoughton District Court like me more than him, they sent this humiliating after David to me so we could shame him some more. We have put in a request for the court audio, and hopefully with a little luck we’ll have it for the Live Show on Sunday.


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