Canton Cover-Up Part 167: Detective Yuri Bukhenik Got A Warrant For A Turtle Rider’s Phone To See If They Ran License Plates For Turtleboy


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Occasionally I will make a Facebook post asking turtle riders who can run license plates to DM me if I need to find out who a car is registered to. Tow truck drivers, dispatchers, private eyes, RMV employees, and a bunch of other people have access to this. Technically they’re not supposed to do that, but cops do it all the time and no one cares. However, corrupt State Police Detective Yuri Bukhenik is now using his powers as investigator to target people who have run license plates for me, in order to protect the reputations of Jennifer McCabe and Michael Proctor.

On Monday I made a post asking to have a plate run when I was alerted that a Jeep that looked like Jen McCabe’s was parked at the Proctor household at 6 Wentworth Road.

I had over a dozen people reach out and offer to run the plate for H 500, and indeed it came back confirmed as McCabe’s. This was big news because it proved that the DA’s Office was lying when they said that there was no personal relationship between lead investigator Michael Proctor and Jennifer McCabe, who should have been one of the prime suspects in coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. McCabe’s attorney Kevin Reddington had no comment.

In response to this discovery Detective Bukhenik did an inquiry to see if any police officers or dispatchers had run that license plate, since it would come up in the system. It doesn’t come up for tow truck drivers, private eyes, or other individuals who run the plates, several of who also ran that plate.

However, he did discover that one dispatcher had run the plate, and he immediately applied for and was granted a warrant for the individual’s phone. Yesterday he showed up at the person’s house with the warrant, read them their Miranda rights, and took the phone for 24 hours. He specifically asked about communications with Turtleboy.

Keep in mind, on August 10 Bukhenik and Proctor traveled to Canton to interview Lucky Loughran after finding out that I had interviewed him. He reads everything I write and reacts to it.

But he didn’t visit Lucky because Loughran had information that proved Karen Read didn’t kill O’Keefe. Bukhenik knows full well Karen Read is innocent, and that it’s his job to protect his corrupt partner and the people who murdered John. Bukhenik went there to find out what the FBI told Lucky, because he crapped his pants when he found out that they found Lucky.

Bukhenik didn’t go to visit Lucky to find out who was driving the Ford Edge that Loughran saw parked next to where O’Keefe’s body would be found 3 hours later. Loughran confirmed that story to him, but he’s done absolutely nothing in the 7 weeks since that interview to try to find out who was driving that car, despite the fact that they were clearly involved in John O’Keefe’s murder.

He might not have time to solve a murder in which a cop’s body was dumped like trash on a front lawn, but he has plenty of time to investigate and go after a dispatcher for running a license plate that proved that his partner had a personal relationship with one of the people who helped murder John O’Keefe.

However much you hate these people, it’s not nearly enough. They are evil personified. But we will win, and they will lose.

Let me be very clear to Detective Bukhenik – I am not afraid of you at all. When I look at you I don’t see a cop. I see an insecure criminal with a gun and a badge.

By this time next year you will no longer be a state trooper, and you will be held accountable for the crimes you committed against Karen Read. This latest weak stunt designed to intimidate me is not surprising, given the fact that you’re a corrupt cop, desperately trying to flex what little power you have before your life is destroyed.

Yuri didn’t go to visit Lucky Loughran because he wanted to arrest the people who put a fellow officer’s body on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house. He went there because he wanted to find something to arrest me for. He knows that my reporting is a clear and imminent threat to his livelihood, and he wants it to stop.

We all read the transcript, in which they interrogated him on whether or not Loughran was wiretapped by me during my interview with him. I’m fully aware that they are trying to arrest me for something at this point. Anything they can come up with. It’s why they’re directing people like Chris Albert to apply for orders against me. Doesn’t matter to me if they do. My perp walk will be legendary, my mugshot will be a best selling t-shirt, and I’ll make bail so fast my soup will still be warm when I get home.

P.S. Michael Proctor’s car is constantly parked at his house, as we have people monitoring his residence almost 24/7 now. His car was almost never there before. Proctor also wasn’t with Bukhenik when he went to the dispatcher’s house. Almost as if Proctor isn’t going to work anymore.


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