Canton Cover-Up Part 169: Yuri Bukhenik’s Brother Is Friends With Brian And Kevin Albert, Wife Is Friends With Erin O’Keefe, Boss Played Football With Paul O’Keefe


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Michael Proctor has gotten the majority of the coverage in our reporting on the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder, but he couldn’t have gotten away with what he’s done for so long without the complicity of others.

In particular. His Sergeant Yuri Bukhenik was with him for most of his “interviews” with the Alberts and McCabes, and their Lieutenant Brian Tully signed off on all of their reports. Bukhenik and Tully began showing up to Karen Read’s court dates on July 25, sitting in the courtroom for that hearing, and waiting in the clerk’s office during the September 15 hearing. As it turns out, both Tully and Bukhenik have ties to the Albert and O’Keefe families.

At the very least, the State Police have bungled any opportunity to convict Karen Read through shoddy police work, lying in reports, and failing to disclose Proctor’s close relationship with the Albert and McCabe families. It’s one thing for John O’Keefe’s brother Paul to “believe” that Read is guilty due to personal animosity he had towards her when John was alive, but it’s odd that he’s not upset with the State Police for ensuring that she will never be convicted. Doesn’t he want someone to be held responsible for his brother’s death?

As it turns out Paul played football at Stonehill College with Lt. Tully. In 2001 Paul was the senior captain and quarterback for the team, while Tully was a junior defensive tackle.

Paul O’Keefe doesn’t want to believe that his former teammate in the trenches would help cover up the murder of his brother’s killers.

Prior to becoming a State Trooper Bukhenik was an Attleboro Police Officer.

Bukhenik is from the neighboring town of Stoughton, and knew the Stoughton Police officers (Farwell brothers), who groomed, raped, and possibly murdered Sandra Birchmore. He was part of the same program led by Robert Devine, which has since been shut down as a result of the scandal. Birchmore’s death was ruled a suicide, despite video footage showing Matthew Farwell menacingly leaving her Canton apartment right before she died. Many of the same Canton and State Police officials involved in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder were tied to the fraudulent Birchmore investigation, which was quickly determined to be a suicide. Read about it here.

Bukhenik is personal friends with Ken Berkowitz, who has provided cover for Brian Albert and possibly planted tail light evidence used by Bukhenik to charge Karen Read.

Like Proctor, Bukhenik is a family man, and he and his wife Shelby have raised a nice looking family in Stouhgton.

Yuri and Shelby (who appears to be a TB fan because she friend requested me years ago on Facebook) are ardent supporters of his native Ukraine, and have been for years. Yuri has raised money for the country after the invasion by Russia last year, and made several trips there to help with the war effort.


When Bukehenik goes to school events for his kids he likes to make sure his badge and gun are visible all times so that people will whisper about how cool he is because he’s a plain clothes detective.

Shelby is (or was) the Stoughton High School cheerleading coach, and runs football squares for “charity” on her Facebook page to subsidize her family trips to Florida for cheering competitions. There was an interesting name that bought a few squares for the Patriots home opener.

Erin O’Keefe is the wife of Paul O’Keefe, the same woman who harassed the Star Drive Inn Theater for selling Free Karen Read signs last month.

Erin and Shelby didn’t just meet this year. The two of them did Super Bowl squares together in 2022 as well. Despite her grief, Erin managed to get her squares in the day after John was murdered.

Yuri’s younger brother Bohdan “Bo” Bukhenik is also a police officer with connections to people involved in this case. Bo was a Cohasset Police Officer before joining the Westborough Police Department in 2020.

In May of 2019 Bo Bukhenik posted a picture on Instagram at a Washington DC bar with Brian and Kevin Albert.

This is the first direct link between Brian Albert and the State Police who investigated the dead body on his front lawn. Brian is close enough friends with the lead detective’s brother that they traveled to Washington DC together for some sort of police outing. The man Bo Bukhenik has his arm around is Eddie Hernandez, who was also on the fugitive unit with Albert. Sources tell us that at a BPD Christmas event in 2019 Albert sucker punched Hernandez, leading to Hernandez temporarily being removed from the Fugitive Unit, but they remain friends. Brian just punches people a lot.

Based on what I have have heard, Brian was pissed at Eddie and that may have led to a fight but I assure you even though BA loves to fight, that wasn’t anything big.   BA loves to fight, I’ve been with him multiple times and have witnessed it first hand. He’s jealous and protective of his wife …..and Jillian Daniels.  

It’s hard to believe that Nicole didn’t know what was going on for years with Jillian and Brian because Nicole is best friends with Julie (Jillians sister).   Not to mention, Julie Albert (Jillian’s sister) was banging a Canton cop/detective for years.   It was the talk of the town.  Chris found out about it and it wasn’t pretty. Once Berkowitz was made aware of it, he placed that detective on midnights and lost his rank as detective. It was a big hush-hush in Canton. 

But the dead body of another Boston cop found on his front, which had injuries consistent with being punched in the face, didn’t make him a suspect to Bukhenik or Proctor.

Brian Albert was as close as you could come to being a celebrity cop. He loved being on Boston’s Finest, and enjoyed the clout that came along with being a Boston Police Fugitive Unit Sergeant. He liked playing dress up and going to nationwide cop events, which is likely what he was doing with Bukhenik’s brother in DC in 2019. Albert and Hernandez traveled with Brian Higgins to New York City on January 28 for the funeral of slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera.

After driving back to Canton beat the incoming blizzard that day, Albert and Higgins went to the Waterfall Bar where they met up with Karen Read and John O’Keefe. The rest is history.

It’s rather telling that Albert would attend and take pictures at the funeral of a complete stranger, but you can’t find any pictures of him at John O’Keefe’s funeral, despite the fact that they worked for the same department and O’Keefe was found dead on his lawn.

Yuri Bukhenik spent the evening after John O’Keefe was killed drinking with his friends.

Bukhenik recently obtained a warrant from a judge to confiscate a police dispatcher’s phone number after they searched for a license plate belonging to the McCabe family, which proved that Jen McCabe was inside the Proctor’s house last week. But this same detective never attempted to get a warrant for Brian Albert’s cell phone, despite the fact that a cop’s body was found on his front lawn, and he never came outside when first responders arrived or had his house searched. Now we know why.


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