Canton Cover-Up Part 17: Albert Family Pool Mysteriously Filled And Buried, House Previously Owned By Brian Albert But Given To Parents And Brother

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The house located at 1473 Washington Street, Canton MA, is located directly across the street from the Canton Police Station, and is believed to be inhabited by Tim Albert, the brother of Brian Albert, and possibly his parents Bernie and Maryanne Albert.

Tim is the goober on the far right next to Brian, Chris (chicken parm Charlie), Bernie (stares down women at Selectboard meetings), Kevin (Canton cop), and two other Alberts who I’m sure are equally as horrible.

Brian and Nicole Albert bought the house before trading it to the Albert parents and Tim, for the house at 34 Fairview Road.

Tim was the one who posted that if you f*** with his family, he “won’t hesitate to make you the most miserable person,” shortly after Karen Read’s attorneys accused his family members in court of covering up the murder of John O’Keefe.

They had a pool in the backyard.

But here are photographs we had taken outside of that address today:


You will notice that the pool has been completely filled in and new grass has been planted. It’s not clear when this happened, but it looks like they took the fence apart in order to get large equipment and vehicles into the backyard. Apparently the double gate wasn’t wide enough for what they needed back there.

Here are April 22, 2022 Google images from the front and left side of the house:

The hose and ladder were there, and possibly the green tarp covering the pool. There appears to have been a pool at the residence at this time last year. In April 2022 the Albert family was never suspected of anything nefarious.

What does this prove? Nothing.


But this is a family that:

  • Had a healthy German shepherd named Chloe that suddenly disappeared and is believed to contain evidence that it chewed up John O’Keefe’s arm
  • Decided to have their entire basement flooring removed after it was alleged that John O’Keefe was thrown down a flight of stairs into the basement
  • Sold their family home of over 50 years for $50K less than asking price on a whim less than a month ago

Why did the Albert family suddenly decide to fill in their functional and often used pool with a diving board, with fill and sod that doesn’t match the rest of the backyard? Maybe there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why they did this. Kids appear to live in this house and there’s still a swing set, but I maybe these are the type of kids who don’t like living in a house with a nice pool in the backyard. Maybe they wanted to start a garden. Surely they couldn’t be dumb enough and brazen enough to bury something nefarious on a busy street across from the police station and leave the fence wide open for anyone to see into their backyard. Surely they wouldn’t bury incriminating evidence related to a murder in one of the first places investigators would look for it.

Then again, this is a family that has done, and continues to do, a lot of brazen things without consequence. We will keep you updated as more news becomes reported.


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