Canton Cover-Up Part 191: Probable Cause Used To Obtain Search Warrant For Reporter’s Phones And Home Was 12 Second Video Alone In Courthouse Bathroom 


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Today we received the affidavit of Massachusetts State Police Lt. Brian Tully, which he submitted as “probable cause” to have a judge grant him a search warrant for my home, car, phones, and computer(s). We’ll be breaking it all down on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

I have embedded the documents below if you’d like to read them yourself. In a nutshell, the primary reason submitted by Tully to obtain the warrant is that they believe there is evidence of felony wiretapping on my devices. He believes this due to a video I posted on Twitter from inside the courthouse bathroom on July 25. I filmed a 12 second video in which I claim to be talking to Detective Yuri Bukhenik.

Except there’s just one problem – I was trolling them from the beginning. Bukhenik finished his whiz almost a minute before I did, and I filmed that after he left. The affidavit shows me committing the criminal act of looking at my phone as I descended the stairs to the bathroom.

It shows Bukhenik returning to the courtroom at 2:51:34.

It shows me returning to the courtroom 37 seconds later at 2:52:11.

In other words, there was 37 seconds in the bathroom in which I was present and Bukhenik was not. This is when I filmed the 12 second video.

But there’s just one problem – there is no wiretapping in the video I posted because MGL Chapter 272 Section 99 (c)(1) states that “interception” of audio without both parties knowing about it is illegal. As you can see in that video, there is no interception of any audio of Bukhenik because he was not in the bathroom when I did that. I posted that to see if they would be dumb enough to believe he was still in there, and they fell for it. They spent 3 months putting this case together instead of finding out who was driving the Ford Edge that Lucky Loughran saw at 3 AM parked next to where John O’Keefe’s body would later be discovered. And it was all based on me trolling them.

The affidavit states that the primary reason that the court should grant Tully access to my phone is that he believes there is evidence on the phone that I wiretapped Bukhenik.

Of course, there is not. The only video I took is what was posted on Twitter, which Bukhenik was not present for. You cannot hear his voice because he’s not in the bathroom, and thus there is no probable cause that I intercepted audio of him. This is what these clown cops used to take my phones. They lied to a judge about what was on the video, and thus have made it much easier for us to get the entire search warrant suppressed. It will also make it much, much easier for me to sue them after this is over.

See you at 9.




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