Canton Cover-Up Part 193: Lt. Brian Tully, Norfolk County Prosecutor Said Turtleboy Was Flight Risk In Order To Obtain Arrest Warrant


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Tomorrow I have a bail review hearing at 9 AM in Norfolk Superior Courthouse in Dedham that is open to the public. All are welcome to attend, but I will only be there in my capacity as a defendant, not a protest leader. If you do come I would ask that you dress properly and understand that your behavior reflects on me if you are there to support me. If I am speaking afterwards and a troll interrupts, please do not loudly engage with them. It drowns out what I am trying to say and takes away from the message.

We are finally beginning to receive documents related to my arrest, including the warrant that was issued for my arrest, and the warrants that were issued to seize my devices and raid my house and car. Sadly I am not surprised that there appear to be shenanigans.

1. It lists the date of my first “offense” of witness intimidation as April 1, 2023. The first story I did about the Karen Read case was April 18, 2023.

But then again, names, details, and other relevant facts are constantly wrong in all of the filings from the Commonwealth and State Police in the Karen Read murder case, so it’s not surprising that they’d just make up random dates to charge me with 8 felonies.

2. Lawyers I have spoken with have never seen someone arrested after being charged with witness intimidation. It’s almost always a summons. But in my case a warrant for my arrest was issued at 7:10 PM, the night before the police arrived at my house. The reason given by the prosecutor is that “the defendant may not appear unless arrested,” which Judge O’Malley apparently blindly believed.

Of course the prosecutor likely knows very little about me and is simply reading off a script written by corrupt State Police Lt. Brian Tully.

In actuality I am the opposite of a flight risk. I’ve been summonsed to court more times than I can count over baseless lawsuits and harassment prevention orders, all of which I have emerged from victorious. I like to go to court because I associate it with winning. I also own a house, have 2 small children who need me to get on and off the bus every day, and do a live show 3 times a week out of my house. There is literally nowhere for me to run to, and since I’m clearly innocent I would have no reason to run.

As usual, Brian Tully lied in his report that I was a flight risk because he wanted to abuse his power in an attempt to humiliate and degrade me. He’s a sadistic pig, small in stature, who gets off on the fact that the Commonwealth has given him a badge, a gun, and the ability to put much stronger people than him in handcuffs. He hoped that gaining access to my devices would give him access to sources for stories who were giving me tips on his criminal behavior. He hoped that cuffing me in front of a school bus full of kids and parading me around in shackles on television would break me and get me to stop exposing him.

But all it got them was this.

Tomorrow we begin to fight back.



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