Canton Cover-Up Part 199: Apple Health Data Showing Lindsey Clancy Ascending Stairs Treated As Reliable Despite Being Rejected As Evidence In Karen Read Case


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On Friday Lindsay Clancy was finally arraigned for murdering her 3 children, more than 9 months after the horrific tragedy struck the Duxbury community. I didn’t want to write about this story at the time because it is too depressing and horrific to even think about, but I was so overcome with emotions and inspired by Patrick Clancy’s strength that I reluctantly wrote two stories sharing my thoughts about it in January. My thoughts then are the same thoughts I have now – I wish that for her sake, her husband’s sake, and her family’s sake that her suicide attempt had been successful. Patrick Clancy is someone I deeply admire and empathize with, and if she had just died like she was supposed to it would be a lot easier for him to deal with and move on. As for Lindsay, I predicted that one day she would snap out of whatever demons possessed her to do what she did, and then the REAL hell would start. The worst punishment for Lindsay Clancy is that she has to wake up every day and be alive. It’s clear that her long, never ending nightmare is just beginning.

But what interested me most in the hearing is how it relates to the Karen Read case. Like Jen McCabe, Lindsay Clancy is represented by Kevin Reddington, who specializes in guilty clients. During her arraignment she was in a wheelchair at the Tewksbury hospital where she’s receiving treatment. The ADA stated that after killing her children she called her husband and immediately after that she went upstairs to attempt to kill herself by cutting herself and jumping out of the window. They knew she went upstairs because her Apple health data showed her ascending 3 flights of stairs.

The Commonwealth is using Apple health data BECAUSE it’s so reliable. People lie, but the data does not. It’s been used many times to convict people of crimes, including Alex Murdaugh.

John O’Keefe’s Apple health data shows him ascending and descending a total of 3 flights of stairs, something he would be unable to do if he were still in Karen Read’s car or lying dead on Brian Albert’s front lawn. Karen Read’s phone does NOT show her ascending or descending stairs at that time, which proves that they were not in the same place between 12:21-12:24 AM.

But yet the Norfolk County DA’s Office and the State Police who are framing Karen Read for murder are claiming that the Apple health data is not reliable. They reached this conclusion by using GPS data that ESTIMATES where John’s phone was at certain times, and they claim that the evidence shows he was several blocks away at the time his Apple health data shows him ascending and descending stairs. One of the many problems with that theory is that the time associated with Apple health data is so reliable because Apple uses an internal COCOA clock that works under all circumstances. GPS relies on satellites and is much less precise.

Kevin Reddington defends Jennifer McCabe, whose innocence relies on John’s Apple health data being inaccurate. Yet he made no objections in this case when the ADA used that same data to assert that his client Lindsay Clancy ascended 3 flights of stairs.

Apparently Apple health data is reliable in Plymouth County, but not Norfolk County.

Additionally, while defending Jennifer McCabe, Kevin Reddington has never disputed that HER Apple health data is not reliable. This data shows that she ascended one flight of stairs at 2:23 AM when she arrived home, went to her room, and Googled “hos long to die in cold.”

The Apple health data shows that Jen McCabe was awake ALL NIGHT, after drinking heavily during the day, and was ready and alert when Karen Read called her at 4:53 AM.

Her Apple health data shows her heart rate drastically increasing after Karen Read discovered John’s body and the reality of what they had done began to kick in.

Kevin Reddington doesn’t dispute any of this. Only John O’Keefe’s data is rejected because it contradicts the Commonwealth’s baseless narrative that Karen Read killed him.

This was not the only parallel to the Karen Read case though. Evidently both sides agree that Google searches are legitimate when they occur outside of Norfolk County.

Clancy had searched “ways to kill” and “can you treat a psychopath?” online before the children’s deaths, according to police and prosecutors.

Kevin Reddington could pull an Adam Lally and state, in spite of Cellebrite data extraction reports, that the Google search never happened. But that would not help his client, and would make him look ridiculous. Adam Lally doesn’t care about looking ridiculous, as he has no intention of winning the case against Karen Read. It’s his job to prosecute someone who isn’t a McCabe or Albert in order to protect them and satisfy John’s easily duped family members.

The State Police in this case also brought in outside forensic experts to examine Clancy’s devices.

Police also collected laptops and tablets from the home, along with Lindsay’s iPhone. Police received permission from the court to bring in forensic experts to review the devices’ contents.

But they used Westfield State graduate, Trooper Nicholas Guarino, to be the “forensic expert” who looked through Jen McCabe’s phone. Guarino took an online 4 day class to obtain his certification, and was a Norwood Police Officer prior to suddenly becoming the most knowledgeable source on data extraction in Norfolk County. He somehow missed dozens of deleted phone calls and the 2:27 AM Google search for “hos long to die in cold” while looking through Jen McCabe’s phone.

The best way to show that there was a coverup in the Karen Read case is simply to look at any other high profile murder case and look at the way police investigated it. From the way the crime scene wasn’t protected, to the fact that the house wasn’t searched, to the way that data was accepted as factual, it becomes more and more evident every day that the State Police and DA’s Office are not incompetent, they’re just plain corrupt.














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