Canton Cover-Up Part 205: Commonwealth Charges Turtleboy For Saying He Doesn’t Want Karen Read Case To Go To Trial, Tape Shows He Would Love To See A Trial


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The Commonwealth is charging me with 8 counts of felony witness intimidation, claiming that I am attempting to scare witnesses from testifying against Karen Read, and in doing so make sure that a trial doesn’t happen. There evidence of that includes this alleged confession in the charging documents, which I stated in episode 604 of the Turtleboy Live Show (the episode where Jill Daniels spoke to me on the phone).


“I don’t want this to go to trial” is an opinion, shared by millions of people. You’re allowed in this country to not want to see an innocent person be tried in front of a kangaroo court. You’re allowed to have opinions. You’re allowed to say these opinions out loud. I think the defense should file a motion to dismiss and that it should be granted, which would mean there was no trial. I think the DA’s Office should drop the charges since they clearly know she is innocent. These are my opinions.

When Ken Mello read this out loud in court I immediately realized that the charges against me were a joke, and that the Commonwealth had to know there was no chance of conviction. They just wanted a reason to take my devices and try to prevent me from reporting on the Karen Read case.

But like with everything in the charging documents, this quote is taken out of context. They are trying to make it sound like my master plan was to obstruct the administration of justice in the Karen Read case by threatening and intimidating witnesses, so that the charges would be dropped against Karen Read. Often in domestic violence cases the victims are too scared of their abusers to testify, which is what the Commonwealth was attempting to portray was happening here.

However, I actually said the exact opposite when you listen to the entire clip. I made it clear that although I think it would be more just to have the charges dropped, it’s become clear that’s not going to happen. I told the audience that I personally would rather see a trial than have the charges dropped because it would be so entertaining. And although I previously believed that it would be cruel to put Karen’s family through that ordeal, I believe it would be a better alternative for Karen Read to get the trial over with. Listen:



“This is no way to live. This is not a life. How long can one person deal with this? I’ve said from the beginning that I don’t want this to go to trial, not that I fear her being found guilty or anything like that, but this is a sham. This should be dropped. If there’s any justice in the world this should be dropped. And the people who did this should be charged for it. 

They of course left out the next phrase in which I stated that I didn’t fear a trial at all. I just thought the charges should be dropped because I know that she didn’t kill him, and I know that the people inside 34 Fairview Road did.

I articulated why I thought a trial was better for Karen Read after that:

But at the same time, how long does this go on for?  And how much stress does this take on a human being? This has to be putting years on Karen Read mentally. For her sake, wouldn’t the best thing for her be to just get this over with? Let’s dance. If you were her, let’s go, let’s f***ing do it.”

I understand not wanting to, and this has been my position from the beginning. And I’ve thought about being in this position before. And just the roller coaster that must be happening in your stomach in those few hours waiting for a jury verdict to come back. You saw when Kyle Rittenhouse was exonerated his reaction was authentic. He broke down crying. So much can change in one word. If the word “not isn’t” in there your life is over. Imagine that? Life in prison or you go on to become a wealthy person, and that’s what she will be after this, a very wealthy person.

There’s a 99.99% chance she won’t go to prison. But would you get on a plane if there was a 1% chance it was gonna crash? Would you get on that plane? Wouldn’t you rather just drive? But driving is expensive and you’re stuck in traffic, so you say f*** it I’m jumping on a plane. This isn’t worth it. And that’s the position she’s in. 

I flat out state that I would LOVE to see a trial, and that the thought it happening gets me aroused. But I also stated that I previously thought this was selfish on my part:

“It’s selfish on my part that I would love to see a trial. That would be great for us. It would be so entertaining, and we could watch Alan Jackson evicerate….I get hard thinking about it…what Alan Jackson, David Yannetti, and Liza Little would do with Michael Proctor on the stand, or Jennifer McCabe. I get turned on thinking about it, I’m not gonna lie. But I also think of Karen Read’s father, and mother, and brother, and what they’re going through. And it’s not as fun for them. They would rather see this get dropped, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. So let’s just get in a room and f***!! Let’s just get this over with! Whoever wins, wins. And we know who’s gonna win. You’re not gonna find 12 people who believed she did this.”

You can’t make this stuff up. I literally said I would LOVE to see a trial in the same audio clip in which they’re claiming that I don’t want to see a trial. This is how weak and baseless their case is.

I have stated from the beginning that I WANT the witnesses to talk. This is the opposite of witness intimidation. I wanted them to speak at the evidentiary hearing in May before it was cancelled. I went to public events I knew they would be at so I could ask them questions about their suspicious behavior. I held peaceful protests outside of their home for the purpose of drawing attention to what they did to John O’Keefe. I’m not trying to obstruct justice, I’m actively encouraging it.

Additionally, I have a huge financial and professional incentive to want to see a trial. My coverage of this case has increased the size of my viewership ten fold. The longer this story drags out the better it is for my bottom line. I would be in the second row of the courtroom on TV every day for a month as it would no doubt be live streamed by the media. People who never heard of the case before would search for it and the hundreds of stories, shows, and videos I’ve done would come up. A trial would be the best possible thing to happen to my career. I just feel selfish wishing for that because I believe that Karen Read is innocent, and that her family should not be put through that so I can advance my career.

Lt. Brian Tully and Michael Morrissey have both heard that clip in its entirety. They know how much I would LOVE to see a trial. But they took one sentence out of it, completely out of context, and it changed the meaning of what I was saying entirely. They did this intentionally and maliciously in order to deceive a judge and jury, and in doing so violated my civil rights. When this is over they will have to answer for why they intentionally did this on the stand, and immunity won’t protect them if they did so with malice.


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