Canton Cover-Up Part 21: Debunking Absurd Claims From Commonwealth’s Opposition To Analyzing Brian Albert’s Phone And Dog

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I will be in Dedham today for a hearing at Norfolk Superior Court in the Karen Read case at 2 PM. I plan on being inside the courtroom and plan on live streaming afterwards from outside the courthouse. You can subscribe to our channel and watch by clicking here, but make sure to hit the notification bell so you are alerted when I am live.

Today’s hearing will be contentious, as the DA Michael Morrissey and ADA Adam Lally offered an absurd rebuttal in opposition to the defense’s motion to compel the court to grant their forensic expert access Brian Albert’s phone, and to records from the Canton Animal Rescue (to find out where their dog went). Albert is believed to have contacted his close family friend State Trooper Michael Proctor at some point after O’Keefe was killed, and his dog is suspected to have bitten O’Keefe’s right arm.

The Commonwealth’s opposition is basically that this is a “fishing expedition” by Read’s attorneys, and there is no evidence that either the dog or Albert had anything to do with O’Keefe’s death. The Constitution protects all Americans from unreasonable search and seizures.


However, the Commonwealth does not represent Brian Albert, it represents John O’Keefe. The fact that they would oppose requests for evidence, which they believe would not incriminate Albert or the dog, is telling. They’ve all had their mind made up from the beginning – Karen Read did this, and no other suspects will considered, let alone investigated.

Last night on the Live Show we broke down the Commonwealth’s opposition, as it appears to rebut a lot of what the defense alleged.


A closer looks reveals that their entire opposition is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Let’s take a look.

  1. The Commonwealth says that asking for Brian Albert’s cellphone is “harassment,” and “burdensome,” because he would have to pay for a lawyer. No such concern was ever given to Karen Read, who lost her ability to drive and has paid an estimated $500K in legal fees to defend her innocence.


2. The Commonwealth is inferring that Karen Read went to 34 Fairview Road before meeting up with Jennifer McCabe at 5:20 AM, presumably to see if O’Keefe’s body was where she intentionally left it.  They also have footage from the Canton Library at 5:11 AM, but can’t find the footage from earlier in the night when Karen Read drove by it on her way home and presumably had a broken tail light.

“They evince the defendant traveling in the direction of the home on Fairview prior to going to Ms McCabe’s home.”

Karen Read drove from O’Keefe’s house west down Sherman St, took a left onto Washington to go to the bar they were at the night before. She then retraced the path she took the night before, going past the Temple on Washington Street. Brian Albert’s house is the pink X.


She went nowhere near the house. She simply retraced her steps from 5 hours earlier, looking for signs of O’Keefe. Additionally, the temple in the red x below is literally ON THE WAY TO JEN MCCABE’S house at the other red x.


3. The Commonwealth’s entire case hinges on the findings of Medical Examiner Irini Scordi-Bello.

She is a government doctor who was appointed to her position by politicians. She works for the Commonwealth. By the time she examined the body it was widely reported that Karen Read had hit O’Keefe with her car. She then worked backwards from there in order to come up with a way that these injuries were caused by a car going 5 mph in reverse.

She claimed that the long, parallel gash marks on his arm were simply “abrasions” caused by a blunt object, and said she observed no signs of a physical altercation.

I am not a doctor, but I’m also not blind or stupid. These are not “abrasions,” and they certainly were not caused by a blunt object striking him.

Abrasions are what your kid gets when they fall on the pavement and open up their skin. Those are distinct gashes. Again, these images were taken two full days after he was killed and it was widely reported that he was struck by a car. The medical examiner worked backwards from there, only considering that theory. She had to come up with a way to explain how a car did this.

She’s also likely never been in a fight before or been around someone who has. If she did she would know that this was obviously a defensive wound.




4. The ME’s conclusion that the cuts on his arm were from a blunt object was the basis for the Commonwealth’s opposition to getting records on the dog.


5. Julie Nagel says she saw a dark object in the snow when Jen McCabe drove her home, yet she said nothing about it. John O’Keefe was 6’2″, 217 pounds. There is no way she alone saw his body (and no one else did) 12 feet from the curb, and thought so little of it that she didn’t mention it to other passengers in the vehicle.



5. Beth Israel Milton nurse Sarah Levinson (whose name is misspelled in the court documents) said that John O’Keefe never stepped foot in the house. This means she is actively involved in the coverup and should be charged.


6. Matt McCabe said that Karen Read never did a three point turn, as he observed her leaving the house. How could Karen Read kill O’Keefe by backing into him intentionally if she didn’t do a three point turn?


7. The Commonwealth found a human hair on the quarter panel of Read’s car. Yet they didn’t test to see if it was O’Keefe’s. They just want you to believe it was his.


8. The defense’s expert forensic data analyst is named Richard Green, and his company based in Florida analyzes cell phone data as its specialty. The Commonwealth is attempting to refute his findings (including the 2:27 Google search for how long to die in cold), but cannot cite an actual human being expert they hired to review it. Instead they use machines and cite fancy words in order to intentionally attempt to confuse the judge.



9. The Commonwealth claims that Jen McCabe was looking at her kid’s basketball league at 2:27 AM because she had an open browser for it on her iPhone, therefore she could not have searched for “how long to die in cold at that time.” I currently have 170 open Safari browsers on my phone. If I Googled “how long to die in cold” using Safari it would also register all of those open browsers.


10. The Commonwealth claims that Jen McCabe’s phone calls to Nicole Albert at 6:07 and 6:08 only registered as answered because they went to voicemail. If that is the case then why were other phone calls she made to the same phone number “unanswered”? Jen McCabe called O’Keefe at 5:52 AM and it was unanswered. But we know that O’Keefe had a functioning voicemail set up because Karen Read left him voicemails that are being used against her, so why does it come up as unanswered if they believe that calls that go to voicemail come up as answered?


11. The Commonwealth basically says that Richard Green’s analysis of O’Keefe’s phone is inaccurate because moving after he was dead. But as we already determined, the phone moved after he was dead. It did not move for 5.5 hours as he lay dying in the snow at 34 Fairview Road.


12. Ryan Nagel stated that he drove by Karen Read’s car after pulling up behind her at the same time she arrived. He says that he only saw Read in the vehicle. The Commonwealth apparently is arguing that John O’Keefe was hiding in the vehicle (perhaps to tie his shoe?), because they are alleging that he was still in the car when Nagel left.


So I guess this means Karen waited for Nagel to leave before telling John to come out from hiding in the backseat, get out of the vehicle, and then stand there as she murdered him with a 3 point turn, knocking him 12 feet onto the soft grass and snow. Sure thing Jan.


13. The Commonwealth is attempting to paint the picture that Karen Read drank 7 alcoholic drinks in just over an hour, and was so drunk that she killed her boyfriend intentionally. She then left an incriminating voicemail on his phone hours later stating that she hated him because she wanted to make the police’s job easier.

What they’re not telling you, which we will be showing later, is that Karen was ordering drinks for OTHER PEOPLE. That’s what adults do at bars. They don’t order a drink at 9:15, pound it, and then order another at 9:20. One of the glasses also contained a water for herself, which she was drinking with the only alcoholic beverage she consumed at CF McCarthy’s. The Commonwealth knows all of this but they are intentionally putting out this timeline to make the general public believe that Karen Read is an alcoholic.

I am not stupid and if you’ve read this far then neither are you, but the Commonwealth thinks we all are.


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