Canton Cover-Up Part 22: ADA Adam Lally Makes Up Story About John O’Keefe Getting Cut By Cocktail Glass, Then Says He Never Said That 

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One thing we learned from yesterday’s hearing in Dedham is that the Commonwealth is just making things up as it goes along in the Karen Read murder trial. ADA Adam “Lunchbox” Lally has no plan, no theories, and no way to combat the mountains of evidence proving that John O’Keefe was not killed by Karen Read bumping into him going 5 mph in reverse. One of the motions being argued was whether or not the defense could get access to Brian Albert’s dog so they could compare DNA samples off of O’Keefe’s body and see if they matched Albert’s German shepherd. It is believed based on images of O’Keefe’s arm, along with common sense and logic, that the lacerations on his arm came from the dog, and are not mere “abrasions” caused from O’Keefe being thrown onto snow covered grass by Karen Read’s vehicle.

Yesterday Lunchbox issued a new theory out of nowhere – the huge gashes in his arm aren’t from road rash, but rather from a cocktail glass that O’Keefe stole from the Waterfall Bar and Grille.

“The victim is last observed on video with a cocktail glass in his right hand – the same arm that is injured, same type of glass that is later recovered from the defendant’s car (bumper).”

Just so we are clear, ADA Lally suggested in open court that:

  • O’Keefe stole a glass from the bar
  • Got out of Read’s car while holding the glass with his right hand
  • Read then intentionally backed into him with her car, causing him to fall down, break the glass in his right hand, cut his right arm with deep parallel gashes using the shards of glass, then embed the remaining piece of glass into her bumper, which stayed on her car after traveling to her parent’s home in Dighton until family friend Trooper Proctor found it a day later

Things are going great for the prosecution in this case.

Attorney Alan Jackson was as perplexed by this new theory as I am. As he pointed out, perhaps Lunchbox is suggesting that Karen Read got out of her car, tried to kill John with the glass, cut up his arm, then got back into her car as John stood there and allowed himself to be run over by her in reverse, causing his eyes to basically pop out of his face.

Lally later claimed he never said or suggested that.

He specifically said that O’Keefe was holding the cocktail glass with his right hand, and felt the need to point out that this was the same arm that had the cuts on it. But besides he can’t understand how anyone could ever accuse him of insinuating that the cocktail glass caused the cuts. Here’s a mashup of his claims, followed by his denial of his claims.

Another issue was that the Canton Public Library gave video footage from the night in question to CONFLICTED Trooper Michael Proctor. The video shows Read driving towards 34 Fairview Rd, then 5 hours later shows her driving around looking for her boyfriend. If it showed her driving home from 34 Fairview Rd after dropping off O’Keefe then it would’ve shown her tail light in tact, and force the Commonwealth to drop the case entirely. Except there’s just one problem – two minutes of tape mysteriously disappeared after Proctor got ahold of it. And those two minutes are right when Read drove by the library.

Besides that nothing shady is going on here. Good thing Proctor is still on duty and actively investigating multiple murder cases.

Lunchbox couldn’t explain what happened with the two minute video though. He said his office received all the library videos, and he tried to email them to Read’s attorneys but it wouldn’t send! Then the link expired after 30 days, but he archived it. Somehow the 2 minute timeframe wasn’t part of that archive, so it’s totally not his fault.

He also claimed there were no defensive wounds on John O’Keefe’s body.

Because apparently bruised knuckles are not evidence that a human being punched another human being while defending themselves in a fight.

And holding your forearm up in a defensive manner to protect yourself from a man eating dog is not a defensive maneuver either.

Lally also addressed what he considers to be the absurd theory that Michael Proctor was pictured with Jennifer McCabe’s children.

“There’s been some photographs purporting to be Trooper Proctor with one of the McCabe children who are a witness in the case. The child is not one of the McCabe’s children. The McCabe’s have four daughters, that’s not one of them, it’s a relative of Trooper Proctor.”

This is the photograph:

The 2 girls in back are Olivia and Madison McCabe:

Here is Olivia McCabe a year before that picture was taken (Jennifer McCabe removed these images yesterday but her page is still up):

Apparently you can just blatantly lie in open court as a prosecutor without any consequences.

The best part was when Lunchbox suggested that the people who believe that O’Keefe was murdered inside that house are tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

“If they’re all in the house and O’Keefe is attacked by a dog and dragged out to the lawn and left for dead, then why did they all testify that no one came in the house?”

That’s a great point Lunchbox. Why would people who are joint venturers in a murder deny their involvement in a murder? It’s almost as if they don’t wanna go to prison.

On a personal and professional note, yesterday was a very fulfilling day to be Turtleboy. Prior to our writing about this story it was receiving very little press, despite the fact that these allegations have been made in court since September. The court hearings did not have any media at them, and the only people attending were the Read and O’Keefe families, along with a handful of family friends. That’s because no one in the media has dug into the actual court filings to reveal just how twisted this story really is. Now that we’ve exposed the truth to a much larger audience the whole world is watching, including Dateline, who was filming in court yesterday. This is what greeted me on the way out.

This was the first guy I saw when I stepped foot inside.

To his credit, Kevin Reddington came right over to me, shook my hand, told me he didn’t want to dance with me after all, and said that he thought I was a funny guy. It was nice to see him sober for a change.

This was the mob scene to get inside the courtroom an hour before the hearing began.

You’ll notice the “Justice for JJ” buttons that some were wearing. Jennifer and Matt McCabe were both there, as were some of McCabe’s sisters, and they were all wearing those buttons. If any of those people actually cared about Justice for JJ they’d be demanding full transparency from Brian Albert, Jennifer McCabe, and Michael Proctor. They’d be demanding to see the Canton Library tape, and disassociating themselves with Jennifer McCabe after finding out about her 2:27 AM Google search for “hos long to die in snow.”

But they’re not. Because not a single person there gives a shit about John O’Keefe. In fact, they’re actively working to make sure that the people who killed him get away with it. Every moment wasted on Karen Read takes away time and resources that could be spent arresting and charging his killers.

These low class suburban trashbags all wore jeans and hoodies to court with a BPD thin blue line symbol on the sleeve. They gave me dirty looks the entire time I was in court as I sat in the second row end seat, directly behind Read’s parents. They acted in a classless manner and were reprimanded for an outburst towards the end. On the way out of the courtroom one cheeky female called me an asshole. As I waited outside for Jennifer McCabe to come out of her hiding spot I saw this woman and began to ask her some questions about the contradiction of wearing the thin blue line while protecting the people who killed a police officer.

Anyone recognize any of these people?

They all deserve to be named and shamed for their support of a coverup of a Boston Police Officer.

I parked right next to dumpy Kerry Roberts on the left.

It’s sad to see her go home with Paul O’Keefe, who seemingly has drank the Koolaid and is not interested in finding out what really happened to his brother. Hopefully if someone kills me my family members won’t align themselves with the people who helped provide cover for my killers.

I was disappointed to see a lack of Boston Police Officers there to support REAL justice for John O’Keefe. Thirty years ago Paxton Police Chief Robert Mortell was murdered by 3 men robbing houses in Holden. Every 5 years two of those men are eligible for parole, and their hearings are filled to capacity with Holden, Paxton, and State Police in uniform.

Many of these officers were children when Mortell was killed, but they still show up to show their support for him. It’s sad that John O’Keefe does not because he was likely killed by another Boston Police Officer.

There were four State Police detectives who made their presence known by standing next to me in court with their Michael Proctor haircuts. They were clearly there to intimidate the defense team in defense of their corrupt detective friend. Here they are marching into court like the gang of thugs that they are.

All there to support the coverup of the murder of a cop.

While I was doing a livestream outside of court Karen Read emerged with Attorney Yanetti and Attorney Jackson for a brief press conference. As Attorney Jackson pointed out – the media should start asking questions about the obvious coverup going on here. And he made sure to note that the only media outlet doing that right now is Turtleboy Daily News.

But I was just blown away by the amount of support Karen Read and Turtleboy had at this hearing. While I was doing my post court stream cars were driving by shouting “Turtleboy,” which made me realize just how big this story was.


The judge took the motions under advisement and will rule on them before the next hearing on May 25. I would hope that she would allow the phone and the dog information to be given to the defense, but she seemed to have a soft spot for Lunchbox. She works with him a lot, feels bad for him because he probably gets picked last in the Fantasy Attorney Draft, and likely views Alan Jackson as a fast talking California lawyer who rubs her the wrong way.

Either way, my sources tell me that there is a good chance Michael Proctor, Jennifer McCabe, and Brian Albert will all be subpoenaed to appear at the hearing on May 25. If that’s the case expect even bigger fireworks. Turtleboy will be there reporting on the updates regardless.


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