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Canton Cover-Up Part 227: Jennifer McCabe Made Incriminating Statements In 911 Call, Whispered Updates To Sister Nicole Inside Brian Albert’s House


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On Sunday night a YouTuber called The Glarer, who has been covering the Karen Read and Turtleboy cases in great detail, publicly aired parts of Jennifer McCabe’s phone call to 911 after discovering the body of John O’Keefe on her brother in law’s front lawn. While Karen Read and McCabe were passengers in Kerry Roberts car, and were out looking for John that morning, Read was repeatedly calling O’Keefe’s phone, hoping he would eventually pick up. She was in the middle of calling him when they arrived at 34 Fairview Road and Read saw O’Keefe’s body lying in plain view just feet from the curb, illuminated by the inch or two of snow that had fallen. There were no snowbanks or other obstructions that would’ve prevented anyone from seeing John’s body.

When Read saw O’Keefe’s body she instinctively jumped out of the backseat, leaving her cell phone in the car, which was in the middle of calling O’Keefe’s phone. Eventually it reached John’s voicemail and left a 4 minute, 5 second audio message that picked up McCabe’s 911 call from inside the vehicle, and Read’s screams from outside. You can’t hear the dispatcher because it’s only a voicemail from O’Keefe’s phone, not the actual 911 call.

The Glarer does not appear to play the original version of this video, but rather a screen recorded version that someone else uploaded. During the audio you can hear a lullaby chime from the phone of whoever screen recorded it that was not in the original audio. You can also hear them talking about the beginning with a British accent. There is also a 20 second portion at the end of the tape where the person screen recording it begins to play a video of Turtleboy talking about Karl Dugal, which they had stored in their “dowloaded videos.” Obviously that would not be on the original version of this audio. The Glarer played the tape from start to finish starting at the 25:30 mark:

Here is a transcription:

Karen: “Kerry! Kerry!!”

Jen: “Umm, yes, I need someone at 34 Fairview Road, Canton, Mass, there is a man passed out in the snow.”

Jen: “Yes. Yea I don’t know why he’s (indistinguishable). I think he’s dead.”

Jen: I think he’s dead.”

Karen (whimpers): “John!”

Jen: “I know, I know. Where are the blankets? I don’t see blankets Kerry.”

Karen: “He’s freezing!!!”

Jen: “34 Fairview Road in Canton.”

Karen – (indiscriminately screams)

Jen: “John (indistinguishable), he’s 46 years old.”

“I think he’s (indistinguishable), I don’t know. He got out of the car and it could be an hour.”

Karen: “KERRY, JEN, JEN, JEN, KERRY, (indistinguishable), NO!”

Jen: “(indistinguishable), Kerry get (indistinguishable).”


Jen: “I know I’m on the phone with the ambulance.”

Karen: “Jen, Jen, Jen, JEN!! Jen! Kerry! Please!!”

Jen: “Kerry you gotta get off of him.”

Karen: “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!”

Kerry: “Karen you gotta stop. Karen, stop, you gotta stop!”

Karen: “Kerry he’s freezing!”

Kerry: “I know you’re not helping. OK?”

Jen (whispering): “(indistinguishable) coming out to help”

The tape is devastating for Jennifer McCabe, and heart breaking for Karen Read. The contrast between the two women could not be more obvious. Read appears to be exhibiting genuine shock, emotion, and trauma, whereas McCabe is cool, calm, collected, and methodical. If an unbiased juror were to guess which of those two women had no idea that they were about to discover O’Keefe’s body on Brian Albert’s front lawn, they would hard pressed not to pick Read.

There are many very suspicious things that McCabe says as well, starting with this:

Jen: “Umm, yes, I need someone at 34 Fairview Road, Canton, Mass, there is a man passed out in the snow.”

Why would Jen McCabe refer to John O’Keefe simply as a “man passed out in the snow?” She knew who it was because Karen Read saw his body and jumped out of the car. If she had said that it was O’Keefe, or mentioned that he was a Boston Police Officer (which they always do now), it could have elicited a more immediate response from first responders. Jennifer McCabe knew this.

Keep in mind, according to Jennifer McCabe she was with this “man” just 6 hours prior at the Waterfall bar. This “man” was supposedly a close friend of hers, and the adopted father of her daughter’s close friend. This “man” was invited to Brian Albert’s house BY HER, and she spoke with him on the phone while he was driving there to make sure they could find Albert’s house.

Yet Jen remains perfectly calm and simply refers to her supposedly good friend as simply a “man passed out in the snow.”

When I was a junior in college I experienced a traumatic event where I was one of the first people to discover the dead body of one my roommates, Francis D’Ippolito. He had choked on his own blood and vomit in his sleep. I lived in the room directly above him, and he was in my room until 3 AM the night before. The look of genuine shock on his roommate’s face the next afternoon when he came up screaming for help was something I will never forget. There were 3 of us in the room attempting to perform CPR, and all of us were in a state of shock where we cried, whimpered, and freaked out. Like Jen McCabe and Karen Read, I had seen my deceased friend just hours prior, which made it all the more shocking. All three of us in the room were in a state of panic and trauma, and sounded like Karen Read in that video. But none of us sounded like Jennifer McCabe.

You can tell McCabe is in the vehicle for the duration of the entire audio because you hear her at roughly the same volume as the windshield wipers, which never turn off. Despite not getting out of the vehicle McCabe was able to make the assessment to the dispatcher that she thought “the man” was dead.

McCabe told Trooper Prince during an interview at her house on February 1, 2022, that John’s body was covered in 6 inches of snow, which conflicts with weather reports, pictures, and videos showing that less than 2 inches of snow had fallen. She also was able to see that John’s phone was underneath his body at the time. McCabe told State Police that while performing CPR, Karen was asking McCabe and Roberts if she hit John with her car, and that Karen yelled at Jen to Google “how long do you have to be left outside to die from hypothermia,” in order to explain her 6:24 Google search for “hos long to die in cold.”

Nowhere in that audio does Karen Read say anything about hitting John with her car. She appears to be in a complete state of shock and is screaming out for Jen and Kerry to help her save John’s life. It seems highly unlikely that after first responders arrived Read would ask McCabe to Google how long it takes to die in the snow, when there were trained first responders on scene that could answer that question for her.

Jen also asks Kerry Roberts where the blankets were in her car, likely because the dispatcher asked her if there were any blankets around. Jen could not find any blankets to warm him. But she failed to tell the dispatcher a really important fact – they were outside her sister’s house. Had she mentioned this to the dispatcher she would have been instructed to go inside, alert her first responder brother in law about the dead body on his front lawn, and ask for their help in getting blankets.

Jennifer McCabe knew the dispatcher would tell her this, so she went out of her way to make sure that she never mentioned that she was at Brian Albert’s house, a place she had left just four hours earlier.

This was another telling quote from McCabe:

“I think he’s (indistinguishable), I don’t know. He got out of the car and it could be an hour.”

He got out of the car? McCabe gave statements to four Canton Police Officers and three State Police Detectives, and not once did she ever mention John getting out of Karen Read’s car. She told Officer Mullaney that he “never arrived.”

She told her friend Sgt. Lank that she observed the vehicle pull up but never saw anyone get out of it.

She told her friend Sgt. Goode that she saw the passenger door of Karen’s car open, but never mentioned seeing John get out of the car.

She told police it had been five hours since it happened, not the one hour she told the dispatcher, which was much closer to the time that John’s body was planted there by Brian Albert.

But the most suspicious part about that call happens 3 minutes and 40 seconds into it, when Jennifer McCabe whispers, “(indistinguishable) coming out to help.” Listen to an enhanced version of that:

Different people hear different things on that, but it’s undeniable that she whispers “coming out to help.” Some hear, “no one’s coming out to help,” while others hear “someone’s coming out to help,” or “fucking coming out to help.”

This audio takes place at the exact same time Jennifer McCabe called her sister Nicole, according to her call logs. McCabe called 911 at 6:03:47 and called her sister at 6:07:42.

That is a difference of 3:55. Some have pointed out that Jennifer whispers that 3:40 into the tape, and have suggested that it doesn’t align with the call to Nicole.

However, the recorded audio on John’s voicemail picked up audio AFTER McCabe was already on the phone with 911. When she called 911 she got a dispatcher in Norwood, who transferred her call to Canton. When the audio begins she is in the middle of being transferred, and the first time you hear McCabe speak she is talking to a Canton dispatcher.

It usually takes about 45-60 seconds to stop ringing and get someone’s voicemail. If Karen called John’s phone 15 seconds prior to first seeing his body and dropped the phone in her seat while it was still ringing, it would take at least 30 more seconds to begin recording a voicemail. During that time McCabe called 911, and the voicemail on John’s phone picked up audio while McCabe was being transferred from one dispatcher to the other.

Regardless, McCabe should have been in a state of panic and trauma, but she wasn’t. Instead she was able to calmly lower the volume she had used with the dispatcher and whisper something about coming to help to her sister. Why would anyone whisper during an emergency like this? If she told her “someone’s coming to help” it would mean that she was alerting them that 911 was on the way, and they didn’t need to come outside. If she said “no one’s coming out to help” it could be her directing the Alberts to remain inside the house. There is no plausible explanation for why she would calmly whisper anything about “coming to help” to her sister, nor is there any plausible explanation for why her sister wouldn’t come outside to help her friend after hearing that.

Additionally, Nicole Albert told police that she first became aware of the body on her front lawn when her sister Jen walked into her unlocked house and woke her up.

But if Jen knew that the front door was unlocked the entire time, and the Commonwealth claims that Nicole Albert didn’t answer Jen’s 6:07 phone call, then why wouldn’t she go into the unlocked house and wake them up? Why wouldn’t she be screaming at them to help her friend on the front lawn who appeared to be dying?

Lastly, it’s important to point out that Jen told the dispatcher three times that she was at 34 Fairview Road. Yet in the official police report it said 32 Fairview Road, knowing that a records lookup would reveal that 34 Fairview belonged to Brian Albert.

We will be discussing this more on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, so make sure you have subscribed to our YouTube channel here.


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  1. It’s also interesting that she never told her sister John was out there. Regardless of what was said (someone’s coming out, don’t come out, etc), her sister obviously already knew what Jen was referring to- how?

    1. Bingo. I definitely heard “Someone’s coming out to help HIM”. And the response should have been, “help who?! What’s going on out there?!”.

      But they already knew.

      This is by far the most devastating piece of evidence yet. And it’s very telling Krusty Panties posted it, and then took it down.

      This is check mate. JM is sooooo fucked.

      1. She said “Brian come help” because she was calling him but he didn’t wake up until after this all happened. He was not legally obligated to go outside so stop making big deal out of it

        1. You’re right he wasn’t obligated to come outside. The responding officers where obligated to secure the crime scene. Which includes the house fyi… So he slept for the entirety of the situation outside? From the time they arrived till the time John left in the ambulance? Don’t think so…. Next…

  2. The simple fact that Morrissey, Rafferty and the corrupt msp homocide squad have had and known this information for years, yet still pressed on with the prosecution against Karen then Turtle is the reason why they should all be getting gang raped in prison real soon!!! Tully your a fucking moron and a pussy. I was at the rolling rally where’s my summons BITCH?? lmfao please 🙏 least dance.

  3. if YOU would have came out with this first, they would try to destroy you further. Chess not checkers. Will they arrest the glarer now?

  4. As others have pointed out along the way over the past several months, it’s odd Jen wasn’t panicked about the safety of her relatives in the house after stumbling upon a dead body on her sister’s lawn. She didn’t think it necessary to make sure they were okay? Maybe a murderer was on the loose and killed everyone in the house. The fact she didn’t go in to check to make sure her family was okay is very odd. And very odd she could determine John was dead from the inside of a car while on the phone with 911. Which suggests she knew everyone in the house was fine, and that John wasn’t alive. This recording is pretty damning, IMO. And Karen sounds genuinely distraught upon finding her loved one in the snow. Lastly, why TF would Kerry Roberts tell Karen to stop performing CPR and say she wasn’t helping? That’s terrible advice, you never stop life-saving measures until medics arrive. I’d hate to be in a life-threatening situation near Kerry, she’d wave everyone away and tell them it wouldn’t help. That’s pretty cold.

    1. Not panicked because JM knew how long it takes to die in cold, People have also mentioned the time “delay” Jen provided by insisting that Karen’s car go back to John’s house before they went looking. Did Jen figure Karen would be arrested at the scene so she wouldn’t need a car? Maybe.

  5. This poor woman, Karen Read, was a sitting duck for the Irish mafia. Private-sector, merit-based professional career. No awareness or understanding of Mass. police culture or how the corrupt criminal justice system functions. Substance abuse problems, never really understood what her drinking buddy boyfriend was involved in.

    Just look at today’s Boston Globe article, it reads like a press release from the prosecutor. That’s how they roll. Remember the Boston Globe was started by the Irish political clans that took over Boston from the English Brahmin aristocrats that ran it for 200 years.

    This is how the criminal justice system in Mass. has always worked. You’re a black guy, or Latino, smoking some herb? We got a jail cell for you. You’re the Boston Archdiocese, 22% of priests accused of molesting and raping children over 5 decades – no problem!

    Look in the news just the last few months, the mayor and a city councilor drive around like royalty, smashing into people’s cars with impunity. Boston and Eastern Mass. have one of the most corrupt governments on planet Earth. The only thing stopping us from being like Russia or China is that 12-person jury. They’ll never get a jury to convict Read. This will never go to trial.

  6. Plenty of free meth and blow for the cop’s wife. Just in from the latest seizure. If you run out, no problem, I’ll stop by the evidence room after my shift. Look at her face!

    A black guy gets caught with a coffee-cup sized amount of coke and it’s a 5 year mandatory minimum.

  7. Why wouldn’t she immediately run into her sister’s house to get blankets the minute the dispatcher suggested it? We all know why and so will any jury not loaded up with connected townies out to protect the McAlberts. Why does Morrissey continue participating in the coverup?

    1. Perhaps their track record of getting away with whatever behavior they engage in… added to the fact they have LE connections to help them get off the hook of whatever they’ve crossed the line doing in the past…made her comfortable taking the lead in the cover-up / frame job.

      1. They also thought this wouldn’t make national news. Probably thought it would be over after that weekend. 🐢 for the Win! He really messed up those corrupt looosahs shit

    2. I don’t think its her brother-in-law that she’s protecting but her own daughter. And of course now that she’s in as deeply as she is, she is protecting herself, too.

  8. Hey Jen you do know that you’re going to be the one left holding the bag? Any normal person would conclude that you had prior knowledge about John being there. Once Karen is found not guilty of the murder of a Boston cop do you think they aren’t gonna get to the bottom of how he got killed? Hope the friends and family had this talk already. I doubt even the great Kevin can get you out of this one. Your on the Titanic hope your ready for that cold water… brrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Karen might be found not guilty, but based on how this circus has been running so far, no, I don’t think they’re going to get to the bottom of how John was killed.

  9. Another thing. They had the resources and man power to install pole cameras for the peaceful rally, but not to properly investigate the crime scene? Or the witnesses and their cell phones? This gets more fucked up every day. So their biggest concern was WHO was at the rally!! And getting Turtles phone to find out how he’s was getting the truth and so Tully and Lizzie could get turtle rider info!!! . I know you clowns were going to pull some sucker shit.
    You are selectively choosing who to bring this summons and this drama too. A 17 year old. Why Lt.Tully, Proctor, Morrissey??? We know why you fucking CHUMPS!! Pussy! Your pathetic! Charge a 17 and put him in the system, but superior officer Tully and Bukkake had no problems at all that lead investigator Proctor Knowingly and purposefully washed all reports and records of a 17 year old family friend from this investigation!! Scumbags. I hope that kid takes all your homes from your wives when you get sentenced. Hahahahahahahahh

  10. BRIAN ALBERT IS A FIRST RESPONDER!!! After calling 911, why wouldn’t you RUN in and scream for him to help? Helllooooo

    1. He was called he was sleeping and would have not hesitate to help a fallen brother in blue. Seems like no one here has ever drank a little too much overslept. It happens.

      1. Oh shut up already! According to Auntie Coco, Jennifer went inside of Brian & Cocos home through an unlocked door, AFTER everyone out front was gone. Jen could have done that to begin with but she did not.

        Colin, I know how close you are to them all and I particularly blame them all for how you were raised with zero accountability to live such a BANG BANG lifestyle. Do yourself a huge favor- actually, nevermind. They already ruined your life for you.

  11. She’s saying “a man is passed out.”
    To distance herself, mentally.

    She knows who he is, she knows he’s dead or almost dead.

    She used those words to preserve her own ego.


  12. You know what else troubles me is that none of the others in the house came outside.

    Not Nicole Albert, not Brian Albert Jr, not Caitlin Albert.. That tells me that they were told to stay put and not go outside.

    No wonder they sold the house… a man brutally beaten in the basement and then left to die on the front yard.. Every time they went to the basement they were reminded of just how cold blooded their father is.

    BUT they are old enough to know right from wrong and still didn’t do the right thing.

    What a bunch of pathetic and morally corrupt family the Alberts are.

    1. Makes you wonder if all the Alberts were together for Thanksgiving. How’d that table talk go? Do Brian’s kids resent Colin for sparking this off?

    1. I hear “Brian’s coming out to help” so clearly that I really can’t imagine others don’t year it. It is so crystal clear to me.

  13. So Jen McCabe remaining cool and calm under pressure is somehow incriminating?

    Believe it or not people DO react this way, all the time. It’s unfamilar to Aidan, of course, seeing as he pissed himself in the cruiser after being arrested. And of course the cultists are on this as they will believe whatever comes out of TB’s mouth(which has earned 9 of them felony charges, LOL).

    This is NOT a smoking gun. Try harder.

    1. Oh honey… you again..

      Why do you have so much anger and hatred? Have you been like this your entire life? Did your mom and dad mistreat you, rape you, beat you, ignore you ??? What happened to you to make you such a lost, angry soul?

      Again, intense therapy can help you. It really can but you need to be willing to do the work. I strongly suggest an in-patient program, away from your current environment, that also restricts social media, etc. See that is where you really go off the rails, don’t you think? It’s like you think others don’t know it’s you and you feel powerful behind the keyboard.

      It’s not worth it for anyone to be so consumed in someone else’s life in such a negative way. It’s mentally unhealthy and it’s not normal.

      So if you have friends, family, mentor, etc I really suggest you reach out and be honest about what your existence is like. Treatment can help you but you need to want it.

      1. If you’d rather post that in response rather than actually consider the facts or have a reasoned discussion, then there’s no point in your even posting. This is similar to someone saying “2×2=4” and someone replying “You’re a poopy pants!”.

        It’s immature, self-demeaning and makes you look like a moron.

    2. Whether Adain pissed himself in the cruiser is either hearsay or conjecture on your part. That is, of course, unless you are really Brian Tully posting under an assumed name and actually witnessed the alleged piss.

      1. So you’re admitting that Trooper Tulley can verify that Kearney pissed himself in the back of the cruiser. Do you know if the “We had to pull over and give him a juicebox to calm him down” story is true, too?

        1. So the trooper is releasing information?
          How extremely unprofessional.
          They took off body cameras, but he is allowed to leak things?
          Seems like something that should be investigated at a much higher level.

    3. This alone might not be the smoking gun. Add it to the Google search and WAHM! Jenny is eating clam cakes in the pen for the next 50 yrs!

      1. For calling 911? That’s what they say to do when calling in an emergency. McCabe was calm and getting the information across. She was frantic afterwards

        1. Why wouldn’t she do basic things such as run into her relatives house for immediate assistance from the first responder who resided in the residence. Why not run in for blankets to assist in warming him, help with cpr efforts? Those first moments were crucial and she could of used them to be helpful in saving John’s life in any one of those waÿs.. she chose NOT to do any of those ( which would absolutely be anyone’s first thoughts in a traumatic situation ESPECIALLY if they were as calm and collected as she was.). she (jem) even tried to get Karen to STOP the life saving measures she was attempting stating ” it won’t help” she didn’t want him to be able to survive as if he did he could talk and tell the true events of the evenings happening.

        2. Let’s be clear; most of the sycophants posting here don’t appear to understand basic human behavior (or facts, or reasoning).

        3. How do you know she was frantic afterwards? Was she frantic because she realized she didn’t tell the dispatcher that her B-I-L Brian lived in the house and he’s a first responder? And she could have gotten blankets there instead of asking Kerry where the blankets are in her car? Or was she frantic because she realized that John’s voice mail picked up her whispering to her sister?

    4. You’re still alive. I guess fentanyl is not as strong as they say. maybe you should get some horse tranquilizers from Jenn. Actually why don’t you eat a smoking gun!

      1. So he is the one who made the 911 call?
        No one needs to tell me what I’m listening to.
        That is one cold ass human being.
        “A man passed out in snow”

  14. Tully, Rafferty and Morrissey are a disgrace. Disgrace to their profession and a disgrace as human beings.

      1. Don’t forget he had just taken a ride to NY with B.A the day before, ironically foe a deceased NY police officer. One can only wonder what conversations came up.

    1. Also Morrissey is a disgusting diabetic obese slob, Hyena blew Berky and perkys for her job, Tully is a tiny little Bitch who is so pathetic and insecure he has to use his badge to punish people he wants to be, Matt M has soup tits, Chris Albert is the biggest coward cry baby pussy in the world, Colin acts tough because he knows he was raised by a stone cold bitch and is only tough when he has his retarded cousin and uncle B! Fuck you all……

  15. Could’ve sworn I read somewhere that in a clearer unedited ( original ?) version of this recording there’s audio that sounds like JM saying something along the lines of “ you’re not putting this all on me” when speaking (allegedly) to her sister . Can anyone confirm? Not spreading bad info, may not be true..

  16. Haven’t seen any McAlbert comments on here yet. I’m guessing it’s been Jen making said comments and she’s got that feeling in the pit of her rotten tummy after reading this award winning story.

  17. COLD BLOODED KILLERS… That is what Jen McCabe, Brian Albert and whoever else that knew that John was hurt and refused to help him. And you all deserve a very lengthy prison term for ending a man’s life. And for those that were there but maybe didn’t know what happened and were rushed out. Well the next day you found out what happened and to this day all of you have remained silent and that makes you complicit in framing an innocent woman.

    If John was hurt and unconscious at 12:30/12:24 AM and found at 6:00 AM then that means ALL of you had hours to think about what was happening and reverse course. NOT ONE OF YOU DID and that is just sick and evil.

    You all had 5+ Hours to do the right thing. How do any of you sleep at night? How can you even live with yourselves?

    Let’s not forget about Matt McCabe. He was there also. He knew what was happening.

    1. Correct. The sad fact all thought about the current path or the truth and made the choice they did is malicious. I wish someone would realize this is crumbling and come forward and do what’s right – not too late.

    2. And bitch tits mccabe brought his daughter into it!! You look up scum in the dictionary and you will find a picture of the McAlbert CREW!!

    1. Oh ok great! Case closed then………………… make sure you comeback to comment when he writes about McAlberts and co sentencing. You are a BuKunt btw.

  18. Jen: “John (indistinguishable), he’s 46 years old.”
    She knew his age without even a stammer? How close were they? I have to stop and think for a second about my own age.

    1. She had hours to rehearse after she knew hos long to leave him in cold. 227 am.

    1. Maybe it was her at the horse farm with that dude! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 another turtle gem actually.

  19. It’s so sad hearing the pain and utter anguish of Karren as she realizes that John is dying with every moment that passes. Anyone who says this is acting is full of shit.
    But it makes me wonder if Karen had gone inside with John, would there still have been an altercation? Probably…just no one would have died and Karen wouldn’t be fighting for her freedom. I’m sure Karen wishes more than anything she had gone with him inside. So sad and evil.

    1. Upon listening. You can tell she (Karen) was really the only one that was surprised or cared. Her love for John and human life was truly evident. An innocent person simply does not act this way.

      On the other hand, the ugly people that beat the hell out of John to the point of death and are now letting Karen get vilified by corrupt officials when they are supposed to be doing the opposite is just wrong.

      At what point does the elected governor and AG step in instead of letting this nonsense continue? No one seems to have bosses in the state that care? Just room for the endless unconditional love for the drinking Alberts and their extended family only here in MA.

  20. With it being 25 degrees at midnight dropping to a low of 18 degrees at 6 AM he should have been frozen solid when they found him…. I imagine that head wound let out a lot of blood, he wore no jacket and was missing a shoe. He would have been a block of ice had he been there 5-6 hours. In the call I thought I heard “I don’t know why he did that”. The whole corrupt bunch of McAlberts, leo’s, Morrisey, Lally and all the judges need to pay for their crimes. Absolutely egregious! RIP John O’Keefe 😌
    Dirty Hockey Parent culture is real… even referees have been complaining about hockey parents and quitting the past few years. Awful humans.

  21. I would love to know if she has ever made a 911 call prior to this & request them to compare her tone in the recordings. Also if Karen was doing CPR most people would tell the dispatcher CPR is in progress, why didn’t Jen mention that?

    1. Maybe because people usually die when getting backed over by full size SUV. JM says Karen was shit faced and not in control after the 12 drinks she downed within an hour at waterfall. Maybe she doesn’t remember backing over John. But sickening how a star athletes life and education were sacrificed to protect her

      1. Ohhh, hi Colin! Do you know that there is video surveillance footage of Karen at the bar, the whole time she was there? Cause there is. Nobody asked you to ruin your star athlete life and education, YOU chose to leave which shows nothing but guilt on your part.

      2. So Jen and co were sober😂.
        They just sat back and watched Karen drink and did not partake. That is just comical.
        Still wondering how Jen was able to stay up all night into the next day?
        Even Red Bull can’t pull that off.
        I’ve heard from so called star athletes teammates he wasn’t that good and they thought he was a roid head. Roommate left school.

  22. I heard ” I was coming out to help” bit I could definitely be wrong because it isn’t in a typical tone you would say that phrase. It sounds like she is stating it defensively.. Unless of course she was being scolded by someone for being present at the scene in the first place. ???
    It definitely a huge contrast in the emotional responses.. I’ve recently been through a traumatic situation. I personally responded similarly to Karen Read. I most certainly was no where close to just how monotone and cool in the game McCabe presents.
    My heart just shattered for Karen Read even more. The pain, worry, shock and grief are evident in her voice. Mcabe sounded like she was indifferent to the events that were unfolding. Like she was a stranger that stumbled across some random thing and called to give a statement passing through.

  23. Karen downed 12 drinks within an hour before recklessly getting behind the wheel. She was pissed Jo was dumping her because she wouldn’t stop sucking Higgins. He was going in there to tell Higgins you can have her. But before he could he was attacked by a broken cocktail glass and subsequently ran over. Sounds less exciting than the Albert conspiracy theory but life isn’t a movie and these things happen.

    1. You are aware that the cocktail glass theory was proven wrong, right? Daft moron. Also, Karen going for Higgins over John O’Keefe? LMFAO

      1. Yes they found a broken cocktail 🍸 glass next to his body. She was very much interested in Brian “Biggins” Higgins

        1. An you know all this about her an Higgins how? Pics, texts or voice-mail or it didn’t happen. So seriously how do you know this as fact? Also if John was done with her as you just said, why did he put his arm around her at the bar? Most of us have been in a situation where we didn’t want to be in an every single one of us would’ve gave the other person the cold shoulder.

          1. The prosecution has the (large) number of texts between Higgins and Karen Read, which have been characterized as “intimate” and “personal”. This will come out at trial. Higgins fully cooperated and let the investigators examine his phone, so even though KR refused to turn her phone over the investigators have Higgin’s side of the texts.

            You just need to be patient and wait for the trial, you’ll see everything then…if she doesn’t plead out first.

          2. If there are “intimate” texts between them, do any of them say “I’m going to run John over”, or “I backed over John”? I’m gonna guess a fair number of people have “intimate” messages with others that they might not want their partners to see, yet they don’t kill them.

          3. If they had texts like that she’d be looking at first degree murder and not second degree murder.

            The texts to Higgins, and to JO, and the screaming voicemails, and the reports of fights between them, are all going to be used to establish that the relationship was broken and she was not happy about that. I think that JO said something to her right before he got out of the car that angered her (maybe “I don’t want you to go inside with me”?), and in a drunken rage Karen hit the gas while in reverse and struck him at least once. Not enough to kill him, but enough to inflict a head injury/brain bleed which caused him to pass out quickly, and then to die of hypothermia. Had she gotten out of the SUV to assist him he probably would have survived; instead she left, hence the murder 2 charges.

            The reported speed of the SUV probably isn’t accurate due to wheel slippage in the snow.

            Happy to help you understand the facts.

          4. Happy to help you understand the facts…” The reported speed of the SUV probably isn’t accurate due to wheel slippage in the snow”.

            Precisely. That SUV wasn’t going 24.2 mph as the Commonwealth claims…it was actually going much slower!! Aiden tried as hard as he could to replicate…couldn’t get it going more than 19mph in 67 ft. and the first time he tried he ended up hitting the curb. And he was on dry pavement and not in a “drunken rage”, meaning he could focus on getting the car to go as quickly as possible in the short distance.

            And your argument that she hit him twice is just laughable. Where’s that damage on the car? Did he just stand there waiting to be hit, and then hit again?? And don’t start on the 35 pieces of taillight that were sprinkled all over the yard and found by Proctor on his 5 undocumented searches. We all know taillights are almost indestructible.

            Where’s the damage below the neck to JO? It’s non-existent!! Other than the head there’s nothing! (oh, other than what’s clearly dog puncture wounds and scratches on the right arm). And defensive bruising to the right hand.

            Then, once she hits him she just sits there for like 10-15 minutes?? We know the Nagel vehicle follows Karen’s car onto Fairview and they leave before Karen (no one other than Karen reported in the vehicle by Ryan as they pulled away). And you know what time Karen arrived back at John’s from her cell data.

            You better hope there’s a smoking gun in those texts with Higgins or it’s a major uphill battle for the prosecution.

          5. You know an awful lot about prosecution.
            I’d be nervous too.
            Sucks to be a cop in jail.
            Recent news has some scary stories.
            I’d be doing my best to stay out as well.

    2. OK, I will play your silly little game for a minute!! If what your saying is true then why aren’t these canton cucks suing turtleboy for slander?? RIDDLE ME THAT HOME SLICE!!! OH YEAH, Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!!! CHUMP!!

      1. They are waiting for read to be convicted so it is proven that they are innocent. Better chance at winning. Law much?

        1. “Law much” huh, good question, do you understand the law? Do you understand defamation lawsuits, what the plaintiff must PROVE? Obviously you and the other retards that keep saying how TB is going to be sued don’t! They must prove that the statements made were made as facts, with the intent to deceive, and caused monetary harm. There’s this little thing in America call free speech, an individual has the constitutional right to express their opinion!!

  24. I have never seen a message board this clogged with braindead numbnuts, all simping for the drunk chick who ran down her boyfriend. I’m actually hoping that half of the dicktards posting here are actually fake accounts and there’s only one or two real humans, because the thought of all those people following and agreeing 100% with Aidan fucking Kearney is disturbing. That guy’s nuts.

    1. Hey McFucknuts,

      How does a “drunk chick” IN THE SNOW, get a large Lexus SUV going 24.2mph in just 67 feet? Now, even if its possible (from the manufacturers standpoint) once you add in those variables the Commonwealth is cooked. Karen Read walks – as she should. We don’t even have to go to the 35 pieces of taillight from the 5 undocumented searches by Proctor, we don’t have to argue about the dozen calls, texts, and contact of uncle A that Jen deleted, we don’t have to figure out what piece of gym equipment Colin may have hit John with, we don’t have to discuss the basement remodel at 34 Fairview, the re-homing of Chloe, or the $50k less that Brian Albert took for the home. But we will. And people are going to jail. And it won’t be Aiden “fucking” Kearney.

    2. This 911 call is quite damning and it shows. You’re all out in the comments section playing it down and going over to the o’keefes to try and smooth things over.

      I think you should go back to the liquor store and buy more vodka. They don’t serve that in prison. Drink up while you can.

  25. You can tell this is very damning because the McAlberts always crank the DARVO in the comments on here more than normal. They only start swarming the comments when you’ve gotten them with something painful.

    This audio will be used to convict Jennifer McCabe at her future trial.

    The wheels of democracy are turning. The McCabes lost the audit vote because democracy works when you show up and vote. Thought bought out everyone they’ve got. Hundreds of them.

    The People showed up too and hundreds more showed up and made their voice heard. The McAlberts should have been terrified the minute they saw this vote had turned into a blockbuster event.

    Keep sending officers to intimidate voters and petition signers and protesters. It’s been the most amazing fertilizer for the movement. Please keep it coming!

  26. It sounded to me Jenn said “BRIAN is on the way even before there was an Uncle Brian (referring to call with indistinguishable ‘No one is on the way.’

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