Canton Cover-Up Part 227: Jennifer McCabe Made Incriminating Statements In 911 Call, Whispered Updates To Sister Nicole Inside Brian Albert’s House


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On Sunday night a YouTuber called The Glarer, who has been covering the Karen Read and Turtleboy cases in great detail, publicly aired parts of Jennifer McCabe’s phone call to 911 after discovering the body of John O’Keefe on her brother in law’s front lawn. While Karen Read and McCabe were passengers in Kerry Roberts car, and were out looking for John that morning, Read was repeatedly calling O’Keefe’s phone, hoping he would eventually pick up. She was in the middle of calling him when they arrived at 34 Fairview Road and Read saw O’Keefe’s body lying in plain view just feet from the curb, illuminated by the inch or two of snow that had fallen. There were no snowbanks or other obstructions that would’ve prevented anyone from seeing John’s body.

When Read saw O’Keefe’s body she instinctively jumped out of the backseat, leaving her cell phone in the car, which was in the middle of calling O’Keefe’s phone. Eventually it reached John’s voicemail and left a 4 minute, 5 second audio message that picked up McCabe’s 911 call from inside the vehicle, and Read’s screams from outside. You can’t hear the dispatcher because it’s only a voicemail from O’Keefe’s phone, not the actual 911 call.

The Glarer does not appear to play the original version of this video, but rather a screen recorded version that someone else uploaded. During the audio you can hear a lullaby chime from the phone of whoever screen recorded it that was not in the original audio. You can also hear them talking about the beginning with a British accent. There is also a 20 second portion at the end of the tape where the person screen recording it begins to play a video of Turtleboy talking about Karl Dugal, which they had stored in their “dowloaded videos.” Obviously that would not be on the original version of this audio. The Glarer played the tape from start to finish starting at the 25:30 mark:

Here is a transcription:

Karen: “Kerry! Kerry!!”

Jen: “Umm, yes, I need someone at 34 Fairview Road, Canton, Mass, there is a man passed out in the snow.”

Jen: “Yes. Yea I don’t know why he’s (indistinguishable). I think he’s dead.”

Jen: I think he’s dead.”

Karen (whimpers): “John!”

Jen: “I know, I know. Where are the blankets? I don’t see blankets Kerry.”

Karen: “He’s freezing!!!”

Jen: “34 Fairview Road in Canton.”

Karen – (indiscriminately screams)

Jen: “John (indistinguishable), he’s 46 years old.”

“I think he’s (indistinguishable), I don’t know. He got out of the car and it could be an hour.”

Karen: “KERRY, JEN, JEN, JEN, KERRY, (indistinguishable), NO!”

Jen: “(indistinguishable), Kerry get (indistinguishable).”


Jen: “I know I’m on the phone with the ambulance.”

Karen: “Jen, Jen, Jen, JEN!! Jen! Kerry! Please!!”

Jen: “Kerry you gotta get off of him.”

Karen: “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!”

Kerry: “Karen you gotta stop. Karen, stop, you gotta stop!”

Karen: “Kerry he’s freezing!”

Kerry: “I know you’re not helping. OK?”

Jen (whispering): “(indistinguishable) coming out to help”

The tape is devastating for Jennifer McCabe, and heart breaking for Karen Read. The contrast between the two women could not be more obvious. Read appears to be exhibiting genuine shock, emotion, and trauma, whereas McCabe is cool, calm, collected, and methodical. If an unbiased juror were to guess which of those two women had no idea that they were about to discover O’Keefe’s body on Brian Albert’s front lawn, they would hard pressed not to pick Read.

There are many very suspicious things that McCabe says as well, starting with this:

Jen: “Umm, yes, I need someone at 34 Fairview Road, Canton, Mass, there is a man passed out in the snow.”

Why would Jen McCabe refer to John O’Keefe simply as a “man passed out in the snow?” She knew who it was because Karen Read saw his body and jumped out of the car. If she had said that it was O’Keefe, or mentioned that he was a Boston Police Officer (which they always do now), it could have elicited a more immediate response from first responders. Jennifer McCabe knew this.

Keep in mind, according to Jennifer McCabe she was with this “man” just 6 hours prior at the Waterfall bar. This “man” was supposedly a close friend of hers, and the adopted father of her daughter’s close friend. This “man” was invited to Brian Albert’s house BY HER, and she spoke with him on the phone while he was driving there to make sure they could find Albert’s house.

Yet Jen remains perfectly calm and simply refers to her supposedly good friend as simply a “man passed out in the snow.”

When I was a junior in college I experienced a traumatic event where I was one of the first people to discover the dead body of one my roommates, Francis D’Ippolito. He had choked on his own blood and vomit in his sleep. I lived in the room directly above him, and he was in my room until 3 AM the night before. The look of genuine shock on his roommate’s face the next afternoon when he came up screaming for help was something I will never forget. There were 3 of us in the room attempting to perform CPR, and all of us were in a state of shock where we cried, whimpered, and freaked out. Like Jen McCabe and Karen Read, I had seen my deceased friend just hours prior, which made it all the more shocking. All three of us in the room were in a state of panic and trauma, and sounded like Karen Read in that video. But none of us sounded like Jennifer McCabe.

You can tell McCabe is in the vehicle for the duration of the entire audio because you hear her at roughly the same volume as the windshield wipers, which never turn off. Despite not getting out of the vehicle McCabe was able to make the assessment to the dispatcher that she thought “the man” was dead.

McCabe told Trooper Prince during an interview at her house on February 1, 2022, that John’s body was covered in 6 inches of snow, which conflicts with weather reports, pictures, and videos showing that less than 2 inches of snow had fallen. She also was able to see that John’s phone was underneath his body at the time. McCabe told State Police that while performing CPR, Karen was asking McCabe and Roberts if she hit John with her car, and that Karen yelled at Jen to Google “how long do you have to be left outside to die from hypothermia,” in order to explain her 6:24 Google search for “hos long to die in cold.”

Nowhere in that audio does Karen Read say anything about hitting John with her car. She appears to be in a complete state of shock and is screaming out for Jen and Kerry to help her save John’s life. It seems highly unlikely that after first responders arrived Read would ask McCabe to Google how long it takes to die in the snow, when there were trained first responders on scene that could answer that question for her.

Jen also asks Kerry Roberts where the blankets were in her car, likely because the dispatcher asked her if there were any blankets around. Jen could not find any blankets to warm him. But she failed to tell the dispatcher a really important fact – they were outside her sister’s house. Had she mentioned this to the dispatcher she would have been instructed to go inside, alert her first responder brother in law about the dead body on his front lawn, and ask for their help in getting blankets.

Jennifer McCabe knew the dispatcher would tell her this, so she went out of her way to make sure that she never mentioned that she was at Brian Albert’s house, a place she had left just four hours earlier.

This was another telling quote from McCabe:

“I think he’s (indistinguishable), I don’t know. He got out of the car and it could be an hour.”

He got out of the car? McCabe gave statements to four Canton Police Officers and three State Police Detectives, and not once did she ever mention John getting out of Karen Read’s car. She told Officer Mullaney that he “never arrived.”

She told her friend Sgt. Lank that she observed the vehicle pull up but never saw anyone get out of it.

She told her friend Sgt. Goode that she saw the passenger door of Karen’s car open, but never mentioned seeing John get out of the car.

She told police it had been five hours since it happened, not the one hour she told the dispatcher, which was much closer to the time that John’s body was planted there by Brian Albert.

But the most suspicious part about that call happens 3 minutes and 40 seconds into it, when Jennifer McCabe whispers, “(indistinguishable) coming out to help.” Listen to an enhanced version of that:

Different people hear different things on that, but it’s undeniable that she whispers “coming out to help.” Some hear, “no one’s coming out to help,” while others hear “someone’s coming out to help,” or “fucking coming out to help.”

This audio takes place at the exact same time Jennifer McCabe called her sister Nicole, according to her call logs. McCabe called 911 at 6:03:47 and called her sister at 6:07:42.

That is a difference of 3:55. Some have pointed out that Jennifer whispers that 3:40 into the tape, and have suggested that it doesn’t align with the call to Nicole.

However, the recorded audio on John’s voicemail picked up audio AFTER McCabe was already on the phone with 911. When she called 911 she got a dispatcher in Norwood, who transferred her call to Canton. When the audio begins she is in the middle of being transferred, and the first time you hear McCabe speak she is talking to a Canton dispatcher.

It usually takes about 45-60 seconds to stop ringing and get someone’s voicemail. If Karen called John’s phone 15 seconds prior to first seeing his body and dropped the phone in her seat while it was still ringing, it would take at least 30 more seconds to begin recording a voicemail. During that time McCabe called 911, and the voicemail on John’s phone picked up audio while McCabe was being transferred from one dispatcher to the other.

Regardless, McCabe should have been in a state of panic and trauma, but she wasn’t. Instead she was able to calmly lower the volume she had used with the dispatcher and whisper something about coming to help to her sister. Why would anyone whisper during an emergency like this? If she told her “someone’s coming to help” it would mean that she was alerting them that 911 was on the way, and they didn’t need to come outside. If she said “no one’s coming out to help” it could be her directing the Alberts to remain inside the house. There is no plausible explanation for why she would calmly whisper anything about “coming to help” to her sister, nor is there any plausible explanation for why her sister wouldn’t come outside to help her friend after hearing that.

Additionally, Nicole Albert told police that she first became aware of the body on her front lawn when her sister Jen walked into her unlocked house and woke her up.

But if Jen knew that the front door was unlocked the entire time, and the Commonwealth claims that Nicole Albert didn’t answer Jen’s 6:07 phone call, then why wouldn’t she go into the unlocked house and wake them up? Why wouldn’t she be screaming at them to help her friend on the front lawn who appeared to be dying?

Lastly, it’s important to point out that Jen told the dispatcher three times that she was at 34 Fairview Road. Yet in the official police report it said 32 Fairview Road, knowing that a records lookup would reveal that 34 Fairview belonged to Brian Albert.

We will be discussing this more on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, so make sure you have subscribed to our YouTube channel here.


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