Canton Cover-Up Part 228: Twitter Account Used To Harass And Intimidate Karen Read Supporters Identified As Boston Police Wife Jackie Dugal After Accidental Self-Doxxing


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This is Jackie Dugal, the wife of Boston Police detective Karl Dugal.

Jackie and Karl were friends with Karen Read and John O’Keefe. On the morning when John was found dying in Brian Albert’s front yard Karl reached out to Karen, and when she didn’t promptly return his phone call and tell him, “sorry you lost your friend,” Detective Dugal had seen all he needed to see and concluded that Karen Read murdered O’Keefe.

On May 24 outside of her hearing on the courthouse steps, Karl and Jackie interrupted a press conference to harass and intimidate Karen Read, who is also a potential witness in her own criminal proceedings and will likely take the stand at trial.  On their way out Jackie also harassed John O’Keefe’s ex-girlfriend Lindsey, who sits in court in support of Karen Read. Dugal, in her smug, mean girl demeanor, accused the woman of seeking her 15 minutes of fame for having the audacity to look at the mountains of evidence in front of her and reaching the conclusion that Karen is innocent.

Jackie is an unemployed mother of two who runs a “business” called Fit Mom Boston.

On her website she talks about “what it’s like to juggle what can seem like a thousand life commitments on a daily basis,” and how clients need to carve out some time to better themselves mentally in order to become happier human beings.

But it appears as if Jackie doesn’t take her own advice.

There is an account on Twitter that uses the handle @Allamovie2490, in reference to O’Keefe’s badge number.

It is currently using the name Lauren JP, and is one of a dozen or so troll accounts that spends countless hours a day anonymously defending the Alberts and McCabes out of pure hatred for Karen Read and Turtleboy. The difference between Read supporters and McAlbert supporters is that Read’s supporters aren’t afraid to use their real names because there is nothing shameful about the things that they’re saying. On the other hand, the people defending cop killers would prefer to hide behind anonymity while they spew vitriol all day long. The Lauren JP account is one of these, attacking community activists like Rita Lombardi and Angela Chan O’Donnell, on top of incessant tweets about Turtleboy, Karen Read, and random turtle riders who she demeans for their physical appearance. She also seems particularly obsessed with a woman named Olivia Lambo, who she accuses of being Karen.



As you can see, the person behind this account is ugly on the inside, and consumed with hatred of people whose only concern is making sure that the people who murdered John O’Keefe don’t use the machinery of the state to put an innocent woman away for life in order to protect themselves.

Last week “Lauren JP” sent a post card to a turtle rider in Virginia, that contained a couple insults from urban dictionary.


But the real reason behind sending this post card wasn’t to insult and hurt the woman’s feelings as much as it was to tell her “I know where you live, and I can find you.”

Anonymity can be a good thing when it’s used to protect whistle blowers from coming forward with information that they’d otherwise be afraid to out of fear of retaliation. But it can also be used by bad faith actors who want to spew their ugliness for the world to see, without it affecting their lives. People with respectable jobs, families, and good standing in the community.

As it turns out Jackie Dugal is the latter, because she was exposed by herself for being behind the Lauren JP account. Yesterday she responded to a tweet asking for receipts by posting two screenshots of documents from her phone. Except the screenshot contained a reel of other pictures in her phone at the bottom, including one of her driver’s license.


Tweets like this one make a lot more sense now.

Just a reminder, Jackie Dugal claims to have a thousand life commitments on a daily basis that she juggles on top of taking care of her children. She also advises other people about how they can be happy and better themselves mentally.

Yet she literally spends her entire day rage tweeting some of the nastiest vitriol possible at complete strangers, who happen to be really nice people. She clearly is the last person on earth who should be lecturing others on how to be happy or better themselves mentally, since she is miserable, angry, and mentally unstable.

Then again, she is typical of the few remaining supporters of the McAlberts. They know how doomed they are and they know that Karen Read is innocent. But the only thing they know how to do is bully other people into silence and then hide behind anonymity. Twitter is their platform of choice because they can keep creating fake accounts in order to make it seem like there are more of them then there actually are. But there’s like 20 of them, and they celebrate the small victories they have because they know they will lose in the end. Good will prevail or evil, and Jackie Dugal is the face of evil.


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