Canton Cover-Up Part 239: Michael Morrissey Appears To Be Throwing Michael Proctor, State Police Under The Bus In Bizarre Boston Globe Interview 


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Michael Morrissey did an interview with the Boston Globe today in which he said he was mystified by the federal investigation into his office. His responses were extremely revealing. Globe quotes are in italics, followed by my responses.

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said Tuesday he was mystified why federal prosecutors and the Boston office of the FBI have taken the “extraordinary step” of conducting an inquiry into the ongoing Karen Read murder prosecution.

“They don’t have any jurisdiction over a state murder trial, so this is an extraordinary step on their part,” Morrissey said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

They don’t have jurisdiction over a state murder murder? It appears as if Morrissey is so out of touch with what is going on here that he believes they are here to investigate the murder. Of course that’s not what they’re here to do at all. They’re here to investigate his office. HE is the target, and he apparently has no idea this is the case.

“I’m not worried because I have the utmost confidence in what we’ve done and what people have told us.”

He has the utmost confidence in what people have told him? Who are the “people?” This is a man surrounded by nothing but suck up yes men like David Traub and Adam Lally, who have told their boss that things are going fine. Any day now they’re going to release the big bombshell that proves Karen Read is guilty. Maybe he’s so dumb that he actually believes them? Hard to tell.

But what it sounds like to me, and many others who have read that quote, is that he is throwing Michael Proctor and the State Police under the bus. He’s been told by Michael Proctor that there is no conflict with the McCabes and Alberts, prompting him to issue the August 25 press release in which he uttered that ridiculous statement. It’s not his fault that Michael Proctor lied to him, and he’s prepared to feed him to the wolves to save himself. Pleading stupidity and ignorance is his only move.

Morrissey said he dates the federal involvement in the high-profile case to April, when Rachael Rollins was the US attorney for Massachusetts. Rollins resigned May 19 amid a pair of ethics probes that found she misused the power of her office. 

The federal investigation began last December. The subpoenas went out to Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, and Jennifer McCabe in April, which is why they all had lawyers. Higgins likely flipped and has been cooperating to save himself. It’s the only thing that makes sense, and explains the animosity Jill Daniels had for him when I spoke with her on the Live Show.

Since the spring, Morrissey said he has offered to meet with representatives from Acting US Attorney Joshua S Levy’s office and FBI agents to address any concerns they might have about the Read case, but they have not done so.

“There have been communications by a variety of people, including myself to both the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office, to encourage them to come and speak with us.” Morrissey said. “They have not taken us up on the offer.”

He offered to meet with them and they turned him down, yet he still can’t figure out what’s going on here. Newsflash Meatball Morrissey – you’re the target of their investigation. That’s why they’re not meeting with you. I know your plan is to get them in a room, go heavy on the Quincy accent, and start small talking to them to win them over like you probably do with everyone. They know this is your game and have no interest in it.

Keep in mind, this is a man who wins every election with 98% of the vote since he was first elected to office in 1972. He has never been in a situation where he can’t make a phone call to have his problem fixed. For the first time he has run into people more powerful than him who he has no connections to and can’t be manipulated.

The feds don’t need to speak with Morrissey because they have likely tapped his phones and gotten everything they need on him. When they subpoenaed Colin Albert and Jennifer McCabe it wasn’t to charge them, it was to use them as witnesses against Morrissey and the State Police.

Boston25 reported on the federal inquiry on Monday. A spokeswoman for Levy’s office, Christina Sterling, declined to comment on Tuesday.

“We do not confirm or deny investigations,” she said by email. Kristen Setera, a spokeswoman for the Boston FBI office, also declined to comment.

Morrissey said his office has not received formal notice from federal authorities about the investigation but has provided Read’s lawyers with all communications with federal officials about the case.

Oh this is rich. Look at him squirm as he brags about how he’s bent over backwards to provide exculpatory evidence to Karen Read’s defense team. Meanwhile the 3 minutes of Canton Library footage, the Geo Fence data, and the DNA swabs from John O’Keefe’s arm are still missing.

I’m torn on whether or not Morrissey is really this stupid and naive, or if he’s a diabolical genius getting ready to throw the State Police under the bus. I could go either way right now. This is not an intelligent person who got to where he is in life by being the smartest guy in the room. This is a man who has attained power by turning on the Boston accent, shmoozing people with small talk and colloquialism, and doing favors for other well connected people so they’ll do the same for him. So he may very well have no idea that he’s under investigation.

On the other hand, he did graduate from law school, and I’m not sure if he’s Karl Dugal level stupid enough to believe that John O’Keefe was murdered by his girlfriend’s teeth bearing Lexus. He has to know something was wrong with this case, and yet he’s gone out of his way to use his office to charge me and the Canton 9 for not remaining silent about it.

Either way, the fact that he ran to the Globe to talk about it shows how out of touch with reality he is. The more publicity he brings to this the worse it’s going to get for him. We’ll be talking more about this more on the Live show tonight at 9 PM, so make sure you subscribe to our channel by clicking here. I will also be going on Howie Carr at 6:35 to talk about these developments.


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