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Canton Cover-Up Part 248: Boomer Panel Spreads Misinformation About Karen Read Case On Retired NYPD Police Officer’s YouTube Show, Demeans Thoughtful People Who Have Actually Read Court Filings


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A retired NYPD police officer named Bill Cannon, who runs a YouTube channel called Police Off The Cuff, had a panel on Sunday night that can best be described as an orgy of misinformation. A few turtle riders recommended this guy, claiming he was a thoughtful person. He has more than 56K subscribers, so I assumed he was a legitimate person with an open mind. But then he invited on Jennifer Coffindaffer, and it became clear that he’s not a serious person who has any interest in learning the truth. Commenters during the show attempted to share facts about the case, since Bill clearly doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about. But instead of considering that the hundreds of people who all seemed pretty insistent that Karen Read was innocent could be onto something, he demeaned them and said they should be working at the Piggly Wiggly.

Tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM I’ll be responding to Bill, since he’s too much of a coward to have me on and actually hear about this case from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us get to 50K subs!



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  1. Bill Cannon might as well be Bill Cannone. Him and CoffeeDunkin had no desire to hear anything other than whatever makes Karen Read sound guilty. His attitude sucked! Be thankful people actually watch your shit Bill. At the end of the day, both him and CoffinMuffler are both retired Law Enforcement officials. So expecting either of them to side with anything other than law enforcement would be nearly impossible to achieve.

    1. That Cannome line may be the best line yet and i follow this case religously. By the way, 30 years active Nypd here, free Karen Reade.!! Im embarrassed and disgusted by my colleagues

    1. I did too. Either it was stop watching or join the comments of a dumpster fire. I could see the writing on the wall with that 🤡

  2. OH GOD.. That was PAINFUL to listen to. Really F&%King painful. So obvious that they don’t have all the details.

    She’s so annoying to listen to and again she stated the tail light was “intact”.. Hmmm… Yes, we know that but the problem is she’s been recruited by the DA to promote a different theory and she’s confused. They must be cringing every time she goes on a show. She just hammers home the point of no tail light damage..

    I think Bill Cannon needs to find a different hobby… He’s terrible at this one.. and just imagine how awful he must have been investigating crimes during his time as a cop… YIKES

    1. Yes!!! Thinking the exact same thing. Cop wasn’t a decent profession for him if this is train of thought on a case. Omits key details and the strange comments along the way. Dumb or intentional, these people are not dealing in facts.

  3. Bill and cofinstuffer are mouthpieces for the McAlbert tribe. They obviously recruited him and asked him if he would mind taking his 34 year long law enforcement career and flushing it down the toilet. I wonder why a man that had that much integrity ( mentions his career a lot) would be swayed by a group of lowlifes from Canton. Maybe Bill will grow a set and go on a live w TB. I’m not holding my breath because he can’t take that bait. He knows he would be outed

  4. Has anyone been considering plans for busting Aidan out of prison after his conviction? We’ll need to get him out of there ASAP before his mouth lands him in trouble and the guards find his corpse hidden under a mattress during roll call.

    Once he’s freed do you think we can hide him in his wife’s basement? The federales won’t think of looking there.

    1. It’s interesting how much you hate Aidan but yet obsess over him and whatever he is doing. That’s incredibly bizarre, unhealthy, unstable, and a sure sign of severe mental illness.

      Have you been diagnosed? For someone to be filled with so much hatred and obsession is not normal in any way. I would argue also that you are a dangerous person. Anyone that spends so much of their time spewing hatred, jealousy, and rage needs a mental health intervention ASAP. I hope everyone that knows you is watching out for any signs that things are escalating with you.

      Lastly, Aidan is not going to jail. You and I both know that. Aidan has uncovered and revealed some of the worst corruption in the State Police, Canton PD and DA’s Office. The world is watching now and the world, with the exception of those that are guilty, wants justice.

      You should think about replacing your social media time with some meditation, maybe take a course, work more, etc just something that is mentally healthier. I can’t imagine that you are a happy person. I bet you don’t even like you.

      1. This is Aidan’s standard cut and paste response, and is typical of those suffering from his particular personality disorder/defect. Aidan is unable to see himself as others see him, therefore anyone who brings up wrongdoing, criticizes, etc, must surely be “obsessed” or else they would never have dug so deep into the man. In reality, his flaws are glaringly obvious to most normal people.

        This has led to his current situation.

        1. Not sure if you think I am Aidan but if so I am not. I am new to Turtleboy and started following after I heard about the John O’Keefe Cover Up and the framing of an innocent woman.

          Everyone has some mental health deficits.. but the person posting as BoozeAnne clearly has more.

          Either way, does it matter to me if someone is reporting factual news and has some health history? Not really.. As long as the information is accurate and can be backed up. I am sure there are plenty of news anchors reporting the news every day with mental health issues and it doesn’t matter to me as long as what they are saying is truthful and can be supported.

        2. He’s not going to be convicted of witness intimidation BUT even if he was it’s Massachusetts. Murder, rape and a few other violent crimes get prison time. The garbage Turtleboy got charged with doesn’t get you real prison time. Albert Sharon keeps saying going to prison, it shows a complete lack of education. You wishing Turtleboy going to prison doesn’t make it happen.

          You and your Canton friends will always have people looking at you as the trash you are. Hos long to die in cold…….. the McCabes will always be know as Horse Face and Bitch Tits

        3. I am doubtful you are qualified or have any background in Psychology to make claims about Aiden’s personality, which is “glaringly obvious.” I do however, have a degree in Psychology, and I think YOU are the one that is sick. Your sickness is “glaringly obvious.” Instead of fighting for justice for a police officer that was murdered (and it is “glaringly obvious” it wasn’t by Karen,) you take time out of your day to click on a blog of someone you don’t like, to leave shitty comments in an attempt to bully people who actually WANT justice for John O’Keefe. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pathetic.

        4. How many names do you use to post on these comments you Loooosah? You’re on the dark side and only your small group of shitbag bootlickers agree w you! See the town vote in your own town 902-800!!! Outside of Canton those numbers get waaaaaay further apart! Everyone watching this sham is waiting and watching for you and your buddies to get cuffed and stuffed!

    2. I think his mouth will do him wonders in prison
      I don’t think he’ll be saying much considering he’s going to be blowing dudes for addys

  5. Jennifer Coffindaffer has become a liability for DA Michael Morrissey and his troopers..

    I would think they have realized this by now and end any affiliation with her. She’s doing more harm than good for them.

  6. This idiot uses the NWA, “Straight Outta Compton”, font for his show name in the background. You know what song they’re famous for? “F**k Tha Police”. Classic.

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