Canton Cover-Up Part 250: Turtleboy’s Attorney Tim Bradl Says TB Stands Up To Bullies Like Elizabeth Proctor, Says He’s Honored To Defend First Amendment


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Last night my Attorney Tim Bradl went on the Young Jurks podcast for an exclusive interview about my case and where it’s headed. To say that he won turtle riders over was an understatement.

Quote of the night was in regards to Elizabeth Proctor, and the charges I am facing for standing up to her bullying and harassment of turtle riders at their places of work:

“He took on a bully, that’s what Aidan does – he takes on bullies. He does things that we all hope and wish we could do, and he goes out there and does them. And he does it within the law.”

Tim isn’t just hear to help get these charges dropped, he’s here to take on the law itself. He knows that the witness intimidation statute is unconstitutional because it says that you can’t cause emotional or economic harm to a witness, a potential witness, or a family member of a witness.

But as he pointed out, what if a witness defamed you by lying about something you did? If you sued them you would be causing economic harm.

What if you saw an investigator out to dinner with a witness in a case and you took a picture and posted it, much like I did when Jennifer McCabe was at the Proctor’s house?

What about when witnesses lie, like several “witnesses” against Karen Read? Bradl pointed out that it’s imperative that we are allowed to speak out against them and urge them to change their testimony to the truth.

“People need to speak out. If there’s a witness that’s lying, if there’s a witness that’s wrongfully harming someone, we have every right to speak out against them.”

As the host Mike Crawford pointed out, Stephen Flemmi was a witness for the federal government against Whitey Bulger. He killed over a dozen people. So if someone leads a boycott of his flower shop or makes him cry (emotional distress) they’re committing witness intimidation?

Attorney Bradl has no intentions of slowing down, and is clearly passionate about my innocence:

“Being a good journalist, getting in people’s faces.”

“I can’t wait to get in front of the SJC judges on this. It’s just a joke.”

“We have to get some precedent on the books so you guys don’t experience that chilling effect. You should not be looking over your shoulder when you’re trying to nail down a story. You’re allowed to knock on his door. You’re allowed to wait in his driveway. We should be able to speak out without fear.”

“If we have to go to Washington we will, and we’re gonna win this thing.”

It’s not enough for me to just say, “I didn’t do that,” or “you’re taking my words out of context.” The correct answer is, “I’m allowed to say all of those things because I have God given First Amendment rights that can’t be taken away because of some vague, overly broad local statute.” Higher courts exist for the purpose of overturning unconstitutional state and local laws just like this one.

The First Amendment allows me to:

  • Knock on anyone’s door until they tell me I’m not welcome on their property
  • Ask people questions about matters of public concern
  • Go to public sporting events
  • Make people uncomfortable
  • Suggest that witnesses in murder trials should tell the truth
  • Make Colin Albert sad by doing impressions of his Tik Tok videos
  • Ask Elizabeth Proctor if her husband will be allowed conjugal visits in prison
  • Post links to Elizabeth Proctor’s employer’s workplaces so that people can inform them about their employee’s disgusting behavior
  • Vow to come back to Canton to ask more questions of DPW workers
  • Protest outside of Chris Albert’s mediocre pizza shop
  • Protest peacefully outside of people’s homes and explain their role in a murder coverup
  • Say Michael Proctor’s phone number out loud on my show by reading it off of a publicly available document
  • Ask Julie Albert what it feels like to lose “most attractive” to Jennifer McCabe in the 1994 Canton High School yearbook
  • Say that I like a billboard
  • Try to educate the citizens of Norfolk County about the true facts that the DA’s Office is hiding from them

We will not apologize for anything I’ve said, nor will we attempt to explain it away and make excuses for it. The statute itself is unconstitutional and will not stand up to judicial review. My arrest was nothing more than an attempt to intimidate me into silence by seizing my devices, raiding my home, and suspending my civil liberties. But it won’t work, because I will never be silenced, and I have an attorney who feels as passionately as I do about the matter.



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