Canton Coverup Part 258: Norfolk County DA’s Office Indicts Turtleboy On 3 More Charges For Reporting On Corruption In Their Office


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According to Boston 25 News I have been indicted by a Norfolk Superior Court grand jury on 16 new charges. My attorney Tim Bradl found out about the indictment when he was called by Ted Daniel at 1:45 PM, shortly after I met with Attorney Bradl. We had been told by Special Prosecutor Ken Mello that I would not be indicted before Christmas. However, Mello is now claiming that he meant that I would not be arraigned until after Christmas, and that I would be summonsed, not arrested. I have not been arrested, and my arraignment date is currently set for December 27.  We are trying to get that moved back a few days because Attorney Bradl will be out of town.

What is clear is that as usual, the NDAO chose to leak this information to the media before alerting my attorney. This is the same DA’s Office that had the audacity to try to gag Karen Read’s defense attorneys for leaking information to the media.

I was initially charged in Stoughton District Court with 13 counts, including 8 witness intimidation charges, 1 conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, and 4 picketing of a witness charges. The three new accounts appear to be 2 new conspiracy to commit witness intimidation charges, and 1 new picking of a witness charges. It’s not clear what those are for, but I’m assuming the picketing of a witness is for going to Brian Albert’s house during the rolling rally. They couldn’t charge me in Stoughton for that one because he lives in Norwood, which goes to Dedham District Court.

I knew this day would be coming, and always assumed I would be indicted. But let me be very clear – I am not deterred in the least. I will not give in, I will not surrender, and I will never plea. I will fight these charges, I will be victorious, and it will go down in the history books as the greatest defense of the First Amendment in the history of journalism.

Let’s be clear about what is happening here – they are doing this because my reporting on the Karen Read case has been far too effective at exposing corruption in the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, and the Massachusetts State Police. They want to silence me so I can’t point out that John O’Keefe’s injuries clearly did not come from being hit by Karen Read’s otherwise fully in tact Lexus LX 570:

Attorneys who have actually read the charging documents and watched the videos I’ve being charged with have broken down just how ridiculous and baseless all of these charges are:

They wanted to indict me before Christmas because Karen Read’s trial date is less than 3 months away, and they know that they are going to be badly exposed when that happens. They know that Michael Proctor, Brian Tully, Yuri Bukhenik, and the 8 alleged “victims” of witness intimidation will all have to take the stand at her trial. When they do that they will be exposed as perpetrators of a conspiracy to coverup murder. Every question I asked them, and every statement I made about them, which has been mischaracterized as “witness intimidation,” will be shown to be legitimate reporting on corrupt criminals. My interview of Jennifer McCabe in Billerica last June is the perfect example of that:

Just a reminder – the same DA’s Office that issued these indictments to me today is currently under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for corruption. I am not under investigation by the USAO. I’m not the least bit worried, but I would be if I were them.

Superior Court juries consist of 12 people instead of 6, and they will never find 12 people who they can convince that asking questions to people who covered up a murder is a felony. The best way you can fight back against these criminals is to donate to the Turtleboy legal defense fund by clicking here. It will take time and a substantial amount of money (well over 6 figures) to fight and defeat these charges. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

My attorney will have something to say soon, but for now watch his interview with Mike Crawford from the Young Jurks to see where he stands.


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