Canton Cover-Up Part 26: Links To All Chronological Court Filings In Karen Read Murder Case

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Several people have asked for links to the actual court documents filed in the Karen Read murder case. In order to simplify that request I am putting them all in this blog, which I will be updating as new filings come along. Nearly 100 documents have been filed in Stoughton District and Norfolk Superior Courts, many of them not worth noting. I am only including the most relevant documents for your reading pleasure.


2/2/22 – Trooper  Proctor’s statement of facts to arrest and charge Karen Read with manslaughter – includes interview with McCabe’s but no mention of speaking with Brian Albert or stepping foot in his house despite body being found on front yard (1)



6/9/22 – Commonwealth’s Statement of Facts after charges upgraded from manslaughter to murder,  case moved from Stoughton District to Norfolk Superior (Dedham) Court (23)



6/13/22 – Commonwealth’s Notice of Discovery (evidence they plan on using at trial) (24)



8/12/22 Defense’s preservation of Geofence data from 34 Fairview Road (would allow defense to see whose cell phones were in the house that night) (25)


8/12/22 – Defendant’s motion to inspect John O’Keefe’s clothing for testing – allowed (still not provided by Commonwealth to this day) (26)



9/19/22 – Defendant’s motion to find out how Trooper Proctor was put in charge of case – allowed (28)



9/19/22 – Defendant’s motion to order Commonwealth to preserve all DNA evidence from O’Keefe’s body – allowed (29)




9/19/22 – Defendant’s motion to order Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, Julie Nagel, and Julie Albert to hand over phones for forensic analysis (first time several were mentioned in court documents) – denied (30)




9/27/22 – Judge Krupp orders Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, Julie Nagel, and Julie Albert to preserve cell phones (31)




10/2/22 – Hearing held – First time defense accuses Albert and McCabe families in open court of killing O’Keefe (9 days later Tim Albert applies for permit to fill in pool in backyard, 14 days later Tim Albert makes post warning people not to fuck with his family)




2/2/23 – Defense asks for access to O’Keefe’s clothes for 5th time (2nd in court fillings) after not receiving them from defense (32)





4/12/23 – Motion for Brian Albert’s cell phone records (33)



4/12/23 – Alan Jackson’s 92 page affidavit, complete with images showing Albert family relationship with Proctor, Jen McCabe’s cell phone records (34)



4/12/23 – Forensic analyst Richard Green’s complete extraction report of Jen McCabe and John O’Keefe’s cell phones (35)



4/26/23 – Attorney Yannetti’s motion to receive O’Keefe’s clothing from Commonwealth for testing (3rd motion to do so), receive Canton Library tapes (showing Read’s tail light in tact after leaving Fairview), complete access to all tail light evidence seized by Trooper Proctor, preservation of all DNA taken from O’Keefe’s arm (36) (37)



5/2/23 – Commonwealth’s attempt to explain McCabe’s Google search, Proctor relationship with Albert family, other allegations made in Alan Jackson’s 4/12/23 affidavit (38)



5/3/23 – Brian Albert’s attorney Greg Henning files motion opposing motion to force Albert to hand over cell phone (39)






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