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Canton Cover-Up Part 261: Ken Mello Can’t Answer Reporter’s Question About Why “Witnesses” Won’t Show Up For Court Or Speak With Media


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Ken Mello was interviewed outside of court today after we left and the statements he made were rather telling.


“There are things you cannot do regarding witnesses that you cannot do to other parties. You can approach parties in a number of ways and ask them questions. When they become witnesses in a case it becomes a different standard.”

And therein lies the problem, Ken. In the United States of America we do not have two sets of laws for citizens. In a free country you can approach ANYONE and ask them questions. But Ken Mello believes that the statute creates a special class of citizen called a “witness,” which includes witnesses in ANY legal proceeding, as well as their family members and other “potential witnesses.” A potential witness is basically anyone who wants to call themselves that, and a “family member” could mean sixth cousin or ex-sister in law, because the statute doesn’t define what that means. The First Amendment simply stops existing when you come in contact with this special class of American citizens.

Thanks to the overreach of the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, Ken Mello has exposed the unconstitutional nature of the witness intimidation statute. It was always there, but only a corrupt institution run by a criminal like Michael Morrissey dared to exploit it in the way he has. Prior to this the statute was used for its correct purpose – to protect witnesses from being physically intimidated into altering their testimony for trials. But in my case they have weaponized the “emotional harm” provision by pretending that thugs and bullies like Chris Albert and Jennifer McCabe are somehow victims because they got their feelings hurt when people finally stood up to them.

This was the perfect question from the WCVB reporter who redeemed himself after asking me the very bad question in October about making $5 million off the Karen Read case:

“Can they speak out about this harassment? Why don’t we see them with the same fervor as the supporters (of Turtleboy and Karen Read)?”

Such a great question. I have never seen an arraignment in which not a single “victim” or family member of a victim shows up to court. But every single person in the courtroom besides Brian Tully was a turtle rider.

The Karen Read case is the only time I can ever remember in which the “witnesses,” lead detective, and prosecutor all are afraid to give statements to the media. This is not how innocent people behave. Innocent people are not afraid to answer simple questions that can clear up any confusion about claims made by the defense.

Why aren’t the McAlberts on the courthouse steps calling Karen Read’s defense attorneys liars? Why aren’t they pointing out in public that she is the killer, and not them? These are things innocent people would do.

Mello had a great answer for the reporter though:

“What I can tell you is those witnesses are contacting us on pretty much a daily basis because it’s ongoing with them.”

Chris Albert and Jennifer McCabe call him “pretty much on a daily basis” to complain about YouTube videos. Mello doesn’t watch them himself because he’s a boomer who can’t figure out how to use the YouTube machine, but he knows when Chris and Jen call him with an out of context clip he has to immediately call up the courthouse and complain about it.

This is what your tax dollars are paying for.

Mello continued:

Mello: “If Mr. Kearney was walking by within 50 feet of someone that wouldn’t be a violation. If he approaches a person in a way that appears to be intimidating we believe that’s a violation of the statute.”

Reporter: “But he would have to break the law to be in violation?”

Mello: “He broke the law originally to be charged.”

Reporter: “How close are you to asking for bail or a dangerousness hearing?”

Mello: “It depends how Mr. Kearney behave. These witnesses, the victims, their lives have been upended. Put yourselves in a position gentlemen. If someone to occur right here and you became a witness for the Commonwealth. And someone took up the cause of the suspect, would you want yourself and your family subjected to this type of harassment round the clock? 

Yes, let us put ourselves in the position of the witnesses. If I were Chris Albert the first thing I would do to prove that my son had nothing to do with the murder of John O’Keefe was show evidence that he wasn’t at 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe was there. If I were Jennifer McCabe I would simple explain why I Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27, and then didn’t go to sleep and paced around my house until 4:53 AM when Karen Read called. If I were Michael Proctor, the lead detective in Karen Read’s murder case, I would actually show up for a single court date. He has never been to one because he’s afraid of answering any questions. This is not how lead detectives in murder cases behave.

The final part was rich:

None of these people chose to be witnesses. None of these people want to be in the position they’re in. But they are witnesses. And to be harassed and intimidated and accused of being killers, and stalked at their children’s games, and at their homes, is not something the government is willing to sit back and watch.

Ya know who else didn’t choose to be in this position? Karen Read. But she is, because the people Mello is framing as victims conspired to frame her for murder. These people all chose to be in this position because they all made the conscious choice to either kill, lie, or cover up a murder. They expected everyone to ignore this, and for a long time they did. And once a journalist started showing up in public and asking them questions they did the only thing bullies like them know how to do – present themselves as victims and run to the men with guns and demand that they arrest the people who are exposing them.



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  1. Ugly Ken Mello looks like a Human-Chimp hybrid from a sci-fi movie. His hair appears to be a worn out section of a toilet seat cover he stapled to his head or dog blanket infested with lice.

    Close set eye balls, blotchy face from years of boozing, deep cystic acne scars. Ken Mello might be Cam Sanchez’s real father.

    Never mind bird-brained Mello is so far out of his depth. He couldn’t sell girl scout cookies to Lizzo and Chris Christy.

  2. I wonder if anyone close to him is sitting him down this weekend for an intervention?

    Someone needs to explain to him how badly he is being used by DA Michael Morrissey, a person under investigation by the FBI..

    Sort of sad that he hasn’t figured it out yet.

    1. I said the same thing yesterday on YouTube comment. I mean his wife has to have said/saying something about this. It’s world wide news now. Trophy Husband is known now. He could’ve done another few years of skating by collecting his pension etc… Does he realize he picked last. I mean after him who where they going to ask to do this. I bet $100 that he quits either the week before or after Karen’s trial starts.

      1. I agree. I think he’s going to resign from the SP appointment in this case and serves his ass right to be skewered in the media. Don’t prosecute unconstitutional charges as an officer of the court ffs. He ought to be ashamed.

  3. Not totally related to this article but….I’m curious if there was a cruiser dash cam or body cam on either Karen or Jen when the infamous google search happened, supposedly at Karen’s request. Per news reports a cruiser’s camera was on and recorded the snow conditions. I’m guessing Jen walked away to make her questionable deleted cals. Jen was calling Uncle Brian A at 6:23 while also supposedly googling for Karen. She likely walked away so she wouldn’t be heard, so Karen would have to yell to her. In theory this would have been recorded if true. Are these videos able to be requested?

  4. Mello alluded that Aidan was engaged in–> ” Harassment around the clock “????

    Talk about exaggeration…or… would that statement be yet another lie from the CW?

  5. How is what happened in the parking lot when the 20/20 reporters were in town.. not witness intimidation? Isn’t that all on video? Shouldn’t Jim Farris is rude be held to the same?

  6. If you where Brian Albert – you could put this whole thing to rest and explain where’s the dog , why you sold your house , provide security footage that night showing OKeefe did not enter your house and provide cell phone data of that night – instead he sits back and lets this whole farce blow up out of control.

    1. Actually if I was Brian Albert I would be laying low and thinking about what options I have (confessing, cooperating, going into hiding, etc.)

      He can’t provide video because it incriminates himself. He can’t provide documentation on the dog because she’s likely dead and not re-homed. If she is re-homed then it should be easy to find the new owner.

      He has few options available.

      Imagine how mentally exhausting it is for all of them to have to think about their uncertain future every waking minute.

      1. I wonder if you could attempt to locate Chloe through her chip number. The town would have a record of the chip number (as would the vet office), and the new owner’s name would be attached to it now.
        (But personally, I do not think the dog is still alive. Also, you’d need an insider to acquire the chip number.)

        1. It doesn’t work that way, not being a dick, but chip numbers don’t go on dog license applications for starters. Also, when a chip gets scanned it gives a serial number that is then entered into a database for registered information.

          For this to work the chip number would need to be known, AND the new owners would have had to contacted the company and had the information reflect their ownership. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that BA wouldn’t provide the chip number, and without a warrant the vet isn’t gonna give it out either! Plus, if that dog actually bit JO, ITS DEAD, which we all are fairly confident it did based on the injury to his arm!

      2. I think about the “mental exhaustion” aspect, too. What a dark cloud to have hanging over your head, for almost 2 years now. A normal person would be frazzled by this. They probably have meds from the doctor to help them cope.

      3. I love how Coffintwat claims Chole is in witness protection till Trial. 😂 Everything that comes out of her mouth is prue BS.

    2. Because he can’t provide any of those things without making himself look guilty.
      He’s a cop and knows the best thing for him is to lay low and STFU.
      Unfortunately for him his family members are freaking dunces who keep them all in the spotlight.

  7. The saddest part in this entire situation is had they gotten John O’Keefe medical help when it initially occurred a bit after midnight instead of precious hours conspiring what to do and concocting a story an alibis then following through with their plan to dump his still breathing body in the cold snow for a couple more hours he would possibly still be here today and this entire situation would of been avoided. They are the epitome of evil.

    1. Absolutely would of survived – every single person who was in that house will have to take the stand eventually- explain how and when they left the house – under oath – where if you are caught misleading or flat out lying will result in punishment by the courts – how they could not of seen a body lying in the snow right out front – everyone would of either driven by John OKeefe one way or another- no one will believe they all went the other way to get there and leave

      1. I’m not so sure any of these scumbage care if they lie under Oath or not. The courts don’t seem to punish those who lie to the court…killary, hunter, biden .

    2. It’s incredibly evil for them to have decided against help for him and to let him die. I believe that evil existed in them long before that night. Any normal, kind, good person would have known to get him medical help. This tells me that Brian Albert, maybe JM, has done things like this before. You don’t just deviate from your normal characteristics as a human being so dramatically.

      And that they had hours to reconsider their plan and didn’t is even more cruel. Does that make it premeditated? Sure seems like that argument could be made in a trial against them.

    3. I believe none of them in the house wanted John Okeefe to stay alive. John Okeefe could & would of told exactly who all did it to him. And when it started, ect. They needed John Okeefe dead to save their own skin.

  8. Wtf game did that poor woman enter to win that prize as a trophy husband?!?! And what did the poor runner up get?!?!
    God bless America

  9. The Judge must have done some reading up on the KR case and sees exactly what’s going on here with Morrissey, Mello, Tully and Rafferty. An Award Winning Journalist was right over the target and needed to be shut up, or they would all be fucked. Well they’re fucked anyway and the Judge wasn’t going along like Judge Cannone and rubber stamping all this bs from Mello and the NDAO. I think the judge is a bit pissed Mello tried to drag him down with him tbh.
    Chicken Parm Charlie checking in via zoom and getting caught is classic! These people can’t get out of their own way! Who’s the brains behind their operation? Please don’t tell me it’s JM. The mouthpieces tell us a lot: Krusty, Yellow Cottage, Wacky Wendy, Traub, Riccio, Coffindaffer, even Farris piped up! We can’t forget all the fake accounts like Jackie Dugal and Liz Procter. The McAlberts are fucked.

    1. I was all ready to hate on that judge, based on the first hearing, but now he has redeemed himself. He seems reasonable and decent. Probably doesn’t want his own personal reputation marred by cooperating with these obvious crooks!

      1. I think he knew he’d being overruled if he had gone in the wrong direction and he smartly (get this) quoted the law. The law that Mello of Gravy Boat Mike apparently didn’t brush up on.

      1. I saw it on #AidanKearney twitter page 18 hrs ago. Someone sent it to tb obviously. It’s a screenshot of the courts zoom and ca is flipping pizza’s on his iPhone on zoom watching tthe arraignment.

        1. Just looked and saw it, priceless!! These assholes are all praying Aidan will be throw in jail and shut up! I’m not gonna lie, I NEVER give money for shit like this, but in Aidan’s case I did, i truly believe the Commonwealth is at the beck and call of the McAlberts, and that is very dangerous!

          Everything about the KR case, and Aidan’s case reeks of corruption, even down to basics, like sharing info and intel with “witnesses” in a case!! This just DOES NOT HAPPEN, witnesses are typically told nothing about a case or the investigation. This is done so their statements and testimony isn’t affected or altered. Yet these “witnesses” are treated like part of the investigation, they know every detail of the case, they literally have a direct line to the DA, ADA, special prosecutor, and lead investigators! Christ, they go over their houses!!!

    2. That’s the other thing – how badly have these mouthpieces embarrassed themselves by ranting against the common sense that’s telling everyone else that this is a corrupt farce that flies in the face of the FACTS!

  10. Mello does not look well. Not to bring this to a personal level or anything, but he exudes sickliness. Perhaps that’s why he’s not “on his toes,” in the courtroom.

  11. Mello: “If Mr. Kearney was walking by within 50 feet of someone that wouldn’t be a violation. If he approaches a person in a way that appears to be intimidating we believe that’s a violation of the statute.”

    Wasn’t that ‘restriction’ removed by having the case transferred to the Superior Court, and now there are no restrictions?

    1. Mello is an idiot. He doesn’t interpret laws, he interprets his own feelings and calls them laws. Most sharp paralegals could run circles around the goober named Ken Mello.

  12. Thank you Mike Morrissey for once again causing the Citizens of Norfolk County more $.
    The courts are not there for you to tie them up with baseless charges every time someone speaks out against the BS.
    We have had enough.
    You should be the one facing a judge for your continuing Criminal and Corrupt Behavior.

    1. Maybe we should all check in with AG Campbell and ask why she is allowing this circus to waste taxpayers money! …..but then again, she is encouraging wasting our tax money on illegal aliens, so she probably won’t give a crap. Massachusetts is turning into a garbage dump .

  13. Shouldn’t a special prosecutor exude a bit of confidence, not look like a deer in the headlights on the verge of tears?
    This is just embarrassing.

  14. Who was Mello looking back at when he didn’t know what to say?
    Or was he looking for an escape door to make a run for it?

    1. I don’t know, but it was obvious he was looking back at someone for help!

      1. Maybe Mike M told him, don’t worry if you get stumped. I’ll make sure someone there to have your back with some good case law to reference.
        So he’s looking back waiting for that triumphant moment when an associate walks in with all the right answers. Meanwhile Mike is at the Hancock Tavern having drinks and gravy with no f’s about Mr.Mello. oof

  15. On top of being mad about the injustice of it all, now I’m twice as mad for how embarrassing Mello and Morriseey are as human beings, never mind lawyers. These people are supposed to be going after the bad guys, not framing innocent people and protecting corrupt weasels!

  16. Norfolk District Attorney is wasting the courts time attempting to silence everyday people who speak out. Flooding courtrooms with nonsense.
    Yet, officer Micheal Chesna and widow Vera Adam’s were gunned down and murdered in 2018. No questions on suspect, who was caught soon after.
    Yet it took 5 years to go to trial.
    Partially because of case overload.
    No mention that case overload is because of the time spent on baseless indictments like this one.
    That trial ended in a mistrial, because they are incompetent.
    Now the family will have to go through it all once again. Thanks to Mike Morrissey and judge Beverly Cannone.

  17. I might if missed this : why wasn’t a reconstruction team called on that snowy night. It’s usually pretty SOP when it’s a MV vs Pedestrian…
    My personal opinion is when they found out who was involved they put nix on that. ….cover up started .

    1. Excellent question, also, why wasn’t the car impounded immediately (SOP), why weren’t the “witnesses” questioned and their statements taken on scene (SOP) why weren’t the “witnesses” questioning separately (SOP), why wasn’t the house searched (SOP), why wasn’t any attempt to locate security camera footage taken (SOP) why wasn’t the SERT team allowed to search for evidence immediately (SOP), instead being told to “standby” until 5:44 pm nearly 12 hours after JO was discovered, darkness had fallen, and nearly 14 inches of snow fell, why didn’t Proctor excuse himself from the investigation due to his relationship with the parties involved (SOP)?? And that’s nowhere near all the questions in this case!
      This entire case, starting the moment KR woke up and started calling to find JO is full of WHYS! DA’s loose cases all the time because of 1 or 2 unanswered questions, this case is just 1 right after another! Honestly it’s sickening, I don’t think Read killed John, but my god if she did, the investigators and DA’s office absolutely blew it!

      1. Good points and l agree with all of them. There is a piece of me hoping this does go to trial. Only to see how these mean girls and other co-conspirators can explain any of this???

  18. Imagine the stress that the McAlberts are in right now. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the McAlbert Xmas party. A lot of booze being passed around. I wouldn’t be surprised if a fight breaks out around the table😂😂

  19. Im happy to hear & see everything worked out for you in court TB. Everyone has a right to their voice & opinions. Some speech is not what Ppl wants to hear & isn’t always nice even when its the truth.

  20. My question is what did they witness to help the Prosecution.? (Yes we know everyone in the house knows what happened & that’s not my point here). When did any of them in the house come forward & say yes John Okeefe was coming over with Karen Read. And show ALL TEXTS & CALL LOGS to show that. And the Alberta coming out & saying yes John Okeefe was a good guy & fellow cop.? And why didn’t Proctor & his wife come out & say anything about a fellow cop.? Why didn’t Proctor mark & take pictures of ALL Evidence exactly where it was found.? Why didn’t Proctor take pictures of Karen Read SUV before it was towed.? Why did Proctor keep JO clothes in his office where ALL these involved had contact with them at any point.? I have SOOOO many questions.

    1. Nikki this is driving everyone crazy they won’t answer or investigate to get the answers. Like where is all the blood from a 2.5inch cash in the back of his head. Why haven’t they found out whose car was parked in front of 34 Fairview at 3:00am. Why the police never searched the house after a friend and fellow police officer is found on your front lawn with no coat and only 1 shoe. There are so many question un answered

  21. How is it that MRS PROCTOR can harass ppl at their jobs & that not be a crime.? Or sending letters to Ppl harassing them with threats not a crime.? Definitely two sets of laws here for sure.

    1. Maybe the people who were being harassed by Mrs. Proctor should go to the court and file charges against her! That would be perfect!

  22. My question becomes, if any citizen, as a first amendment “auditor”, can approach a police officer while on duty and start asking questions, filming or both-how does one get charged with witness intimidation of a state trooper, even if they do happen to be involved in the case?

    1. It’s called Making it up as you go along.
      I believe it’s preceded that you can’t breach the peace of a on duty officer …meaning you can’t really do anything to a officer that not in the criminal code. The elements of a crime against someone who is a public officer/official is fair game as along as you don’t touch them or impede there freedom of movement.

  23. What is going on with Ted Daniel breaking all the stories about you? This one on Christmas Day at 11pm is perplexing. I’m hoping it’s a set up because of what went on in court last week.

    1. That story seems like a very unstable woman that he is involved with.

      First, listening to the recording I would say DCF should get involved and look into whether that environment is stable for her kids.

      2. Why are we hearing that she has been talking to investigators and Mello? Is she setting up Aidan? Are Mello and/or Tully harassing her for info on Aidan?

      3. He clearly felt the need to record it for proof. That’s a shame but it’s likely his only option since he knows he can’t go to the police for help.

      4. Someone posted this woman’s name and if you look at her FB page you don’t see any photos with kids. What you do see is a lot of photos of her out with friends at parties, social stuff, etc. Not one photo of any kids. If her name is LG and she has 4 kids then it’s odd to not see any photos indicating any children. And if one of the dads to one of the kids is in jail then who are the other dads?

      5. Advice to Aidan. Watch your back at all times. Make better choices with some of the people you surround yourself with. You have a lot going for you in terms of your investigative work and involving yourself with toxic, unstable people is going to interfere. It’s not good for anyone’s mental health to be involved with people like that.

    1. But Clowngirl is It karma or is it more of the corrupt police acting desperate? I lean towards some very desperate people with a lot to lose trying to get back at the person that has made the biggest waves in this investigation.

      And why is one of the investigators in contact with his girlfriend? Wonder if they are threatening her, holding something over her, something is not right there.

    1. When will you learn the truth, this is a Masshole coverup for the corrupt town of Canton. The truth will set us free!

    2. Don’t get too comfortable. Aidan may be in jail but the corruption investigation continues on and from the sounds of it today it looks like things just got worse for those being investigated.

      But ask yourself this, are you happier now? Has this made so much difference in your life or is this just a quick high before you realize that you are still a miserable, pathetic person?

      Me thinks in a few days you will realize that your life still sucks.

    3. Everytime you have driven this case deeper it’s exploded in your face even harder and harder than my wendys chilli bowel movements. It hasn’t been 1 week since the last time you got dookie on your faces in a courtroom.

      I think you just gave the DOJ more ammo.

    4. You are an idiot. Plain and simple. This won’t end “the bullshit ” it feeds the fire and the need for the truth. Go make some of your crappy pizza

    5. So glad you commented. Came here to see that you did. It’s not ending. You’ve been exposed. It will get picked up from here. Piece of shit corrupt clowns.
      It’s only the beginning.

  24. If ever there was a time to stand up against this government, it is now! Show up! Give these people no peace! Because they are handing out their own idea of justice.
    Aiden stuck his neck out, to call out the bullshit!
    Give $5, $25, $100, $100 to his defense.
    It’s time to get Our America BACK!!!
    And one last note…. Hey Albert Sharonr…!
    GO FUCK YOURSELF! You ignorant cunt!

    1. Do your friends tell you how close you are to seeing blue windbreakers or have your friends been shut out of the investigation? You are around 1 year into an investigation that usually takes 2 years. You have manufactured a lot of rope in that time.

  25. The human-chimp hybrid is having some fun now, but he won’t be able to arrest Read’s defense lawyers. All the truth is going to come out during the trial.

    They could try to dismiss the charges and avoid the trial but that won’t stop the feds, or Karen Read’s books and movies

  26. I understand there are 2 sides here and I happen to think Karen Read is innocent. The majority of the other side I believe have been lied to. I don’t like the name calling and basically insulting people for what they believe. All I need to know is simple. Where was the body when the snow plow went by and whose car was seen parked at 3:00 am where they found John O’Keefe’ body a couple of hours later. Why don’t they get the Geo-Fence report of all the cell phones (not just Android, when they knew JO had an I-Phone) in 34 Fairview between 12:00am and 6:00am. Answer those 2 questions and show me the report of all the cell phones in the house. If Lucky lied and JO phone was not in the house then maybe I will switch until then I believe Karen is innocent.

  27. What’s the scoop? Boston25 said domestic abuse??? What??
    I find it odd how Mello made a statement before that sounded a lot like he was sure Turtleboy would have “actions” that get him rearrested.

  28. Norfolk County DA office says there were no signs of break-in at the house in Dover where 3 people were found dead. Yet the victim’s brother said the door was open and the alarm going off when he got there.

    Who opens the front door in the middle of winter and triggers their own alarm system before commiting suicide?

    1. A person that wants the police to find the bodies of the family they just killed, instead of having say a brother come over and walk in on that horrific scene!!

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  33. How are they witness? They witness KR driving away like JM said John O’Keefe just decided to go home. So any person is not allowed to ask someone a question any random f citizen because they are witnesses in a what? They are special because they set up and covered up a murder. Innocent people talk like KR did with the media

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