Canton Cover-Up Part 269: Top 27 Reasons Why There Was Undeniably A Coverup Of John O’Keefe’s Murder

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Tomorrow is another hearing for Karen Read at 3:00 pm. Although it appears as if the energy is shifted and the charges against Karen may be dropped in lieu of federal indictments, there are some still clinging onto hope that the McAlberts will get away with murder. So, it’s a good time to refresh our memory about the top 27 reasons Karen Read is innocent.

27. Julie Nagel called for a ride home, then at the exact time when John O’Keefe’s phone stopped moving she told her brother she was going to sleepover but ended up leaving with Jen McCabe 1 hour later.

26. There was no structural damage to Karen Read’s car despite the Commonwealth’s assertion that it struck a 217 lb man at a rate of speed high enough to kill him.

25. The Commonwealth has never stated a theory that explains how John’s injuries align with a motor vehicle crash, and have constantly changed their story from the original narrative of death by three point turn.

24. Brian Higgins clocked into work at 1:30 am after driving from New York and drinking with the McAlberts. He has disappeared and comments from the McAlberts suggest that he is cooperating with the FBI.

23. The only four people inside 34 Fairview Road who were questioned by police were not questioned until five hours later at Jennifer McCabe’s house for the friends and family meeting.

22. No one heard a motor vehicle collision in the snow that was loud enough to kill a man.


21. Jen McCabe called her friend Michael Lank at 9:00 am to change her story after suddenly remembering incriminating statements Karen Read had allegedly told her hours before.

20. At 5:00 am Read’s taillight appears cracked after backing into John O’Keefe’s car at 1 Meadows Ave., but does not appear to be broken into 35 pieces later found at the scene.

19. footage from Bill Read’s home proves that Michael Proctor lied about when Karen’s car was towed and the condition of her taillight.

18. Canton Police found no taillight or shoe at 6:00 am, but state police found taillight and a shoe 12 hours after when a foot of snow had fallen.

17. Jen McCabe never went to bed after a night of drinking and was awake when Read called looking for O’Keefe at 4:53 am.

16. Canton Library video that would have shown Karen Read’s taillight minutes after allegedly striking O’Keefe had disappeared after being sent to Detective Proctor and the only side asking for it is the defense, despite the fact that it could inculpate Read if the tape showed broken taillight.

15. Trooper Proctor conducted five undocumented searches over a period of three weeks and found taillight on Brian Albert’s lawn every single time.

14. Colin Albert’s existence at the party wasn’t included in Proctor’s reports, he has no documented alibi, previous animosity toward O’Keefe, and wasn’t questioned by police until appearing in front of a grand jury 18 months after the murder.

13. Brian Albert’s house was never searched despite a dead cop on the front lawn and Read’s statement that she dropped him off there.

12. The 911 call shows authentic shock from Read, little concern from Jen McCabe, no mention to the dispatcher that she’s at her sister’s house, and McCabe whispering a message to Nicole Albert about coming out to help.

11. Not a single person at the party saw a 6’2″ 217 lb body lying feet from the curb with barely any snow despite driving right by where his body was found.

10. Jen McCabe deleted ONLY her calls, texts and Google searches between 5:00 and 9:00 am, indicating consciousness of guilt.

9. Proctor intentionally hid close, longterm family relationship with the Alberts, and his boss Brian Tully didn’t see a problem with this.

8. Veteran cop Brian Albert never came out of his house after being alerted about a dead body on his lawn.

7. Police never investigated who was driving a Ford Edge seen at 3:00 am in the exact location where O’Keefe’s body was found at 6:00 am, despite several Alberts owning a Ford Edge.

6. The FBI wouldn’t launch a multi-year investigation into the DA’s office, impanel a federal grand jury to question innocent witnesses, keep the DA’s office in the dark. and exclusively work with Read’s defense team if they weren’t convinced of a coverup.

5. Jen McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold”, deleted it, then Googled it again at 6:24 am in an attempt to hide her 2:27 am search that proves there was a conspiracy to murder O’Keefe, despite telling police that she believed he went home.


4. K9 expert Garrett Wing confirmed O’Keefe’s autopsy photos showed dog bites, lacked bruising and broken bones that would be consistent with a motor vehicle accident and included facial injuries consistent with being beaten in the head.

3. Ryan Nagel was at 34 Fairview Road for 10 minutes, at the exact time the Commonwealth said Read killed O’Keefe, but reported seeing Read alone in her car, no body on the ground, an intact taillight, and no signs of a collision.

2. Apple health data proves O’Keefe went up and down stairs which he could not do if he was not inside Brian Albert’s house. If he went inside, then Read could not have killed him.

1. Proctor intentionally chose not to interview eyewitness plow driver Lucky Loughran, who was willing to tell him that O’Keefe’s body was not on Brian Albert’s lawn at 2:30 am, and that he would have seen a body had it been there. If there is no body at 2:30 am then Karen Read could not have killed him at 12:30 am.

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