Canton Cover-Up Part 27: Brian Albert’s Attorney Wrongly States That He Never Spoke On Phone With Jennifer McCabe, Never Met Michael Proctor, Was Planning To Sell House Since 2021 

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Last week Brian Albert finally lawyered up by hiring Attorney Greg Henning, likely after receiving a federal grand jury subpoena. On Wednesday Henning filed a motion in opposition to Karen Read’s Rule 17 motion, asking the court to compel Albert to hand over his cellphone to a forensic analyst. It is believed that Albert may have contacted State Trooper Michael Proctor, who lived in Canton, was friends with his family, and was not on duty at the time John O’Keefe’s body was discovered. Previous attempts to receive his phone have been denied by the court, but in light of Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search, and phone calls she made after the body was discovered, it can no longer be described as a “fishing expedition” to ask for Albert’s phone. (39)

Brian Albert apparently has a problem with all the bold, italicized, and underlined statements in Read’s court fillings, presumably because it provokes too many emotions with readers.

Or, perhaps, Attorney Alan Jackson was attempting to highlight the most important parts of his 92 page filing that he wanted to hit home with readers.

Albert also took issue with big words like “reliable,” “data-driven,” and “undeniably,” which he characterizes as “emphatic verbiage.”

How dare the defense use strong terms to drive home their point while trying to exonerate what is clearly a factually innocent person.

He also doesn’t like how the defense plans to “weaponize” information they get from Albert’s phone.

Because only the prosecution can do that. Like how Adam “Lunchbox” Lally mischaracterized a distraught voicemail left by Karen Read on O’Keefe’s voicemail when she was looking for him and thought that he may still be alive.

The filing claims that there is no record of any phone conversation between Brian Albert and Jennifer McCabe on January 28 or 29, and says it’s illogical that McCabe and Albert were participating in a conspiracy.

Except McCabe’s phone records show that she called Brian Albert at 2:36 PM and they spoke for 4 minutes and 35 seconds, shortly after being questioned by CONFLICTED Michael Proctor.

Then there’s the whole 2:27 AM Google search, indicating that McCabe knew that a body was going to be left in the cold to die. But besides that there are no clues that lead us to believe that a conspiracy may be afoot.

Albert has a perfectly reasonable explanation for suddenly selling his house and getting rid of the basement floor though – they were planning to sell it all along, and this it was an investment that paid off.

Of course we’ll just have to take their word that they had “decided to sell their home” in 2021, because they have shown no evidence that this was their plan. And as for maximizing the value of the home, they sold it for more than $50K less than what they first listed it for, and the home has increased in value by $61K after being sold just a few weeks ago.

Quite the “investment.” Brian Albert now reportedly lives separately from his wife Nicole in an apartment in Norwood. Lots of people sell their 2,300 square foot homes and do that in their 50’s.

Despite “deciding to sell their home” in 2021, the Alberts didn’t put it on the market until November of 2022, a month after being accused in open court of killing John O’Keefe inside that very home.

Henning also points out that they waited more than a year to sell the home, so it can’t be a cover up.

Except the name Brian Albert wasn’t even mentioned by any media outlets prior to an October 2, 2022 hearing in which Jackson and Yannetti theorized that O’Keefe was killed inside the house.

And what about the dog? Why would anyone get rid of a healthy family dog? Evidently Albert takes issue with the words “violent skin piercing incident,” because it makes the dog sound violent.

Oh OK. The dog only attacks other dogs. It’s not like German shepherds are known for being loyal to their owners, or that John O’Keefe’s arm was covered in what were quite clearly dog bites.

Also, Brian Albert knows where the dog is and remains in touch with the owners to this day.

They just can’t tell you who that is or where to find Chloe. The dog is clearly still alive and well (source – “trust me dude”). If the dog never bit the victim then all they’d have to do is allow the defense to get DNA samples from the dog after the Commonwealth finally returns O’Keefe’s clothes and DNA testing from his body, and Brian Albert would no longer be considered a suspect. Yet he doesn’t do that.

Finally Henning repeated Lunchbox’s laughable assertion that Michael Proctor never took any pictures with Jennifer McCabe’s children, and that Brian Albert and Michael Proctor never met before.

For the hundredth time – here is Michael Proctor with his niece AND Jennifer McCabe’s two youngest daughters.

And here is a picture that will wake you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

Here is Michael Proctor in a picture with his mother and father.

Here is Michael Proctor’s mother commenting on a picture of Chris Albert’s three boys (including Colin), saying how much she loves them.

Here is Michael Proctor’s wife with Chris Albert’s sister in law Jill Daniels, who Chris Albert used to flirt with at D&E Pizza while making mediocre chicken parm sandwiches, and about who he told an employee “I married the wrong sister.”

The same Jill Daniels who was allegedly Brian Albert’s side piece, and who is now dating Nick Marathas, who specializes in removing basement floors.

The same Jill Daniels who was a bride’s maid in the wedding of Michael Proctor’s sister.

But we don’t have any pictures of Proctor and Albert together, so they must not have ever met. He just happens to live in town, knows Chris Albert’s family EXTREMELY well, hangs out with the McCabe’s, and showed up at Albert’s house magically after a body was found on his lawn despite not being on duty.

Emily Fabbiano, a friend of one of the Albert kids whose name was intentionally misspelled in Trooper Proctor’s report, posted a TikTok video of herself partying at the Albert house just 3 days after O’Keefe was killed inside.

This is how the State Police treated a crime scene where a Boston Police Officer was murdered.


One thing is for sure – it looks like Brian Albert’s days as a football coach at Canton High School are over, as are his days as a Boston Police Sergeant.



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