Canton Cover-Up Part 271: Top Ten Lies From “Reporter” Grant Smith Ellis From Turtleboy Restraining Order Hearing

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At last week’s restraining order hearing between Turtleboy and Lindsey Gaetani, the only “reporter” in the courtroom was this homely-looking man:


His name is Grant Smith Ellis and he is the spawn of deranged, mentally-ill attorney Wendy “Prison Rape is Funny” Murphy. Grant only took an interest in the Karen Read case after Turtleboy went to jail, but still managed to get himself press credentials. However, now that audio of the hearing has been released, it’s revealed that the only “reporter” in the courtroom abused his privileges by repeatedly lying about what happened in court. Here is the entire audio if you missed it:


Throughout the hearing, Grant was live-tweeting. He repeatedly referred to Gaetani as the “victim” but since facts have proven otherwise, we will not call her that. Here are Grant’s ten biggest lies from court that day.


Fact check: Lindsey said in her afterdavid that she told TB she never wanted to speak to him again after their 12/9 breakup. Defense produced hundreds of texts from her after 12/9, including threats, offers of sex from her 11-year old son’s phone, and sexual images from her, proving this was a lie. Also, the allegedly battered woman wasn’t allegedly battered until 12/24, so she wouldn’t have Battered Woman Syndrome prior to that.




Fact check:  Grant intentionally leaves out most important part – Lindsey said she would lie about who the father of her imaginary baby was to prevent TB from gaining custody.




Fact check: After being confronted with an image of a positive pregnancy test containing metadata showing the picture was taken in May 2023, long before Lindsey met TB, she admitted, under oath, to using an old photo and sending it to Turtleboy which proved she was lying about the pregnancy. Lindsey refused to admit she did this to deceive him about her currently being pregnant. Her attorneys seemed shocked, as prior to this, they had no idea the pregnancy was fake.




Fact check:  Bradl said what was in the police report – Lindsey never called Medfield Police. Instead, she called her co-conspirator Brian Tully, got her story straight and had him call police to report a fraudulent domestic violence incident.



Fact check: The relationship ended when TB refused to cancel the Saturday live show, to go to Lindsey’s house, to watch her take abortion pills, after discovering she wasn’t really pregnant. 





Fact check: Merrick Garland is the Attorney General, not Josh Levy. The “state government” didn’t want information on Read’s relationship with Josh Levy, corrupt cop Brian Tully did, and tried to extort this information from a mentally-ill, scorned woman who was upset she got dumped.





Fact check:  Turtleboy sent Lindsey public probate court documents, including an afterdavid from Lindsey’s mother about how Lindsey had her father falsely arrested for assaulting her, but the charges were later dropped.



Fact check: Lindsey told Bradl she didn’t have her phone, then accidentally proved she was lying when she claimed she received a call from her son’s school.




Fact check: Both Turtleboy and Lindsey testified that the notepad belonged to TB, not “HER”. Lindsey admitted to larceny by stealing his property, after inviting him over to read four hours worth of incriminating text conversations between Gaetani and Kate Peter.





Fact check: Turtleboy never said he was being investigated for receiving car payments and cash from Read’s brother. TB mocked Tully, for grilling Lindsey about how he acquired a car that he paid for. Read’s brother does not work at Lexus of Northborough, where the car was purchased. He works in another state and doesn’t have the ability to hand out free cars to journalists he likes.



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