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Canton Cover-Up Part 271: Top Ten Lies From “Reporter” Grant Smith Ellis From Turtleboy Restraining Order Hearing

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At last week’s restraining order hearing between Turtleboy and Lindsey Gaetani, the only “reporter” in the courtroom was this homely-looking man:


His name is Grant Smith Ellis and he is the spawn of deranged, mentally-ill attorney Wendy “Prison Rape is Funny” Murphy. Grant only took an interest in the Karen Read case after Turtleboy went to jail, but still managed to get himself press credentials. However, now that audio of the hearing has been released, it’s revealed that the only “reporter” in the courtroom abused his privileges by repeatedly lying about what happened in court. Here is the entire audio if you missed it:


Throughout the hearing, Grant was live-tweeting. He repeatedly referred to Gaetani as the “victim” but since facts have proven otherwise, we will not call her that. Here are Grant’s ten biggest lies from court that day.


Fact check: Lindsey said in her afterdavid that she told TB she never wanted to speak to him again after their 12/9 breakup. Defense produced hundreds of texts from her after 12/9, including threats, offers of sex from her 11-year old son’s phone, and sexual images from her, proving this was a lie. Also, the allegedly battered woman wasn’t allegedly battered until 12/24, so she wouldn’t have Battered Woman Syndrome prior to that.




Fact check:  Grant intentionally leaves out most important part – Lindsey said she would lie about who the father of her imaginary baby was to prevent TB from gaining custody.




Fact check: After being confronted with an image of a positive pregnancy test containing metadata showing the picture was taken in May 2023, long before Lindsey met TB, she admitted, under oath, to using an old photo and sending it to Turtleboy which proved she was lying about the pregnancy. Lindsey refused to admit she did this to deceive him about her currently being pregnant. Her attorneys seemed shocked, as prior to this, they had no idea the pregnancy was fake.




Fact check:  Bradl said what was in the police report – Lindsey never called Medfield Police. Instead, she called her co-conspirator Brian Tully, got her story straight and had him call police to report a fraudulent domestic violence incident.



Fact check: The relationship ended when TB refused to cancel the Saturday live show, to go to Lindsey’s house, to watch her take abortion pills, after discovering she wasn’t really pregnant. 





Fact check: Merrick Garland is the Attorney General, not Josh Levy. The “state government” didn’t want information on Read’s relationship with Josh Levy, corrupt cop Brian Tully did, and tried to extort this information from a mentally-ill, scorned woman who was upset she got dumped.





Fact check:  Turtleboy sent Lindsey public probate court documents, including an afterdavid from Lindsey’s mother about how Lindsey had her father falsely arrested for assaulting her, but the charges were later dropped.



Fact check: Lindsey told Bradl she didn’t have her phone, then accidentally proved she was lying when she claimed she received a call from her son’s school.




Fact check: Both Turtleboy and Lindsey testified that the notepad belonged to TB, not “HER”. Lindsey admitted to larceny by stealing his property, after inviting him over to read four hours worth of incriminating text conversations between Gaetani and Kate Peter.





Fact check: Turtleboy never said he was being investigated for receiving car payments and cash from Read’s brother. TB mocked Tully, for grilling Lindsey about how he acquired a car that he paid for. Read’s brother does not work at Lexus of Northborough, where the car was purchased. He works in another state and doesn’t have the ability to hand out free cars to journalists he likes.



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  1. Do Elise next please. Lmao. This clown is gonna go back under another nonprofit an missuse funds. The day Aiden walks out of the courthouse. I hope Grant has the go-nad’s to go an ask Aiden questions. It’ll be better than Trumps fake news day.

    TO AIDEN no one cares about your personal life. Krusty was living vicariously through Lynsday. After all this you will be so far above the trolls they won’t even exist anymore. An please anyone you can sue for any of this situation. You better do it. I know you’re on the fence on some people. Get them all. They all deserve what’s coming especially from you. Hold yourself up. Almost done brother.

    1. Hate to rain on your happy moment, but when in recent history have the Feds really stepped up?
      I would love to have that optimism.
      Reality is they are still hunting down random people that were in a crowd on January 6th.
      Reality in Boston history is many were in collusion and on the take with people they were supposedly investigating.

      1. Possibly in the past. Not with Josh Levy. As far as I seen he’s pretty much a straight shooter. Politics don’t matter affiliations mean nothing to him. I do have high hopes for him out of anyone to do the right thing. That’s why they said “in good conscience we can’t allow this case to go to trial”. Unprecedented. They have everything they need now. They just wanted to see how far the Judge, DA an other corrupt State Officials are willing to go. No evidentiary hearings ever for this case? Why? Especially after the May (around that time)court appearance they asked for one. On top of Lally lying saying we didn’t agree to that. Made Alan Jackson fly here for no reason. Lally will be either homeless or end up like Kevin from Cottage Cheese Brain. He will get disbarred. Yannetti calling Troopers corrupt an not reprimanded. While Lally knows they know each other an still lied. He will get disbarred at minimum.

        1. Sources tell me that when Rollins was canned in May, followed by Joey Bonavolonta (who was the head of the Boston office of the FBI who just happened to attend ex-Canton Police Chief Kenny Berkowitz’s retirement party with Helena Rafferty, the Alberts, and others in July 2022), a message was sent. THE CORRUPTION IN MASSCHUSETTS IS OVER. There is a cleanup operation going on right now, and in order to achieve it the corrupt ones at the FBI and USAO had to go. USA Levy is a good man, a very good man. Why do you think he was singled out and credited with trying to tell Rollins right from wrong in both of the scathing OIG reports that were issued against Rollins? Signal much? This was right before Rollins left in May. One week later, Joey Bonavolonta left, too. Good riddance. I hear the toilet is being flushed and the turds are being exposed. Most federal officials are good and law abiding. It’s just that Massachusetts is a deep state, Communist shithole, but not for much longer. WHY DID TWO OF THE MASS SUPREME COURT JUDGES RECENTLY ANNOUNCE THEIR SUDDEN EARLY RETIREMENTS? Google it. Cypher and Lowy. Why would they quit long before their lifetime appointments expired? What are Cypher and Lowy afraid of? What have they done? Are they worried that maybe they were caught doing bad things in office, and maybe the good feds already know? Will Maura Healey replace them? Maybe, maybe not. A lot going on from way up top, lads. A cleanup is in process. The Communists really are losing.

          1. Thanks man, and you’re welcome. The word from some non-communist people who work for the state of Mass (in Boston) but disagree with everything happening is that the “leaders” are freaking out. I mean, FREAKING. OUT. Do you think they wanted to reverse Auntie Bev at the highest court? I don’t. But they’re stuck having to at least attempt to appear like they’re following laws, because they got so many eyes on them in the court system that two of them (Cypher and Lowy) jumped ship. The good news is that even when these ppl retire, the good guys in law enforcement will catch up to them and hold them accountable no matter where they are. As long as there is evidence that they committed crimes while they were “leaders” in Mass govt, they will be held accountable. The Rachael Rollins types are being removed, and shots are being called from a place called Washington, DC. So if any Boston officials are caught committing crimes, they’ll be held accountable under the law, whether they still work for the state or not. I’ll try to learn more and post again.

          2. Please do! I just can’t believe the DOJ, FBI, etc is going to get these commies out of Massachusetts and the rest of the dem runs sewers. I pray that you are right!!!🥰

        2. All these predictions are SOOO amazing… especially with T.B. facing State and Federal charges! 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Not Josh Levy an his office. Donr get other divisions confused with what his office does. I agree to a point. Hell most of the feds are corrupt. I do believe Levy is above reproach. I’m definitely glad it’s him not Rollins for sure.

    1. Most males with three names tend to gravitate towards sucking the pee pee. After seeing his pic I know this ones light in the loafers.

    1. I’m sorry, which “GROSS HUMAN” are you talking about??? NOT T.B.??? I’d anyone going to get you some help? I will. Start with the Sermon on the Mount. Work your way into the 10 commandments… and when feeling really brave, try finding your way to a place they call a Library! It will be a whole new world for you! You may have a shot of figuring things out! You’ve had quite a late start though so you need to get crackin!🤣🤣🤣

      1. (Notafan) You really are dumb. The operative word in the comment is (((They))) did you read some other word you fool?

  2. Is that a Tranni? Or do men get unisex perms now?

    Grant Smith Ellis, what a disturbing person, I can’t get past Ellies strange androgynous appearance. Never mind Grant Smith-Ellis’s failure as a reporter to report facts to the public.

    I can see how little Grant Smith-Ellis was probably bullied his entire life so he became a “reporter” to fight for his mom’s disturbing version of justice. Most guys like him immerse themselves in a fantasy world of computer games and comic books even as adults so it’s good he leaves the basement and pretends to be a reporter. Next week he can pretend to be a viking or street-mime.

    1. Ummm, who “became a reporter” to do what??? Next week T.B. and his munchkin fans will talk about the “afterdavid” discussed above in his “article”. Jeez, why does everyone doubt he’s a journalist? 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Homemade BLM sign to boot. Unless he found some non-profit to misappropriate funds from again. Or screw working people out of their pay.

  3. Mizzz Gaetani…… “there comes a time a woman must choose between her face and her ass”.

    Miz Gaetani I see you chose your ass, good choice! Now you can play a sexy witch on Halloween!

    1. Really? I think the a** people should be most concerned about. And most concerned with watching would be TurtleBoys considering his current circumstances! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Is it me, or does this guy look too old to be that lady’s “son”? Has anyone every heard him speak on video? He always seems to hold himself out as some kind of legal expert, but did he go to law school? Is he an attorney? Did he even graduate from college and high school? Does anyone know his educational background? I’ve found that often the best educated and smartest people in any room are the calmest, quietest, and kindest people. They don’t pretend to be experts. This guy, on the other hand, blows his own horn too much, so I think it would be informative to know his background. Oh, and one final thought: the wave of Communism that apparently swept through Massachusetts is being dealt with all over the country. All over the United States, the Communists are losing big. I hear 2024 is going to be the year of exposure, so let’s see why the subject of this article pretends to be a legal expert, when clearly he is not.

    1. Looks are NOT something T.B. or his “riders” should really be commenting on if you can catch my drift! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. He isn’t an attorney. He’s taking law classes now at a mediocre law school.
      He’ll never finish or pass the Bar.
      Forever student. He was a philosophy major at BC😂

  5. When I saw that picture, I thought it was a sad, old woman. Who is this it they he she a reporter for? Just someone who tweets and blogs or an actual affiliation?
    If none should be in trouble for posing as one and live tweeting during hearings. That isn’t allowed.

  6. Wow look, even while he’s in the slammer the Turtleboy site reads in exactly the same voice as before. Is there an AI bot that spews out the 8th grade writing style? Or do the cult members speak in one voice? You guys should all get help. Aidan Kearney is a scam artist. He’s manipulating you all. It’s all about the benjamins.

    1. Yes Kevin everyone know how you feel. Since you’re not a man and cry about your ass aches daily.
      Get out of the attic.

    2. That’s just the voice in you’re own head because you give it rent free to turtleboy. I hope that answers the question.

    3. Don’t worry. Eventually they will choke on the spew that comes from T.B.s junk! I just don’t know how they get through the moldy penis hair first. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. He a Starbucks drinking, tofu eating, global warming believer , ev driving , Boston Globe reader and a sorry excuse for a man .

    1. Big boom! Up nope, wait, there was actually a big bone. Turtle boy, and the rest of you… still wrong!🤣🤣

      1. How many comments on comments can a person who hates Aiden so much driving so much traffic to his site. Things that make you go hmmm. Thanks for your IP address. There will be a knocking. Maybe nice Maybe a w/a ram. Either one is a bad day.. Thanks for the views ☺️

    2. Considering he’s now accusing levy of ties to Yanetti and Jackson he’s definitely treading in murky waters. Pretending he’s got law knowledge because he took an on line course at NE School of law. Simple Grant has domed too much weed.

  8. Hi, Turtleboy you ruined my business with your BS article about me. I hope you get rape in prison bitch! That’s what you get hoe ass nigga! Enjoy sucking dick and getting your ass hole torn up in there. Lmfao fucking clown bitch ass nigga!

  9. Not shocked at all that Wendy Murphy has a weirdo sone with a hyphenated name. She has raised a Cuck Bitch because she hates men.

    Which Trooper eats his service weapon first ?My guess is Tully, he would not do well In prison.

  10. You can’t make this up. This clown is on yellow cottage fails with Kevin tonight.
    Nothing to see or give him thw cliick, but how appropriate those 2 together.
    On twitter Kevin is still saying the federal investigation has something to Do with Rollins. It didn’t , that’s over and separate. Claimed she leaked stuff to tb when it was already confirmed it was a Boston globe reporter.
    Now he’s smearing Tom Beatty. Then telling other people they should be worried about smearing mcalberts etc freaking twilight zone.

  11. Can we all appreciate the fact that Morissey’s got a lot of cushion for the pushin? He’s gonna be an expensive prize piggy in GP.

    1. You kidding me I hope he goes to state vs fed camp. It would be a gangbang with those rolls. 10 dudes at once an he still wouldn’t feel them. When they’re done they just roll him down to the next tier. Hey meatball (since we know you read these) there’s no tubs in prison. Looks like someone will get the hose again.

  12. How does this prove Grant lied? This makes zero sence but it really doesn’t have to because the turdtards will believe anything turd boy says.

    1. Everything he does and states is a lie. One big smoke show. No credentials. Never had a real job.
      Parrots his mom with Karen read is gonna rot in jail.
      Just a high as f.ck loon.

    2. You might want to spell check before you post!! And perhaps take a comprehension test!! Until you learn the basics of the English language probably best to stay away from comment sections.
      Go and look up the words Clarification and Clarify.

      Then try and read the blog again …..you even have a video to listen to the actual evidence ..

      Read the lies by the supposed court ‘reporter’ and underneath is the response from TB which clarifies what was actually said compared to what was tweeted!!

      The only turd I see around here is you believing the words of a liar which bare no resemblance to the testimony …..ahh yes no doubt you will say that TB edited the video from jail 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Funny side note. Anyone who commented on YouTube videos saying Karen Read was innocent on court tv etc, and got nasty comments from a user…. victor Mendez.
    Grant is Victor. He’s all over comments sections telling people who believe she’s innocent to repent before burning in hell.
    He Called Melanie Little a drunk in one comment.
    Maybe he’s sad his mom Wendy isn’t allowed on Court tv anymore.

  14. Watched this clown on cottage fails. He’s got no credentials, he isn’t a lawyer. He’s a first year law school student who ripped blunts throughout the video and babbled on with Kevin intently listening to a guy who will be a student forever. No job. Never will. Look at linked in. He just makes himself whatever he wants. Doesn’t like schedules – means “I don’t ever want a real job”. He’s telling cottage fails that Rachel Rollins is still working with TB.
    They forget she wasn’t disbarred.
    Still an attorney. Would be pretty funny if they are the ones dragged into court for the conspiracies and lies. Yct does exactly what he accused TB of. Both ore obsessed with TB.

  15. Avoiding adultery would have prevented all of this.
    You have done a lot of good w/the KR case , but man , you’ve got self destructive tendencies and a major proclivity for bat shit insane women.
    Unless adressed it will perennially be your undoing

    1. “You’ve got self destructive tendencies and a major proclivity for bat shit insane women.”

      This ^^^

    1. It’s called a joke. It’s been an inside joke since like 2016. I know you don’t understand jokes or satire, so perhaps you should spend your time in one of the many other forums that despise humor.
      Also, you calling ANYbody else a moron is f**king hilarious, so maybe you do understand humor!

  16. I loved even more than you will get done right here. The overall look is nice, and the writing is stylish, but there’s something off about the way you write that makes me think that you should be careful what you say next. I will definitely be back again and again if you protect this hike.

  17. I’m sorry everybody, I know I went on too many rants today. It’s just that…I hate myself and the people I associate with are REALLY bad people and now I’m starting to think that I’m also a bad person.
    Is this an identity crisis? Oh man…

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  22. 2/23/24 > I was waiting on the court house steps today with Turtle Riders. What a total gang of awesome. Met this lady, who works with Grant. Her comments > as you would expect. And she was actually trying to be nice. Lots of head shaking and looks of disbelief > as she tried to describe a complete useless ass and be nice about it. She showed me pictures of him at work. He is a SECURITY GUARD at BCs Conte Forum. He also works Fenway, in season. And he was in his special boy security guard uniform. A yellow shirt. OF COURSE HE WAS IN A YELLOW SHIRT. It’s really a good look for him. He really pulls it off. Ya, I know, can’t make this stuff up

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