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Canton Cover-Up Part 276: Ken Mello Wants To Take Away Turtleboy’s Phone Privileges, Indict Him Again And Confiscate Karen Read’s Phones Based On Lindsey Gaetani’s Lies


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I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who came to support me in court today. Being shackled in a jail was supposed to crush my spirits, but seeing so many friendly faces makes that impossible. I woke up smiling. I smiled while I was transported in chains at 7:30 am. I smiled for two hours alone in the holding cell. I smiled as I came out and saw all the familiar, loving faces smiling back at me. I was so happy, I even blew Grant Smith Ellis a kiss, since he’s such a big fan.




Corrupt Special Prosecutor Ken Mello sees how happy I am and is trying to stop it. It’s not enough for the deadbeat dad in plaid, to hurt my children by taking their father away. He also wants to take away my ability to speak to them on the phone, as he tries to add on new charges.

Yesterday, Mello filed a Motion for Sanctions against my attorney Tim Bradl. Phone calls that I make in jail to my legal team, are confidential and protected. On my first day here, Mello applied to listen to all of my nonconfidential calls, including calls with my children and parents. We don’t want him knowing our legal strategy, so Attorney Bradl took measures to protect confidential calls. My civil attorney, Elizabeth Dembrowsky volunteered three of her paralegals to help Bradl, who then asked the jail to protect their calls. Bradl was given the names and phone numbers of members of the legal team, and he had not yet met anyone. Everyday we talk on the phone about the case and strategize, as Bradl can’t do it all.

On January 12th, their calls were no longer private because Mello called in a complaint to the jail. Yesterday, he filed a motion for sanctions against Bradl and wants me to lose phone privileges entirely. According to the motion, which is filled with lies and unsubstantiated allegations, Bradl asked that two of the paralegals be given private calls.  He mistakenly said that one of the paralegals was a lawyer. It should be noted that being a paralegal is enough to get private calls. It is not necessary to be listed as a lawyer to have private calls. There are no added benefits to being listed as an attorney versus a paralegal.

In his public motion, Mello chose not to redact the two paralegals phone numbers. As a direct result of this intentional doxxing, they both began receiving threatening texts from burner phone numbers, like this:


Keep in mind, I am currently being charged with felony witness intimidation because I read a phone number out loud, off of a public court document, during a live show, which they claim might be harassment. Now that same man who is prosecuting me, is intentionally posting names and phone numbers of private citizens, which he knew would directly lead to harassment and threats. They do EVERYTHING that they accuse me of doing. Why should a state police detective get more protection than two private citizens?

Mello’s motion is unprofessional and filled with lies. It calls one of the women a “minion”, suggesting she is incapable of thought. He baselessly claims that her and I conspired to intimidate witnesses on the unrecorded line – something he has no evidence of if it was unrecorded. He lied by claiming that this woman runs my social media accounts. He lied by saying that I have spoken with her 60 times, when that number is closer to 3. He even accused my attorney of conspiring with us to do this, when in fact Bradl made what the Commonwealth would call a “scriveners error” had Michael Proctor said it.

Mello is just upset that he couldn’t listen in on our legal strategy for three weeks, after we proved that his star witness is a mentally-unbalanced, scorned woman, who fakes pregnancies. Mello wants Bradl to pay $10,000 in sanctions for this error, which doesn’t give anyone privileges they weren’t entitled to. There is a hearing tomorrow in Superior Court at noon, in front of Judge Debra Squires-Lee. I am required to be there on Zoom, but the hearing is open to the public.

Mello also informed us today he will be indicting me, likely on witness intimidation charges against Lindsey Gaetani, who was a witness to nothing. However, it appears as though she may have lied to Mello, because he suddenly has a warrant for Karen Read’s cellphones:

As you will see, when I get out of jail and publish the whole story on what happened, Lindsey’s anger towards me largely comes from jealousy of Karen Read. She convinced herself that I was in love with Karen, and made statements to me that she wanted to hurt her. The only way Mello could get a warrant for Read’s phones is if someone lied under oath, and said that Karen and I conspired to intimidate witnesses. There is only one person who could be behind this. For the record, they will not find any communications between Read and I, on her phone or mine. They definitely won’t find us conspiring to intimidate witnesses because unlike these witnesses, we don’t break the law. It is OUTRAGEOUS, and should alarm us all that we live in a country where the government can send men with guns to your house, to steal your property, and read private communications, based solely off the words of a woman who faked a pregnancy, in order to avoid getting dumped.

Either way, I’m not the least bit deterred. Today was a great day, and they can’t keep me in here forever. And when I get out, I will be exposing their corruption and holding the bad guys accountable like never before. See you all very soon.

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  1. I can smell Ken Mello’s fear and desperation from 50 miles away. I hear the judges are getting tired of hearing this as well.

  2. Ted Daniel, along with the rest of the local news-channel anchors, are not to be trusted.

    Assume they are compromised.

    1. Yeah!! We ALL knew who you were blowing kisses to ahead of time, and he reports that you “blew kisses to the camera”. That is a blatant LIE!! I know NEVER to trust the media.

  3. Great seeing you doing so well today. I’ve been looking into the corruption cases you’ve broken in the past and good Lord! Balls of steel, Aidan. Stay strong but rest easy knowing everyone is filling in best they can while you’re in there. Much love and prayers for you and your family.

  4. This may have been a setup from the start. What are the chances uncle hooks up with someone who hired McCabe as a babysitter . They know Aiden’s one weakness is hot women (nothing wrong with that) and although gartani is a butter face her ass is uncanny. So If somehow after indictments come and TB is able to get a hold of Tully’s cell phone you will see tully most likely set him up sometime after he started reporting in April. How can a cop just show up at a sluts house and demand to see her phone without at least being an acquaintance? Something to ponder.

  5. God Aiden I love you but wtf…. You do realize that the whole reason you’re in jail and all this is happening is because your dick has a magnetic attraction to ratchet women…m

    All of this could have been avoided if you could just stay celibate for 30 seconds…

    It really upsets me that this is happening but it was completely avoidable…. When you want to be a disruptor, you have to live your life to the highest standards. You can’t give them one shred of information that they can use against you

  6. I hope the DOJ goes as far as to investigate corrupt lawyers who break the law. If so, Mello is going down. Let’s hope Mello and Chris Albert can get a cell together.

    1. I hear they are. I hear they’re investigating everyone, including the judges. Chatter on Beacon Hill is off the charts. For the first time, everyone in power is freaking out because the whole group of them is under investigation by law enforcement officials who are not corrupt. Joshua Levy runs a tight ship. Have faith, MikeG.

  7. This is ridiculous. And shows us goverment has too much power and bends it whatever way they seem fit. Wake up this could happen to any citzen!

  8. You would think they would have some restraint when ot comes to these witch hints a falsified charges given how closely they are being investigated by the feds at this point. These Prosecutors really have extreme delusions about how untouchable they are. It just goes to show exactly how long they have played like this to be so sure it can continue to go on the way it always has. I pray that justice comes wiftly and rightly for all these players involved

  9. Turtle dope
    Your matter or similar was litigated years ago in Nilan v Valenti –
    Even stuck in SHU ( which you chose – should of been a man)
    I’m certain you were issued a tablet with law library- even a meth head like you should be able to concentrate, long enough to read it.
    Brandl either set you up( unlike Jackson)he’s only a Massachusetts licensed attorney .
    Due to sanctions brandl withdraws- takes 30 day vacation- then gets judgeship or magistrates position when dust clears, been there done that.

    Back in 2018 – you were more interested in grammar than substance- typical narcissistic behavior.
    The other is lack of boundaries- your making Melle case for him.
    Can’t wait to hear the conversations.

    Now you’ll be sent to misery mountain ( for 15a evaluation – stopping the dangerous tolling- adding 180 more days)
    You admitTed your psychological impairment, you are a special kind of stupid. Enjoy your stay at Bridgewater.
    I’d get busy reading case law pertaining to mental illness ( has To be decided by a jury) you’ll be assigned a public pretender, to assist the commonwealth send you away.

    Your way below the intellect required to play against the commonwealth criminal enterprise.

    Celebrite phone program – will have no problem installing incriminating info on Reads phone.
    Hopefully Jackson had foresight to have dump done at your incarceration.
    I’ll bet he did, and it finishes reads case.

    Give commonwealth enough rope they gang themselves or their victims in Sherilyn Hayes matter.

    1. Who in the HELL is this clown? Given the atrocious spelling/grammar and the lack of a cogent point, once can only assume Mike Gianetti or Milky Mike Gaffney.

  10. This just reeks of more serious desperation by the criminal network of the commonwealth. Once these shitbags are removed from office, we need some new blood in there that has integrity, something the DA is clearly unfamiliar with.

  11. “The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government” -Thomas Paine”
    A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody. – Thomas Paine. Thank you Aiden Kearny AKA “Turtleboy” You are a true patriot! Stay strong!

  12. So much for “ For the record, they will not find any communications between Read and I, on her phone or mine.”

  13. Quelqu’un aide essentiellement à rédiger des articles importants Je pourrais dire C’est la toute première fois que je fréquente votre page web et jusqu’à présent j’ai été surpris par la recherche que vous avez faite pour créer cet article en particulier Excellent travail

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