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Canton Cover-Up Part 301: Taxpayer Funded Trip To California Backfires On Brian Tully When Natalie Wiweke Confirms In Interview That Karen Read And Turtleboy Obey The Law


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Natalie Berschneider Wiweke is a California woman and former college classmate of Karen Read who used to pass messages between Karen and Turtleboy during the early stages of our reporting on John O’Keefe’s murder.

We wrote about what a nutjob she was in November when she announced that she was cooperating with the Massachusetts State Police after Karen didn’t wanna be her best friend. We now know, thanks to discovery provided in Commonwealth vs. Turtleboy, that on October 15 Brian Tully and Ken Mello’s private investigator Nelson De Gouveia flew to Los Angeles to meet with Natalie on the taxpayer’s dime as part of the investigation into my case.

They were looking for some sort of evidence that Karen was directing me to commit witness intimidation, and managed to convince Natalie that she would be in trouble if she didn’t cooperate. They then offered her “immunity,” to scare her, even though Natalie had committed no crimes, in order to make her think she was a star witness for the Commonwealth. Unfortunately for the taxpayera all Tully and De Gouveia found was an insane woman who wanted to talk about herself and had absolutely nothing of interest to offer. If anything, Natalie’s interview was helpful to both Karen and Turtleboy.

As you will see, Natalie did 99% of the talking, ranted about what an expert she was on show business, and repeatedly explained that she believed that Karen Read was innocent. By the end it was clear that Natalie just wanted to be part of the story and was upset that Karen didn’t wanna be her BFF, so she decided to use the MSP as her personal therapist.

Here are the highlights:

  • Natalie received a proffer letter from Ken Mello offering her immunity if she spoke with police about me and Karen
  • Jennifer Altman is the “white female Tupac Shakur”
  • Signal is a “funky fresh app”
  • Natalie calls herself the “goose that laid the golden egg,” and believes that Karen would have no public support if it weren’t for her behind the scenes PR work

  • Natalie is the only reason I got a seat in a public courtroom
  • Natalie bothered Karen frequently about trivial things that didn’t matter (like where people were going to sit in courtrooms) days before a hearing, which stressed Karen out
  • Natalie became furious when Karen would ask her for space because she believes Karen owed her her undivided attention 24 hours a day
  • Natalie inserted herself into an offer I had received from a documentary producer in LA because she has a client who won 6-8 Emmy’s and is an expert at show business
  • Karen politely asked her to stop bothering her about trivial shit and inserting herself into everything and Natalie got really upset with her because apparently women who are being framed for murder should focus on Natalie’s sensibilities
  • Natalie tracked down the documentary producer I spoke with and was at his house a few hours later, claiming that he wanted her to be the star of the documentary because she was the “goose that laid the golden egg”
  • Natalie lives “a very comfortable life” and didn’t need to be in a documentary
  • Natalie repeatedly tried to get me to repair her broken relationship with Karen and refused to take no for an answer when I repeatedly told her no
  • Natalie was really upset about an impromptu live in which I called her a cunt (without naming her) because she said that t-shirt proceeds should all go to the Karen Read legal defense fund:

  • Natalie firmly believes that Karen Read is innocent and told Tully that she believes Michael Proctor is involved in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder
  • Natalie didn’t know anything about the case itself because all she knows is sofas
  • Karen only sent Natalie information that was public
  • Natalie didn’t like my use of foul language, particularly the word “cunts”
  • Natalie convinced Karen to speak on the phone with me directly, which Karen was hesitant to do, but ended up backfiring because Natalie felt out of the loop
  • Natalie told me I had to chill with my support for Trump, who I didn’t vocally supported to her or anyone really, if I ever hoped to become a Hollywood star
  • Natalie told police that I am a “struggling blogger,” who is “living paycheck to paycheck,” which is why she wanted to use her vast Hollywood connections to groom me into being a rich and famous celebrity
  • Natalie wished she had Googled me, because she never would’ve tried to help me if she knew how filthy I was
  • Tully wanted to talk about grand jury information Natalie had, but sadly for him she just wanted to talk about my foul language and tee-shirt sales

  • Natalie, who is a witness against me now, told police that her motivation to come forward was to “get me back,” and she did that by getting the Rocco’s to replace my logo on a truck, which I didn’t know was on the truck in the first place, with paid advertisers

  • Natalie made up a complete lie about me demanding sexual services from Karen Read after this is all over
  • Natalie was afraid I would smear her as a ratchet, which she defines as someone who has children before turning 30, so she attempted to kiss my ass while she was in Germany and send me a message congratulating me on a Netflix documentary I don’t have any involvement in
  • Natalie explained the entire synopsis of the Tinder Swindler documentary without interruption

  • Tully asked Natalie when the last time she talked to me was, which led to a 10 minutes rant that ended with Natalie shitting on her brother for getting 0 shares in her mother’s sofa business
  • Tully tried to get Natalie to say that Karen’s motivation for sending me information was to harass and intimidate witnesses, but Natalie made it clear that she was just trying to clear her name and hold the Alberts responsible for killing John O’Keefe

  • Tully tried to get Natalie to admit that Karen Read was behind the rolling rally and other protests, but Natalie made it clear that Karen wasn’t a fan of the protesting and had zero control over what I did or wrote

  • Natalie said that Karen truly believes she was framed and thus believes that she is 100% innocent

  • Natalie says that Karen wanted to pay her $3000 a month to be her PR person because Natalie was SO good at passing messages between her and Turtleboy
  • Natalie confirmed to Nelson de Gouveia that I made sure I was only publishing factual information by asking Natalie to have Karen confirm things for me that I was writing about

  • Tully tried to get Natalie to admit that Karen gave her grand jury minutes to distribute to me (which is against the law), but Natalie confirmed that never happened

  • Natalie told police that I am shy and didn’t want to meet Alan Jackson and Karen Read in person at the Omni Seaport hotel, but I did so at her urging because she is a PR specialist

  • Natalie gave money to Karen Read and to me, but wishes she could get that money back and donate to “babies with AIDS.” As a result of her poor money management at least 3 babies with AIDS are now dead.

I have to say, I got great satisfaction knowing that Brian Tully had to sit there and listen to this woman treat him like her personal therapist, as he repeatedly replied with “mm-hmmm” and thought about the many ways he could kill himself.

The funniest part is that Natalie thought that the REAL scandal was my foul language and the fact that me and Karen didn’t sufficiently value her for passing messages back and forth between us for a few weeks. Tully and Gary Goatee went all the way to California because they thought they were going to get juicy information from a woman who had direct access to the two people they are trying to put in jail, but all they got was a crazy woman lecturing them about the plot of the Tinder Swindler. This whole conversation was like one of the many Facebook group chats she ranted in before burning bridges with every person east of the Mississippi River. Everyone involved in the Free Karen Read movement got sick of listening to her and she needed someone to spew her bullshit to, so she had to settle for these two goobers.

I have no idea how much this interview cost the taxpayers, or why a private investigator for a special prosecutor would join a state police detective and fly across the country to speak to this woman who they could easily just talk to on Zoom. But I would imagine it wasn’t cheap to put these two on planes and get them hotel rooms, all in the hope that Natalie would give them information that would lead to my arrest. This is what the government is spending your taxpayer dollars on instead of figuring out who killed John O’Keefe. They did all of this is for little ol’ me. They did all of this is because I exposed corruption, asked people questions in public, peacefully protested, and made comments on YouTube. And all they got was confirmation from Natalie that both Karen and I believe in her innocence and didn’t violate any laws to get the word out.







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  1. Their punishment was listening to her, face-to-face for all that time!
    But then they headed to Las Vegas baby! 4 hours door-to-door!

    When you hear the music, you make a dip
    Into someone else’s pocket then make a slip
    Steal a car, go to Las Vegas
    Ooh, gigolo pool
    Hanging out by the state line
    Turning holy water into wine
    Drinkin’ it down, oh
    I’m on a bus, on a psychedelic trip
    Reading murder books, tryin’ to stay hip
    I’m thinkin’ of Natalie, she’s out there so
    … Say your prayers
    Say your prayers

  2. Aidan is delusion and completely obsessed with all the people who turn on him lol! Toothless Turtleboy is down to just writing blogs about his own personal drama. He stopped fucking women because he found he’s better at fucking himself.

    Big long winded whine fest Aids pecked out to spin the truth of what we all know: Toothless Turtleboy is fucked legally. All that writing showing his obsession and delusions but court is real. He will be convicted of his crimes.

    Toothless turtle is going to PRISON. Before prison will be bail tho. For violating his release by being charged with another crime. Yes he’s good at fucking himself. His own worst enemy.

    1. Hahahha. Just another McAlbert wannabe trying their best to put a spin on this. Fact – they went across the country with an offer of immunity in hand. They returned with nothing that is useable.

    2. Sharon, oops, Sean McCabe….
      Get back in Auntie Bev’s basement you incoherent drunk. Your entire family hates you. You’re the black sheep of the McAlbert Crew….. no small feat!

      1. Yes they do all have small feet. Fn weird actually. How many do. The women have bigger feet.

    3. Was that you ranting on the YouTube comments to yourself today😂 Must’ve had a quick 12 pack of fireball before writing. Incoherent drunk texting the dude you wish you could have🐢🍆

    1. Turtledope is a ratchet magnet, been there done that.

      Crazy girls so much better in bed, trick is to know when to retreat.
      They switch from fun to needy emotional black holes , sometimes in minutes.

      The make up sex , while fun, is only to keep you hooked , until they can Try to ruin your life.

      Tom Betit

  3. I’m sure the timing of them going to Cali. Lines up perfectly for the U.S. Navy Fleet Week. Meaning all the pacific vessels dock an 100,000+ sailors come ashore. For Tully that’s like P-town Carnival on steroids.

  4. Yeah why couldn’t they zoom then they just could have shut down the cpu when finally get tired of listening to whatever that was

  5. This woman sounds like a professional leach,,, the best part must’ve been when they realized that they have to sit there and deal with her. The look on their faces must’ve been priceless.
    She is to stupid to trick.

  6. I read that whole thing. I will now drive directly into the biggest tree I can find while slitting my wrists and listening to Barry Manilow

  7. I guarantee that it was Gnat that contacted Tully gaslighting him with non existent information ….just so she could be on Court TV as a witness 🤣🤣

    Lol the so called Producer friend of hers is nothing of the sort. They bought a sofa from her factory ……and Gnat more than likely calls on a weekly basis to see how the sofa is settling in 🤣🤣🤣

    If she knew anything at all about the TV and Film industry she would know the crew can see people like her coming a mile away!! And Yes, the crew include the producers!!

    The people that work in the industry are just normal everyday people who work very very long hours and love what they do. They don’t run around town name dropping every celeb they have worked with. In fact their neighbours probably don’t even know what they do for living because of people like Gnat!!

    She seems to think that knowing A producer makes her qualified to know about the industry …..the fact that she is spouting to anyone that will listen about her 5 time Emmy Award winning CUSTOMER means that she won’t ever be welcomed into that circle.
    For the mere fact, that the only reason that she is trying to befriend the Producer is so that she can live off her name!!

    Gnat has no idea about the Industry because if she actually did she would realise why her customer keeps her at arms length because its people like her
    that want to name drop them in order to further their own agenda ….in Gnats case she alluded to social climbing!!

    If only she knew that the crew on set treat the people that make their breakfast, lunch and dinner in the back of a hot wagon no differently than the top execs!!

    They don’t go upto the ‘Stars’ and ask for a selfie either 🤣🤣🤣

    Gnat you have a lot to learn!!

  8. I bet Brian Tully had Natalie ride the baloney pony in his hotel room in an attempt to get her to say what he wanted her to say.

  9. Natalie sounds decent, if misguided, and I respect her honesty. You all have to understand that she is a true Californian. Friendship means different things out there; people don’t have as many true friends as we do back here. This is why she would come off as more needy and off the mark.

  10. Imagine not realizing you are simply being used as a pawn? A toy.
    It’s likely the KR trial will go into the Summer. Jane signing herself up willingly to sit in a hot sweaty courtroom all day listening to a trial she has nothing to do with.. while she could be enjoying beautiful sunny 80 degree weather at the beach with her kids. Yikes… no thanks!
    TB – you are effective no matter where you are. Cover the court dates live on youtube. Host virtual watch parties. More clicks = more views = higher rank = increased visibility = more publicity.
    But keep them guessing brotha, don’t reveal your plans. Better yet, reveal the exact opposite of your plans. 🤙🏻

  11. DV is emotional exhaustion. DV is struggling to look in the mirror every day because the visible wounds are a stark reminder of the abuse you endured. DV is feeling physically ill just hearing their name. DV is walking around in a constant state of fight or flight. DV is blocking your abuser on every platform so they have no access to you. DV is avoiding places that your abuser may be.

    DV is NOT intentionally GOING TO WHERE YOU KNOW YOUR ABUSER WILL BE to purposely run into him!!!!!

    To claim DV so casually and pull that charade is an absolute insult to victims and survivors everywhere.

  12. Hahahaha lmfao that those two jackasses must have been so pumped to go out there and get the secret information and make a side trip to the glory hole. They must have realized how useless she was early in the interview, which makes their mental suffering even more hilarious as they sat there stewing and unable to do anything about it.

  13. State Auditor Diana DiZoglio might want to carry out an audit on this tax payer funded trip authorized by the NCDA , MSP and Mello.

    I would love to see the state requisition and an itemized bill of this cross country side show!

    But good old mushy maura will keep slamming the doors in the auditors face to cover up the corruption everywhere around her.

  14. TB, love yah. You did 60 hard for the righteous cause. You deserve gratitude. And you are a prophet…restore the 1st amedment ..break this corrupt administrative state. Love it. BUT …your insecurities getting the best of u here. I listened to the whole interview. Your take is off. She seems decent, perhaps insecure herself some, looking for a cause. Unless u have something else that’s my take on that interview. You’re a takented guy but this KR case has made u become a one trick pony and the constant need for new headlines is getting the better of you. Diversy ur stock. AJ, Yenetti , run on different cycles than u…next hearing is a month away…cases lag for months if not years, but your 24 hr news cycle (and i get it) can’t fill tht void. Don’t tey. Don’t let this swollow u.

    1. Adam Shector says that Don’t tey McAlbert might be signing a contract to play prison football next year

  15. Never watch sausage being made, sorry Aiden this was painful. Where were we? Please back to the story . The girl was framed. The macho kid had been a problem around town for years and the cops knew it. The fight went too far. Parents and extended family tried everything to hide horrific murder (and failed) to protect their own. Their clumsy coverup of this senseless murder is one of the most tragic crimes ever. Justice for John O’Keefe. Thank God your back and investigation continues.

  16. Turtledope

    Obviously Mello is grasping at straws.

    15 minutes Brandl, file motion to modify conditions of release? So you can avoid jeopardizing your freedom, by attending court, as it’s a first amendment infringement, it’s a no brainer.

    Or will he assist the commonwealth with Their witness intimidation tactics.

    Commonwealth is projecting their criminal behavior on yourself ( its obstruction of justice). Phony Willis does same thing, in case you missed it.

    Tucker call?
    he was on Boston a few days ago-

    Tom Betit

  17. Thus far, Natalie, AKA Hollywood Duvet, has extracted more revenge on the corrupt MSP and NCDA than anyone else so far. Being caught in her flytrap, listening to her self serving stories, and how Karen is innocent, without being able to do anything about it, is sweet revenge. Now to have it published for the whole world to laugh at them is just exquisite.

  18. So the corrupt DA’s personal evidence planter’s corrupt boss and the DA’s pawn’s pawn get sent on a West Coast fishing trip with fresh threads and got skunked, and the taxpayers are on the hook? Where’s the oversight on this? Internal affairs? Maura Healy, look what’s happening on your watch. You are incompetent.

    1. Maura Healy HATES Turtle Boy more than Jen McCabe and Brian Albert do. TB wrote about Maura Healy’s (The Governor of Massachusetts) sexcapades with her 3 female Massachusetts State Trooper Drivers while on The Job. She wants him in jail.

      1. The feds should charge Healey for her sexcapades since they are here anyways!

        healey can get removed as a Massachusetts governor:
        Misconduct or maladministration in office (Mass.Gen. Laws Ann., Const. Pt. 2, C.1, § 2, Art. VIII § Pt. 2, C.1, § 3, Art. 6).

  19. Is TurtleToodles angry he’s not getting the Karen read blowjob and is he angry the price of meth has gone up?????

  20. Poor Natalie.. Although I think she’s a little different than some of the others involved. She not a complete degenerate like the Alberts, Proctors, KP, JD, KD, etc. Natalie is more like a pathetic lost soul.

    But boy this interview makes these MA STATE TROOPERS look bad.. Honestly, is this how they fight crime in MA.

    Hopefully when this case blows up on them the taxpayers of MA will learn just how dirty and pathetic these cops are.

    Not only corruption and injustice but all done at a huge expense that the taxpayers are funding.

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