Canton Cover-Up Part 304: FBI Investigation Reveals John O’Keefe Wasn’t Hit By Car, Jennifer McCabe 2:27 Google Search Happened, Alberts Offered Bribe To Michael Proctor For Not Investigating Colin


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Editor’s Note – I will have a lot more to say about today’s hearing on the Live Show at 9 PM. You can subscribe to our channel by clicking here. I will also be appearing on the Howie Carr Show at 6:08 to discuss the developments.

There were several bombshells unleashed at the Karen Read hearing today, which we streamed to a record sized audience this morning with Will from The Glarer and Brian from LTL True Crime.

Here are the major developments we learned from the FBI investigation thus far:

  • Michael Proctor asked Julie Albert to babysit his children on January 19, 2022. This is significant because recent discovery in Turtleboy’s witness intimidation case shows that when Brian Tully was asked if the Proctors had a previous relationship with the Alberts, his response was “not Michael.” In other words, they can no longer deny that the Proctors and Alberts are extremely close (due to their own social media postings), so the new lie they’re telling is that everyone in the Proctor family was close with the Alberts EXCEPT for Michael Proctor. When the two families hung out they apparently kept him chained in the basement.

  • On February 1, 2022, Courtney Proctor texted Michael Proctor and said “just saw Julie (Albert), and Julie said when all this is over she wants to give you (Michael Proctor) a thank you gift.” Proctor responded by saying “get Elizabeth one,” to be less obvious. To be clear – the Alberts said they were thankful for their friend Michael Proctor’s investigation into John O’Keefe’s death, and wanted to give him gifts in exchange for his work. Proctor’s investigation intentionally made sure not to include Julie’s son Colin Albert, who was inside the house when John O’Keefe arrived. The sole focus of Proctor’s investigation, which the Alberts were so thankful for, was Karen Read.

  • Michael Proctor testified in front of the federal grand jury and was confronted with text messages showing he was close with the Alberts. Proctor confirmed on the stand that he told Yuri Bukhenik about this relationship with the Alberts. When Bukhenik testified in front of the state grand jury in Karen Read’s case he said he and Proctor were formally introduced to the Alberts on February 10, 2022. This gave the grand jury the impression that they did not have a personal relationship, and there was no conflict of interest.

  • While testifying in front of the federal grand jury an AUSA asked Proctor about his relationship with the Alberts, and if he had been minimizing his relationship with them. Proctor confirmed that he had indeed lied about his closeness with the Alberts. Had he been honest it could have compelled the grand jury not to indict Karen Read for murder.
  • Quantico trained special agents with FBI’s regional computer forensic lab confirmed that Jennifer McCabe searched for “Hos long to die in cold” on or before 2:27 AM. This was not a defense expert paid for by Karen Read. It’s the FBI’s chosen specialist, who confirmed what every honest person already knew – the Google search happened at 2:27, was erased, and then happened again at 6:24 in an attempt to cover her tracks.
  • The FBI hired a professional crash reconstructionist with 3 PhD’s who concluded that John O’Keefe’s injuries were inconsistent with the damage to the car, and his bodily injuries were inconsistent with being hit by a car.
  • Nicole Albert testified in front of a federal grand jury in July of 2023 that she had participated in a group call with Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe, Brian Albert, Adam Lally, and victim witness advocate Steven Nelson prior to testifying. This directly conflicts with what the DA’s Office said in court 7 months later – that they had no idea that “witnesses” had testified in front of federal grand jury. Not only did they know, they spoke with and likely coached them prior to giving testimony.
  • DA Morrissey’s Office gave the go ahead for Brian Higgins and Brian Albert to destroy their phones.

Adam Lally had no response to any of these findings, which prove beyond a doubt that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe. He did not deny that these were the FBI’s findings. Instead he deflected by stating the following:

  • Everything is Turtleboy’s fault.

  • Lally claimed that Morrissey’s ridiculous August 25 press release was necessary because I held a peaceful rolling rally in Canton on July 22, which hundreds of women and children attended without incident.
  • Karen Read and her attorneys are bad people because phone records indicate that that I messaged and called Read, Yannetti, and Jackson, and even went out to lunch with them one time. In fact, I only met up with Jackson and Read, and the only person who ate any food was Jackson as he had to catch a flight home. They really have a stick up their ass for that “lunch.” (Which I only went to because Natalie the German insisted I should go to because it would be good for networking.)

  • It wasn’t unusual for Brian Albert not to come out of his house when a dead body was on his front lawn because none of the other neighbors came out. Lally failed to point out that none of the neighbors had a dead body on their front lawn. Just Brian Albert.
  • All 11 witnesses testified that John didn’t come in the house. But he didn’t point out that all 11 of the witnesses, many of whom were not questioned until months after John’s death, also testified that they didn’t see John’s body lying on the front lawn when they left the house.
  • Lally claims the Google search didn’t happen at 2:27 because Westfield State graduate and former Norwood traffic cop Nicholas Guarino didn’t find that search when he did a forensic audit of Jennifer McCabe’s phone. He claims that Guarino, Jessica Hyde, and Cellebrite expert Ian Whiffin all claim the search happened at 6:24. What Lally failed to point out was that no one denies the search also happened at 6:24. The defense agrees that she did that in an attempt to hide her previous search, which was deleted by McCabe.

It says a lot that their plan is to ignore the results of the FBI investigation and continue to focus on Turtleboy instead. Karen Read’s facial reactions in court said it all.

A normal judge would dismiss this case immediately, but Beverly Cannone is not a normal judge. She took the motion to dismiss under advisement and the trial is set to begin April 16. It would be outrageous for her to allow this to move forward now that independent FBI experts determined that John O’Keefe was not hit by a car, that Jennifer McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, and that the Alberts offered to bribe Proctor with gifts for keeping the investigation into O’Keefe’s murder focused on Karen Read instead of on their thug life son Colin. Much of the testimony in front of the state grand jury that was used to indict Karen Read turned out to be lies, and she likely wouldn’t have been indicted in the first place had the “witnesses” told the truth. If this isn’t grounds to dismiss I don’t know what is.

I was overcome with a lot of emotions watching this today. I should’ve been happy because it proved that I was right all along, that the FBI confirmed all of my reporting, and that the end should be coming soon. But instead all I could think about is that they stole 60 days of my life that I will never get back, sent the fugitive unit to my house to arrest me in front of my kid’s school bus, ransacked my house, stole the tools of my trade (phones and computer), and conspired with a jilted mistress to smear me as a domestic abuser before dropping those charges the day I got out of jail. They did all of this knowing full well that everything I was reporting was true. They did this knowing that the people I was protesting were in fact involved in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. They took me away from my kids, kept me from doing my job, and branded me as some sort of intimidating thug, knowing full well that the uncomfortable questions I was asking a bunch of cop killers were completely legitimate questions that THEY should’ve been asking.

Now they want to send me back to jail again on Thursday. I hope to see many of you at Dedham District Court at 9 AM. It’s been a good week so far, and I’m hoping for more on the 14th.



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