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Canton Cover-Up Part 307: Barstool Sports Calls Diehard Stoolie Fan Boy Yuri Bukhenik Corrupt 


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The Karen Read murder case has become one of the biggest stories in the country, and it’s largely thanks to turtle riders who have been attending protests, holding signs, and informing the public about the injustice happening in Norfolk County (or as the Commonwealth now calls it “tainting the jury pool). It’s gotten so big that even Barstool Sports is writing about it. The blog written by Jerry “Old Balls” Thornton leaves a lot out while skimming some of the basic of the case, but we can’t expect people who are taking an initial interest in this story to know it as well as we do. The most important part was his conclusion:

You can – and really should – put aside everything said by paid attorneys. For the prosecution and the defense both. And for certain you need to ignore anything anyone is saying about this online. Which is another reason why I’ve given this whole saga a good leaving alone to this point. 

But holy smokes. There’s no avoiding this any more. When you’ve got the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office saying the car accident that supposedly killed O’Keefe never happened? That’s a death knell for the prosecution. The entire case depends on it. There is no alternative theory to explain how a BPD officer ended up dead in a snowbank with cuts and bruises all over him, other than someone at the scene put him there.

Now add that the State Police detective in charge of this is a long time friend of the people who own the property where O’Keefe was killed. And so is the Canton Police Sergeant who was first on the scene. As well as talk about babysitting favors and gifts being exchanged. Which isn’t the claims of someone on Twitter or the opinion of some blogger. It’s coming from an investigation by federal law enforcement

The first duty of these cops was to admit they have a conflict of interest and recuse themselves. The fact these relationships were never reported and they simply went on with the investigation like they were neutral parties goes way beyond negligence into out-and-out corruption. Conflict of interest all over the place. Career destroyers for all involved. And one of the darkest stains ever on a state that has always been notorious for sketchy dealings and people in power protecting their own at any cost. Even if they have to destroy innocent people to do it. 

It’s nice to see that this is the take of neutral parties that haven’t been paying any attention to it. Just read the comments on the blog itself and you’ll see that 95% of the public believes Karen Read is undeniably innocent. The last paragraph is the best because it focuses on how Proctor’s relationship with the Alberts was never reported, how this is obvious corruption, and how anyone involved in the cover up will have their careers destroyed. However, this is gonna make things a bit awkward for this guy:

Yuri Bukhenik is a 41 year old man who still identifies as a Stoolie and thinks it’s cool to fan boy Dave Portnoy.

He told investigators (his bosses) that this article I wrote about his attendance at this Barstool event with Michael Proctor was “witness intimidation.”

Yuri was also heavily featured kissing up to Portnoy at a pizza review in Easton in January.

“We’re Stoughton people.”

Calm down Bukkake.

It’s funny because the last paragraph of Old Balls’ blog is almost specifically written about him:

The first duty of these cops was to admit they have a conflict of interest and recuse themselves. The fact these relationships were never reported and they simply went on with the investigation like they were neutral parties goes way beyond negligence into out-and-out corruption. Conflict of interest all over the place. Career destroyers for all involved. And one of the darkest stains ever on a state that has always been notorious for sketchy dealings and people in power protecting their own at any cost. Even if they have to destroy innocent people to do it. 

Proctor told the federal grand jury that he informed Bukhenik about his close relationship with the Alberts, and Bukhenik didn’t report it to his superior Brian Tully. They both pretended that they were completely “neutral parties” which wasn’t negligence, it was corruption. And like Old Balls said, it should be a career destroyer for Bukhenik and company.

I can’t say how happy it makes me to know that this grown man who fan boys a college bro blog had that same college bro blog take a steamy dump on his face.


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  1. That’s what they are and will forever remain, frat boy college bros. They eat together. They party together. They protect each other and ultimately, the frame innocent women together when a fellow bro, and baby bro, need help. That’s massachusetts in general, one big frat and you’re fucked if you are not a member and they need a fall guy.

    1. Well put. As a native of NH that’s been my take on them as well. They roll up here with that same mentality and are hated by the locals because of it.

    2. Wonder if feds will follow this thread all the way back to Birchmore case? Also retired Chief ‘random taillight’ Berkowitz got some splainin to do.

  2. They’ll eventually identify the actual perpetrator(s). From what’s evident, Jen McCabe is the primary suspect for the authorities, aside from the corrupt officers, given the undeniable evidence of her being aware of John’s demise on the front lawn through her Google search at 2:27 AM. At a minimum, this could lead to charges of obstructing justice, or at worst, manslaughter for letting him die in the cold after learning Hos long it would take. It’s likely she’ll be coerced into cooperating via a plea deal, possibly implicating Colin Albert or whoever was responsible for the lethal assault.

    1. Manslaughter for Jen McCabe? No, no, no.. That’s First Degree Murder. Knowing that he will die if dumped outside and then having 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours pass by and not getting him help. I think that’s premeditated murder.

      1. I’d say Murder 2, or accessory to murder, plus all the conspiracy charges for framing Read. I think O’Keefe died inside from a fight gone too far. Unless there’s evidence that McCabe drew O’Keefe to the house to have him murdered, this isn’t a Murder 1. Easily a Murder 2, and she’s an accessory to murder.

        I also think the “hos long” search wasn’t to learn how long he’d need to be out there to die after dragging him out. I think it was to learn how long they’d need to say he had been out there before somebody could find him.

        I think Plan A was to say the plow hit him, which is why Lucky was asked to plow the street, and that was the plan until McCabe overheard Read in a panic, wondering if she’d hit him, maybe still reeking of booze. I think McCabe hatched the change of plan and they all realized it could be executed once Proctor took custody of Read’s car.

        But, they got sloppy, too many witnesses, and it unraveled before our eyes.

        Just a theory.

          1. Not fatal blow, just knocked unconscious. Why else do you need to goggle hos long to die in cold?

          2. Because they wanted to know how much time needed to pass before he could be found. If it takes 10 hours to die in the cold, then saying Karen hit him at 12:30 wouldn’t fly, but 2-3 hours? Then that would work if was found early morning. There’s no way he was still alive when they dragged him out. If somebody found him before he died or if he somehow survived, they all go down for attempted murder. He died inside the house. I’d guess rather quickly from the blow to the back of the head. Just a theory.

    2. You are all forgetting about CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!!

      Text messages prove that Jen Mcabe lured him there, her Google search proves she knew he was fatally injured.

      Her Husband stared he saw Karen do a 3 point turn even describing Tyre tracks in a K shape on the road.

      13 people were in that house not the 11 they all claimed!!

      Brian Albert is a fully qualified First Responder, Sarah Levinson was a nurse!!

      Each and everyone of them should be charged with CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE making them all RESPONSIBLE for MURDER regardless of who struck the fatal blow!!

      In the eyes of the LAW they are equally responsible …..if its good enough to convict guys from the block then its good enough for Soccer Moms!!

      The Federal Investigation documents were under STRICT SEAL ……so who told the McAlberts NOT TO TURN UP AT COURT??

      They attend every hearing, grinning from ear to ear …..yet when the bombshells dropped not one of them were in court!!

      May they all rot in hell for what they have done!!

      Aunty Bev don’t think you are getting away with this either …..giving the Defence just 6 days to go over 3,074 documents AND write their motions telling them they have all day to argue them …..then they arrive at court and are told they have just 10 minutes??

      Millions of eyes have seen how you too colluded with these criminals to withold evidence, deny access to exculpatory evidence and refusing to recuse yourself from this case …..for being related to the PRIME SUSPECTS …..you need locking up too!!

  3. Look at Yuri outside with his beer? Just because you can walk out of bars in Canton with booze, I’m confident in Easton you can’t! He’s so arrogant.

    1. Almost every picture he’s holding a beer. Either he really thinks he’s a college bro or he has a drinking problem

  4. Well at least when Yuri is in prison, his wife can watch Turtleboy again! Meanwhile he will be blowing Brian Albert in a federal prison.

  5. Hope he enjoys the life time supply of free Bukkake topped pizza that comes with a life sentence……

  6. Last year Helena made a post in the comments section of one of your articles asking everyone to let the legal process play out. As if we the people should trust the process. Now our town is absolute chaos.

    1. She is an incredibly weak and pathetic leader cowardly leader. The same can be said of the select board. The town is run by the last people it should have in a crisis. That stupid fat blob in a suits face when the town said yeah we’re having an audit twice was priceless. If the audit doesn’t put em all out then the voting publics gonna put em in a ditch on the side of the road.

  7. I can’t wait to see all of them throwing each other under the bus.. It’s already started with Proctor saying he told his boss, Yuri. So now it looks like Yuri is more conflicted than Proctor because he didn’t make any changes. BUT Yuri knew the Alberts too so there’s that.

    Here’s something to think about. Every time one of these corrupt scumbags does something else that adds to the corruption just make the cash register sound to yourself.. CHING CHING.. That’s just extra damages being awarded to you while they go bankrupt paying for lawyers and lawsuits. CHING CHING…

    But one thing is certain.. This case is so high profile that there is no way the MA STATE POLICE are going to let these troopers stay on. They will cut them loose and then tell us all what a disgrace they were to the badge.

    And think of all their kids and how fucked up they will be, possibly forever. Having a dad that loses his job in such a disgraceful way and then gets sent to prison for participating in a murder cover up. That’s a lot to put on a kid and something they can never escape. Imagine as a parent inflicting that type of damage on your own children?

    Proctor, Yuri, and Tully are DONE

    1. Why aren’t Uri and Tully under IA investigation? Uri certainly knew and was himself connected to the McAlberts. Tully was surely told by both of them. So why are they skating? Uri is still busy going door to door harassing FKR supporters. Is the IA investigation just another sham?

    2. Their kids are some of the most hated and pariahed people in town. They’re never setting foot in that town again after their parents have their assets liquidated to pay for all the defense fines and judgements. There won’t be anything left for them. Look for those kids around the local homeless camps shooting up later.

    3. Yeah, they will cut them loose but it’s MA and the MSP so it will be with full benefits and pension

    4. Proctor is going to spend his life savings on a Lawer & in the end he still goes to jail. Lizzy wil divorce him &remarry and by the time he gets out his kids are calling the new husband Daddy.

      1. I hope not, she does not deserve ANY happiness, after actively attempting to disrupt people’s job for posting comments on case. Lizzy is a real POS that deserves societal scorn.

  8. This all runs much deeper than I initially thought, I was concerned for Aidan’s safety before, more so now, see “Going through the Motions”?

    1. One of these guys or more facing life sentence ? You don’t think they would take the Cowards way out and take Aidan with them ?

    2. I couldn’t stand listening to that show. I like Sean but all I heard was the ramblings of a madman off his meds and Sean constantly saying “listen”. That was the last thing that fit was gonna do was listen :: AWFUL

    3. This is exactly why people deem this movement a “mindless mob.” Just because a schizophrenic was given a platform doesn’t make his unhinged ramblings the truth. Aidan even called the guy a lunatic.

      1. We all know who should do time for this, the major and minor players. But we should never forget all the people who helped with the conspiracy — Berkowitz, Rafferty, Wacky Wendy, Coffindaffer, KP, Karl Dugal and Jackie Chin, Liz Procter, Grant Retard, the Canton Select Board, Grandpa Eclipse, Sean McCabe, Plevin Cottage Tales, Gretchen Voss, Natalie Nutjob, Farris, and many more. For their part they will forever be pariahs in Canton, as well they should. And many more who knew and did nothing. Garbage human beings.

        1. I agree with 100% of what you said. None of it has anything to do with Nick Fiorillio. The fact remains he’s absolutely a schizophrenic and ANYONE who hears his nutjob ramblings and says “it’s deeper than we thought” absolutely deserves to be referred to as a “mindless mob.” I know I said it before TB’s live tonight, but now he’s said it yet again so maybe now you’ll all agree with it.

        2. Also, if you refer to him as “Grant Retard” you’re a genuine piece of shit and truly ignorant. He’s autistic and anyone who isn’t intelligent enough to see that is a moron.

          1. I know half-a-dozen autistic people and they are the most normal people I know.

      2. Just let us know what he wrote or said that wasn’t true. If you’re right, it should be very easy. But you wont

    1. Not sure I think he will. He’s so smug. I bet he thinks he’s too important to be fired from the State Police. I do think it’s a possibility with some of the others. Imagine risking your freedom, livelihood, family, all for one of the dirty Alberts? How stupid are these people.

      1. Joyce suicided by overdose. I would personally prefer he dwyer himself but we are relying solely on the fbi to arrest these ghouls because knowing msp they will just make them retire with their bloated pensions.

          1. I think the US “elected” Zelenskiyy. I wonder if Yuri was aligned with the Ukrainian Nazi’s?

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  10. OMG Bukake looking at Dave like he wanted to get a Grant “Brown Fingah”! I love how awkward people get around celebrities in a crowd. Maybe if I touch his shoulder he’ll like me?😂 Yuri your gonna be touching a lot of man shoulders this time next year!

  11. Uh oh. Is KP afraid to come out and violate her RO? She was talking such a big game about putting Aiden in jail for so many days and now she’s silent. Nothing to say. She would like to say something. We all know that don’t we? She’s being charged with the exact same crime she tried to do to Aiden only this time for her it’s fr.

    Now bend over krusti, the long dick of the law’s gonna be fuckin you for years to come.

  12. From staking out portnoy to posing with his brother in those gay Ukraine shirts yuri is easily the most cringe out of the whole story.

    1. It looks to me like little ol’ Yuri got himself a boy crush on Dave……the way he’s looking at him is like he wants to kiss him. He’ll do fine in prison, just fine.

  13. I do not even know how I ended up here but I thought this post was great I dont know who you are but definitely youre going to a famous blogger if you arent already Cheers.

    1. Welcome…be sure to check out more Turtleboy articles and YouTube streams. The corruption in this case is unreal. Very interesting. Tempmail meet rabbit hole.

  14. MCAlberts I hope you are all enjoying reading about yourselves here!!

    Has the penny dropped yet??

    Smugly walking into court at every hearing with Skeletor leading the way grinning from ear to ear about how she thought she was getting away with Murder!!

    Tell me Skeletor, now there is zero doubt that you did indeed Google “Hos long to die in cold” at 02:27am ……why would you need to Google it a further 3 times between 06:22 and 06:24 for Karen ……WHEN YOU ALREADY KNEW THE ANSWER??

    Oh dear not one of you thought of that eh?? When you decided to accuse Karen of it did you!!

    Skeletor and Donut boy ……you both gave statements about looking out of the window and seeing Karens car ……NOT ONCE DO YOU MENTION HIGGINS CAR PARKED IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE AS KAREN, you can hardly miss a Jeep, but then again you didn’t mention NAGELS TRUCK either!!

    Can I ask about when you gave your statement about seeing Karen doing a 3 point turn …..even describing tyre tracks in the shape of a K ……how long did it take you to realise it would have been the opposite light that would have been broken??

    Now that we know the Feds did their own INDEPENDENT RECONSTRUCTION and CONCLUDED that John wasnt hit by a car let alone Karens …..and Karens car didn’t hit John ……Will Peggy O’Keefe be taking your kids under her wing just like you took Johns kids under yours??
    Is Peggy a good liar like yourselves or do you think she will let them know you are a MURDERER??

    Just one last question

    The Federal Investigation documents are under strict seal …..basically TOP SECRET …..so who was it that told you all not to go to court??

    May you all rot in hell for what you did ……CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE is a thing …..making each and everyone one you culpable for the MURDER OF OFFICER JOHN O’KEEFE

    You thought by killing him your secrets would be safe …..little did you know he gave his life AND EXPOSED YOU ALL


      1. Higgins got back to the house before everyone else and had a snow plough attached to his Jeep so he cleared the driveway for the Alberts.
        He then parked his Jeep at the front of the property on the road outside of 34 Fairview!!

        So now knowing all of that ….how did Karen reverse at 24.2mph for 62ft without hitting Higgins Jeep with a snow plough attached??

        Bare in mind that Ryan Nagel pulled in behind Karen.

        The police asked all of the ‘witnesses’ if they saw footprints leading into the house and they all said no …..it was never ever mentioned that Higgins had already cleared it. So how would there be footprints, which they are trying to use as evidence that John didn’t go in the house!!

        They also have the problem that Higgins was the first to arrive as per his statement even if he lied about clearing the driveway ….then why did none of them see each others footprints when they arrived AFTER him!!

        Another major obstacle that they need to overcome is that Higgins was parked there until 01:30am …..meaning he would have had to walk right past Johns body …..yet he never reported it!!

        It’s just more proof that they all lied about that night and that Karen is completely innocent!!

  15. Aunty Bev …..this one is for you!!

    Are you feeling nervous about the decisions you made in this case??…..knowing that they were aired live to the world and are on the Internet FOREVER!!

    You refused every single defence motion for Exculpatory evidence to prove their case.

    Lally’s arguments were ridiculous ….claiming that John was dead when his phone moved …..are you really that dense not to realise it was the cops that hadn’t secured it??

    You had photographic, social media and video evidence of Proctors relationship to the McAlberts ….even key witnesses at his house …..yet you denied the motion to get his phone.

    Brian Albert, the homeowner, who got rid of his dog, got rid of his basement and then finally the whole house ….only after the finger was pointed at him …..and you refused access to his phone!!

    You court ordered evidence be handed over, yet never did anything to make Lally hand it over, instead you allowed his “it will be another 6 weeks” excuse that he used for 2 years!!
    Email evidence proved that he hadn’t even ordered testing yet you ignored it!!

    Your overwhelming Contempt for the Defence was palpable but tell me this ……why did you give them just 6 days to go through 3,074 Federal Documents with explosive exculpatory evidence telling them they had all day to argue their motions ….then on the very day they arrived at court prepared to do just that …..you gave them just 10 minutes!!


    An evidential hearing was arranged months ago about the Cellbrite data where EXPERTS had flown in to testify and you cancelled that hearing knowing that there was no doubt about the deletions of the Google searches texts and calls from Jen Mcabes phone …..even the CW expert agreed. Yet you allowed this farce to continue!!

    You were given the opportunity to Recuse yourself from this case for being a relative of the ACTUAL perpetrators …..you can thank Sean Mcabe for that and you refused!!
    In fact this wasn’t your case at all was it…..you changed the rotation of Judges so you could have it didn’t you!!

    How many times are you referenced in the Federal Investigation for collusion with the ‘witnesses’??

    Do you honestly think you are going to get away with this??

    We already knew you would Dismiss the motions from the 12th March and plough ahead regardless of the undeniable evidence of Karens innocence ……that’s how truly transparent you are!!

    There is a special place in hell for people like you ….this can’t be the first time you and your buddy “Adam” Lally have fitted people up …..just know you are not beyond recourse and neither is he!!

    Don’t worry Sean Mcabe will take very good care of that holiday cottage for you …..I hear he has a special interest in your lawn!!

    1. You’ve made so many good points. Lally has had so many excuses and Auntie Bev did nothing about it. KRs team provided photographic evidence of the existing relationship and yet it was completely downplayed. Photos don’t lie! I almost forgot about the cancellation of the evidential hearing. Great points

      1. Thank you ❤️

        Every single misdeed needs to be documented in Black and White for posterity so these evil people will never be forgiven for what they have done!!

        The Internet is forever, their threats and intimidation tactics didn’t work, they ruled by fear!!

        Never once did any of them even consider for a moment that Karen would be believed let alone fight back!!

        Every single person that contributed even a dime to her Defence fund needs to be applauded …..if not for them Karen would be rotting in a cell for years for something she had not done!!

        They unknowingly have brought this whole corrupt system down!!

        Their usual fear and intimidation tactics didn’t work ….it just made people stronger and work together more!!

        Now they are the ones in fear, fear of losing material things, fear of losing their incomes, fear of losing their homes, fear of losing their self appointed power, and fear of losing their freedom!!

        Evil can only prevail when good people do nothing!!

        Boy O Boy did those good people do something!!

        These evil people took OFFICER John O’Keefe’s life in order to keep their dirty secrets, secret ……yet from beyond the grave HE BROUGHT THEM ALL DOWN!!

        Don’t ever let them forget what they did…..where they are going they will be treated the exact same way as they treated everyone on the outside of Prison when they were free!!

        When they get beaten up, there will be nothing to see, when their commissary is stolen, nothing to see here, ……its what you call KARMA!!

    2. Has it been proven that Sean McCabe and auntie Bev are actually related? I thought McCabe was just slinging bs.
      Also, I think you meant she would NOT dismiss the charges on March 12th.

      1. What is with reading comprehension in my beloved commonwealth lol? This excellent post states Auntie Bev would normally dismiss the motions of the defense and continue this entire cover-up. Normally, I would agree but I think she may be first rat to turn and make a ruling In defense’s favor.

        1. Lol thank you, I read my post several times looking for an error and couldn’t find it.

          Lol I couldn’t find it, because there was no error. I just wish I’d read your reply first to save me the bother.

          I wish I could agree with you about Aunty Bev, she has delayed the Chesna (apologies if i have misspelt it) sentencing hearing citing that she will be busy until June with the Karen Read trial.

          The moment she went out of her way to let everyone know that she had read every document and also the packet from the Feds and then told Jackson ….”You have a very high bar” the decision had already been made, before he even uttered a word of his arguement.

          When he was telling too much truth she interrupted him letting him know how very detailed his “memo” was ….in other words shut up I don’t want the media knowing.

          She will do the same with every motion against Morrissey.

          When Yannetti stood up he got a few sentences out before she interrupted him ….to stop his flow, and insist that he was speaking on a different motion which he clearly was not and told her so ….she then told him to write a memo ….about how it was different ….if she doesn’t agree then she does not need to take his arguement into consideration.

          She is steamrolling this trial through no matter what evidence is produced pre trial.

          I guarantee when it comes to trial she will stop the Defence even mentioning the explosive evidence they have …..as not relevant especially the Google searches, Proctors relationships etc

          They have a plan to stop their house of cards from falling down …convict Karen at all costs in order to make it all go away!!

          1. I love reasonable discourse, we know she knows game over after the publicly broadcast hearing of March 12th. Judge’s attempt to limit defense with the 10 minute curvrball [in hindsight, like alot of the McAlbert cabal moves, (still trying to figure out why Ret. Chief Berkowitz needed to participate in taillight evidence?)] was a HUGE mistake. The very talented defense attorneys were.able to maximize delivery into full impact. The internet is ablaze with very renowned legal analysts eviscerating the hearing.
            Her best move, like Chief Rafferty, is to turn in her McAlbert membership card and rule in favor of Karen Read, shielding herself from federal investigation.
            Just the opinion of one commonwealth lifer that understands how our small town politics work. Need a crash course? Watch the public comments time at end of latest Canton Selectboard meeting.

          2. The secondary McAlbert Cabal members must be rethinking their position. Nagel, Berkowitz, LizzyP, even Uncle Frankie Cannone realize, unlike the past, the cabal cannot control the narrative. They are associated with one of the dramatic murder coverups in U.S. history that will make for a dramatic docu-style multi-season stream.

            A respected attorney (Melanie Little) did a deep dive on the Auntie Bev recusal hearing from last year, last night. Rewatching now is just a WOW. I believe only time AuntieBev made an instant ruling. Her anger is palpable, a venmo notation between Nagels noted as Frank and Beverley and her insta-response was I never rented my Cape cottage to Sean McCabe (nobody said you did Auntie), the money was for the supplies for pina colada party you hosted for the McAlbert cabal. Her additional defense was I spell my name Beverly not Beverley. LMFAO
            I still think she may be first McAlbert Cabal member to rat.

          3. The jury will find Karen not guilty and the state will blame the jurors for getting it wrong. And the corruption will continue.

      2. I think you may have misread what I stated …..Dismiss/Deny means that she will not approve the motion for the Defence.
        Just like every motion they file she always upholds the CW motions to Dismiss the Defence motions.

        As for Sean Mcabe, research has been done and Aunty Bev does indeed have a holiday cottage where he claimed.

        Hence the motion from the Defence for her to recuse herself …..which once again she denied!!

        I’m pretty certain the Defence wouldn’t write gossip in an affidavit which has the penalty of perjury attached to it

      1. Sean mccabe threatened tb that he would bury him in auntie bevs backyard, under the lawn I believe.

  16. Are there any autopsy photos of the underside of Officer O’Keefe’s arm where the dog bites are? I think that would give a more complete scenario. Would love to see those…

    1. The Independent Federal Investigator concluded Johns injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car, and the damage to Karen Reads car is not consistent with hitting John.

      The 02:27 Google search DID happen.

      What everyone forgets is that Karen was initially accused of Domestic Violence by attacking John with the cocktail glass ….insane I know a 6ft 2, 230lbs man is just going to stand there and let a 5ft 80lbs woman slice his arms up.

      The ME didn’t take photographs of the underside of his arms …..in her report she says that they are abrasions and documented them because she was not experienced enough to decipher what they were. She also noted they were caused by blunt force trauma!!

      We can clearly see they are lacerations meaning something sharp not something blunt caused them.

      In order for the skin to be broken the force of the blunt object would need to have hit him with such force that his bones would be broken and most definitely bruising ….yet there is neither.

      That’s when the story changed to him being hit by Karens car ….to account for the multiple fractures in his skull ……which caused a laceration to the back of his skull!!

      The problem they have with that is that he was found flat on his back, with his arms by his sides ….12ft from the road!!

      Clearly his body was too heavy to lift any further from via the back gate so they dumped him there!!

      They also appear to have redressed him, vomit and blood were found on his boxer shorts ….not his jeans!!

      In the bar, we clearly see John wearing a belt, that belt is not listed in evidence anywhere. Sooo how did vomit and blood get on his boxer shorts?? And where is that belt??

      His hooded sweatshirt is also missing, they tested his undershirt for doggy DNA and claim to have found nothing, they didn’t swab his wounds!

      At this point because the evidence has been tampered with its what the Defence can prove. We all know it was the dog, who attacked him but because the ME didn’t know her job the critical evidence to prove it is gone!!

      The Commonwealth are still saying it was Karens car even with all of the evidence proving otherwise ….its now what the jurors believe!!

      Aunty Bev is continuing with this trial in the hope that Lally can lie his way through it to get them all of the hook and convict Karen.

      If they succeed all of their problems are gone …..which is very scary indeed that Johns Killers will be walking free and an innocent woman jailed for life to protect the real murderers!!

  17. These guys will spend their live savings to try to stay out of jail they will go to jail in the end their wives will leave them (they didn’t sign on to this) and remarry because they can no longer provide for their families and by the time they get out of jail the new husband is now Daddy to their kids

  18. A 41 year old employed man attending a Davey one-bite review may be biggest looosssah move outside of his investigative corruption.

  19. The parents of the kids in this video should be embarrassed. Literally obnoxious. Especially when Dave keeps asking them to stop talking as he’s recording. The parents keep laughing like its cute. Nothing cute about it.

    1. If we had more effective journalists like TB we wouldn’t be dependent on a POTUS election as our last hope to avoid the inevitable famine, squalor and disease the commies are forcing on us. And compromised elections at that. Allowing women to vote opened this scenario to begin with. Paying foolish people to stay home/be non-productive are more boots on the ground for the commies.

  20. Dave Portnoy would have spit in Bukaki’s face if he knew a dirty fucking cop touched his shoulder. Anything good these rotten bastards have done in their lives will be forgotten, and they will be remembered by their mugshots only, as the opposite of what a police officer should be.

    I CANNOT wait to hear you all apologize to Karen Read before sentencing and then get fucked by the judge at Moakley. We will all be outside howling and laughing at you and your abandoned families as youre lead away in shackles. Tutrleboy will be the loudest yelling “SHAME” over his bullhorn. No one’s getting away with anything. Fuck you.

  21. Wondering about drunk convo among Boston’s Finest Brian Albert, Higgins and Hernandez on drive back from NYPD funeral ahead of blizzard on Jan 28 before meeting up with Officer O’Keefe and Karen Read at Waterfall. I have questions. Canton Coverup Part 169

  22. Wow…I think this is the turning point where the McAlbert fan rebuttal to posted blogs about KR is no more…now what am I gonna due with my time?

  23. helloI like your writing very so much proportion we keep up a correspondence extra approximately your post on AOL I need an expert in this space to unravel my problem May be that is you Taking a look forward to see you

  24. If I remember correctly, Jerry Thornton was a Court Officer by day who left to join WEEI a few years ago. BCN rumble winner too – a smart, handsome man with a wit about him that is seen only in the North-East. His Leap of faith into the mix is a huge sign, at least to me, that the evidence is all pointing one way.

  25. Atty Melanie Little reviews case —some good Points. Aidan you’re right on the money and deserve all the credit

    1. Her very recent breakdown of the Recusal hearing last summer was awesome. Judge AB, visibly upset by the Frank and Beverley Venmo notion among Nagels. Ranting about she doesn’t rent out her cottage (cause like my rich brother, you charge friend and family usage fees rental income is such a tax nightmare right Bev? Her other knee jerk defense was I spell my name Beverly, not Beverly. LOL

      1. YES—First heard Attny. Melanie Little disagree with former FBI agent on Court TV . Smart insightful commentary on Aidan’s work. No MA connection she is free to point out facts and ask questions.

  26. Bukake fan boying Portnoy is so funny. Bro your a grown man following a guy around that thinks your a boob.
    Best part of the whole process showing how corrupt these two are was when they made formal introductions to the McAlberts. They went out of their way to pretend they were meeting them for the first time and it’s all in writing. Misspelling names of people you just had babysitting your kids. Has there ever been a murder case in the history of this country where the lead investigator doesn’t show up for any court dates? Can they get on the stand and plead the 5th? I mean at this point EVERYONE knows what they did even Portnoy and Barstool sports. Dave is obviously a smart guy so now if he sees this boob at another pizza review or whatever you think he wants to take pictures w Bukake? I doubt it😂

  27. Turn the barstool upside down and you can sit Yuri, Tully, Proctor and Morrissey. Okay probably not Morrissey. Brian Albert for being the point man. The picture is funny, it looks like Yuri wants to lift the midget Portnoy onto his shoulders so he won’t have to wear high heels anymore

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