Canton Coverup Part 309: Assault Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Assaulted Turtleboy On Video After State Police Refuse To Comply With Court Order To Hand Over TB’s Cell Phone



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On January 6, 2023 I was assaulted by a man named Andrew Johnson on the steps of West Roxbury District Courthouse while trying to ask questions to  his girlfriend – a criminal defendant named Katherine Peter – who was facing charges of violation of a harassment prevention order.

I immediately brought the video to the Boston Police Department in Jamaica Plain and showed it to an officer who agreed that it was assault and battery and wrote up a criminal complaint. The complaint went to a clerk magistrate who found probable cause and charged Johnson.

In November Johnson’s court appointed attorney asked the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office for the original video, claiming that I somehow altered the video that I uploaded to YouTube. I told the ADA prosecuting the case that I couldn’t give them my phone because the State Police took it when they arrested me on October 11. Judge Coffeey signed an order demanding that State Police give the phone to Johnson’s defense attorney so that she could examine the original video, who would show that it is the exact same video now seen on YouTube.

Today Andrew Johnson was scheduled to go to trial in West Roxbury and I was summonsed to testify for the Commonwealth. Unfortunately the charges were dismissed because the State Police and the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office refused to comply with the court order. The original video still exists in my iCloud, and I have it with the date and time stamp on my new phone. But since Judge Coffey’s order was to give the defense my old cell phone, the judge today had no choice but to dismiss the charges. There is another video from the courthouse surveillance that shows Johnson pushing me on the stairs, which was viewed by the Boston Police and was used to charge Johnson. However, that video was never preserved and the ADA told me it is gone forever.

Just to review what happened here today:

  • The State Police and NCDAO blatantly ignored a court order because they think they are above the law
  • They ignored the court order, knowing that it would lead to the dismissal of criminal charges in another county in which I am the victim
  • The person who benefitted from this dismissal is the live-in boyfriend of a woman who claims to work hand-in-hand with Ken Mello, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office

Compare and contrast these two charges of assault and battery and how they were handled by State Police:

  • I was arrested for assault and battery and sentenced to 60 days in jail after a woman made up a lie about me pushing her into a couch. She had no video and no marks. She did not report the assault until midway through the next day after calling Brian Tully, who she conspired with to lure me to her apartment. There is a video that exists, but it shows her refusing to let me leave her apartment while threatening to harm herself and her 4 children at 3 AM. I have no history of violent behavior, while she has had her last 3 boyfriends and her own father arrested for allegedly assaulting her.
  • Andrew Johnson was summonsed, not arrested, for assault and battery. He was given a clerk’s hearing instead of going right to arraignment. There are 2 videos of him assaulting me, one of which is still exists. I reported the assault immediately, without the assistance of a State Police detective lieutenant. Andrew Johnson has a history of violent behavior, including three charges of A&B on a family or household member.

He was also charged with A&B with a dangerous weapon on a household or family member.

That incident occurred in September of 2021 after Johnson allegedly assaulted and pulled a knife on Kate Peter’s then 14 year old daughter, who was seen on missing children’s posters just months prior.

Peter told police that she was applying for a restraining order against Johnson, but instead allowed him to keep living in her apartment with the 2 remaining children who weren’t taken from her by DCF. Four months later Peter’s 12 year old son witnessed his mother being assaulted by Johnson, and the boy’s school counselor filed a 51A with DCF after he stated that he didn’t feel safe going home with Johnson in the house.

Yet Johnson still lives in Peter’s household to this day, even though he is not the father to any of her children (including the 2 that were taken from her by the State).

The charges against Johnson in both cases were ultimately dismissed after Peter refused to let her children testify against their drug addicted de facto stepfather. She claimed that her daughter was lying during a Discord rant in which she aired private personal things about her daughter’s mental health to strangers, admitted to giving her daughter cigarettes to smoke in the apartment, and bragged about providing her daughter with condoms so she could have sex in Kate’s apartment.

“You can tell that she lied a couple times when she was upset.”

“Andy is not a batterer. He’s definitely put hands on me once or twice. He’s got fucking problems.”

“My daughter was off the rails to the point where she had run away from a group home and was gone for a week. We were finding drugs and alcohol in her room. She was sneaking boys in the house. I would try to give her a drug test and if she was already having an episode it would turn violent. She has thrown urine on me before.”

Keep in mind, Ms. Peter is currently being charged with felony witness intimidation for vowing to bring Andrew Johnson with her to court to assault me.

This is who Brian Tully, Ken Mello, and the Norfolk DA’s Office is working with and protecting in their quest to silence me for reporting on public corruption and the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. I’m not bothered that Johnson won’t be criminally charged for what he did, because he likely would’ve gotten off with a slap on the wrist anyway. I’m bothered that there are two tiers of justice that exist in Norfolk County – one for Turtleboy, and one for the people Turtleboy exposes. I’m bothered that our institutions are partnering with and protecting criminals, murderers, and at least 2 ratchet DCF Moms who constantly lose their kids due to substance abuse and mental health issues, in order to silence the First Amendment rights of me and thousands of other concerned citizens.

But at the end of the day I know that this blatant public corruption is going to make me a very rich man, so I’m going to keep documenting and exposing it as the federal dominos start falling.


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