Canton Coverup Part 311: Michael Morrissey Dropped Cocaine Trafficking Charges In August Against Career Criminal Who Shot Boston Cop Because Case Was Connected To Federal Investigation



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This is Avery Lewis from Dorchester.

On Monday night he shot a Boston cop who was responding to a domestic dispute outside of Avery’s baby momma’s new boyfriend’s house. Luckily the officer survived because he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Gerald Falco was sworn into the Boston Police force in 2022. Falco’s vest stopped the bullet, but the union said he suffered a significant wound as the impact penetrated the skin and left bruising.

“Although he had a very ugly wound, he took it in good stride,” said Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association president Larry Calderone. “He’s a young officer been on the job a little over two years. He likes his assignment in Roxbury, loves being a police officer.”

“(The bulletproof vest) might stop the projectile from going through you, but you will receive other injuries like an impact injury,” said Cambridge police Officer Tom Watson. “Sometimes, people break ribs.”

Boston Police packed his arraignment on Tuesday.

Notice that there has not been a single Boston Police Officer in uniform at any of John O’Keefe’s hearings, despite the fact that he was murdered. No one in the Boston Police Department actually believes that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe except for local moron Karl Dugal.

Avery Lewis is a career criminal with a plethora of prior charges. Last year he was charged in Quincy District Court with trafficking more than 200 grams of cocaine. Guess what DA Michael Morrissey did in August?

Dropped the charges because they were “connected to a federal investigation.” Ya got that? The same DA who refuses to drop the charges against Karen Read, despite the existence of a federal investigation that has proven that John O’Keefe was not hit by a car and that his lead investigator lied to a state grand jury to procure an indictment, dropped the charges against a shithead coke dealer because like Karen Read his charges were also tied to a federal investigation.

If you go back and read articles I’ve written over the years a prevailing theme is that the criminal justice system in Massachusetts is far too lenient, and lets dangerous people walk the streets who end up reoffending. But this only applies to defendants who aren’t named Karen Read or Turtleboy, because we’re much more dangerous to the establishment than some two bit, gun toting drug dealer ever could be. We have the ability to expose corruption, while Avery Lewis doesn’t. We are not a danger to the community, but Avery Lewis is. Yet they’re much more determined to put me and Karen behind bars than they are Avery Lewis.

Lewis was also arrested in Dudley in 2017 when he got caught hiding crack cocaine in an infant’s chair. He was indicted in Worcester Superior Court, plead guilty, and got credit for time served. He was also arrested in Dorchester in 2017 for selling drugs, because that’s kind of his thing.

The worst crime you can commit in Norfolk County is exposing Michael Morrissey, the corrupt State Police, and the McAlberts. If his office put half as much effort into keeping dangerous thugs like Avery Lewis off the streets then a Boston cop wouldn’t have been shot on Monday. But the truth is none of these people give a shit about law and order or preventing violence, they only care about protecting themselves and holding onto power.





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