Canton Coverup Part 314: Commonwealth Refuses To Hand Over Notes About Meeting With Matt McCabe, Brian Albert, Jen McCabe Before To Testifying In Front Of Federal Grand Jury 


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The Commonwealth finally responded to Karen Read’s motion to compel notes and reports from Commonwealth meetings with “witnesses,” and to the surprise of nobody they are hiding everything. The defense asked for all notes and reports regarding a meeting between Adam Lally, victim-witness advocate Steven Nelson, Matt McCabe, Jennifer McCabe, and Kerry Roberts three weeks before Matt Mccabe testified before the federal grand jury on May 4. They also asked for all notes regarding phone calls and meetings between Lally, Matt McCabe, Jennifer McCabe, Brian Tully, Yuri Bukhenik, and Michael Proctor, which took place two weeks before Matt McCabe testified in front of the federal grand jury on May 4.

This is quite the revelation. Prior to this we did not have confirmation that Matt McCabe testified before the federal grand jury on May 4. As late as November Michael Morrissey’s Office denied having any knowledge of any witnesses being called before the grand jury, but now we know that his ADA, victim-witness advocate, and detectives all met with Matt McCabe prior to him testifying.

Why were all these people coaching Matt McCabe about what to say before he testified? Why does a victim-witness advocate need to meet with a witness (who says he saw nothing) at all? Why are state police and employees of the DA’s office meeting with a witness before he testified in front of a federal grand jury that is presumably investigating the state police and DA’s office? And why does a DA’s Office that claims to have nothing to hide go to such great lengths to hide things from the defense?

Steven Nelson is the guy who always walks in with Paul O’Keefe, and was on the receiving end of “you’re a fraud Nelson” on September 15.

Why would he possibly need to speak with Jennifer and Matt McCabe in early April, prior to their testimony before the federal grand jury? Is this the job of a victim-witness advocate?

The Commonwealth is also refusing to hand over notes regarding Lally and Nelson’s meeting with Ryan Nagel in February 2023, all notes regarding any meeting between Lally and Brian Albert (including one meeting where Nicole, Chris, and Julie Albert were in attendance), and all notes regarding a meeting between Lally, Nelson, and Jennifer McCabe.

Ryan Nagel is one of the most important witnesses for the defense, as his testimony unequivocally proves that John O’Keefe was inside 34 Fairview Road while Karen Read remained outside with her tail light fully in tact. Why was Lally meeting with him a year after Read was arrested, and what is the Commonwealth hiding about that meeting?

The Commonwealth is also hiding notes and reports from a meeting between Lally, Nelson, and Brian and Nicole Albert on April 28, 2022 – right around the time both of them would’ve been testifying in front of the state grand jury that indicted Karen Read. We now know that both of them lied to the grand jury and police about what time Caitlin Albert left their house that night. But perhaps most damning is that the Commonwealth is hiding notes about a meeting between Lally, Nelson, Brian and Nicole Albert, and Jennifer and Matt McCabe, prior to July 2023 in which they discussed the fact that they had been subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury.

Again, the Commonwealth claimed for months that they had now knowledge of a federal investigation that involved the witnesses from the Read case. They also have no reason to meet with any of these witnesses prior to testifying in front of the federal grand jury, since the FGJ was investigating the investigation itself. God knows what sort of coaching occurred at this meeting that the Commonwealth is now hiding from the defense and the public.

The Commonwealth did not oppose a defense motion for event logs from the Canton Police Sallyport garage on January 29, 2022. However, they did oppose handing over notes regarding an interview of Michael Proctor by Lally, Morrissey, and ADA Lynn Beland, in which they inquired about Proctor’s relationship with the Alberts and McCabes, as well as his whereabouts on January 29, 2022.

We had no idea such an interview ever took place until now. Morrissey himself insisted in an August 25, 2023 press release that there was no relationship between Proctor and any witnesses in the case. We now know that was a lie. But apparently on an undisclosed date Morrissey also had a meeting with Proctor about this very topic. Was this prior to his August 25 press release? Did he simply take Proctor’s word for it that he didn’t know the Alberts? Either he’s completely incompetent or completely corrupt.

Karen Read’s trial is scheduled to begin three weeks from tomorrow. The only way it doesn’t go forward is if the feds indict or arrest a major witness or law enforcement officer involved in the case. I’ve said many times that I don’t think this should go to trial because it’s a sham that will give the Commonwealth the excuse not to go after the people who murdered John O’Keefe after Karen Read is acquitted. But the selfish part of me is looking forward to the trial because it will be great entertainment, and will likely lead to testimony from witnesses that helps me with my charges.


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