Canton Coverup Part 329: Karen Read’s Defense Team Files Motion To Exclude Turtleboy “Witness Intimidation” Evidence In Trial


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Karen Read’s defense attorneys filed a motion today in court to prevent the Commonwealth from using Turtleboy’s made up “witness intimidation” charges as evidence against Karen Read during her trial.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the primary reason they arrested and charged me with all these felonies wasn’t to send me to jail, it was to discredit my reporting and sully my reputation. I have done more reporting on this case, and discovered more evidence of a coverup than any other media outlet. I was the only reporter who tracked down and interviewed Lucky Loughran – the primary eye witness whose testimony proves that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe. I was the reporter who broke the news on September 25, proving that Jennifer McCabe had a social relationship with the Proctors. I have led several peaceful protests in Norfolk County that resulted in zero arrests or allegations of vandalism or violence.

Yet the first and ONLY thing the media ever mentions when referencing me in the Karen Read case is the fact that I’m being charged with a whole bunch of felonies for “witness intimidation.”

Most people don’t look at the actual facts of the case and see how meritless they are. They just see “charged with 9 felony counts of witness intimidation” and assume I’m not only a bad person, but an unreliable source.

But ultimately they don’t care about me – they care about Karen Read. They know my reporting has been very favorable to the defense because the facts are on Karen Read’s side. They’d been losing for months after I got involved in the case, and they knew they had no chance of conviction based on the evidence alone. That’s why they adjusted their strategy in late August from “the evidence shows Karen Read killed John O’Keefe,” to “Karen Read is associated with Turtleboy, so that means she probably orchestrated all his alleged crimes.”

Anyone who has been following my work knows how absurd this is. No one tells me what to do or directs my reporting. I even disregarded the sound advice of my attorney by going to Medfield on December 23, leading to false charges (that were eventually dropped) and 60 days incarceration. If Tim Bradl can’t tell me what to do then Karen Read can’t either.

But the fact of the matter is that Karen Read is not on trial for witness intimidation. Yet for some reason grand jury testimony from my case (including Jennifer McCabe, Matt McCabe, Michael Proctor, Colin Albert, Elizabeth Proctor, Julie Nagel, John Fanning, Brian Tully, and Brian Albert) has been entered into evidence by the Commonwealth, which means they intend to use my case to damage Karen’s reputation with a jury.

As Read’s attorneys pointed out, I have not been convicted of any crimes, and the Commonwealth is just trying to taint Read’s image with a jury.

There is absolutely no reason why my case should be brought up at the Karen Read trial at all. The fact that the Commonwealth is trying to do that proves that the entire purpose of charging me was to throw a Hail Mary at their failing case against Karen Read.

Olivia Lambo had an excellent Tweet about this today (as she does almost every day):


When the state gets caught with its pants down doing something improper in the #KarenRead case, its go to defense mechanism is to cry foul & divert away from its misconduct by trying to blame it on “witness harassment”.

“Witness” Jen McCabe was caught red handed fraternizing with Lead Investigator Michael Proctor & his wife at their house despite them having claimed they didn’t know each other & weren’t in fact close lifelong family friends.

Concerned members of the public & the Canton community documented the misconduct by snapping a photograph showing McCabe’s car parked at Proctor’s house. Both Michael & his wife Lizzie Proctor’s cars were home at the time.

Confronted with this inconvenient truth as grounds for the defense to obtain the records of communications between Jen McCabe, conflicted Lead Investigator Michael Proctor & his wife, ADA Adam Lally, in a desperate bid to try to excuse this damning, highly improper behavior & restrict the defense from obtaining said records, cries foul and claims they were meeting to commiserate about “harassment”… Ok!

That’s the state’s go to in this case. They have the power to charge, arrest & prosecute people.

So what do they do when they’re being exposed for being under investigation by the Feds for their public corruption in this case?

They leverage (and abuse) that power to charge individuals with “witness intimidation”, artificially constructing a narrative whereby they’re the victims, not the abusers.

When the truth is reinforced that the state’s “witnesses” and State Police investigators are dishonest & corrupt, they try to divert by crying “but, Turtleboy!”. Or “harassment!”

They tried this again just recently when the Touhy evidence produced from the ongoing federal investigation exposed the fact that DA Michael Morrissey’s Office held highly improper, secretive group meetings with “witnesses” to coach them before they testified in front of a federal grand jury.

Aside from how highly improper this is, reinforced by the lack of disclosure by the state, it’s also a violation of its discovery obligations as the records from these meetings, particularly containing any witness statements, are discoverable.

But, when the defense recently requested these records or notes from the secretive meetings, the state didn’t want to turn them over. The state opposed the request by yet again crying foul & claiming they weren’t actually doing anything improper, but instead they’re the victims for getting caught red handed! The meetings that all conveniently took place before each witness testified were supposedly really about “harassment” or “but, Turtleboy!”

DA Lally even tried to claim said notes are “work product” just to keep them from the defense. Interesting given the purported harassment they’re claiming they would’ve been talking about wouldn’t have even occurred yet by the time said meetings were held.

But of course, you already knew that because this is clearly the state’s go to. It’s their crutch.

Divert. Distract. And avoid the truth: they’re corrupt & this is a coverup!

When caught with their pants down, they cry “witness intimidation!”  Never mind the fact that they’re apparently so corrupt that they created the entire “witness intimidation” narrative out of whole cloth, because they can! As @DoctorTurtleboy likes to say: “they’re the ones with the guns!”

They could literally charge anyone with witness intimidation, and they did! You lose all public sympathy when you abuse your power & manipulate the system to protect yourself & your friends. The McAlberts, State Police investigators & DA Morrissey’s Office needed to regain public favor, so they tried to victimize themselves by abusing their power (again) and charging other people with witness intimidating THEM. Like that’s not a conflict of interest!

At least now we know the next time the state cries “witness intimidation”, it really means they’re hiding something.

My reporting has been beneficial to Karen Read because it’s exposed the relationship between Proctor and the “witnesses,” which is why they’re trying so hard to destroy me. If the defense’s motion is denied I will almost undoutably be called as a witness by the Commonwealth, which would prevent me from attending the trial completely. I have no doubt this is their plan. They don’t want me anywhere near that courtroom, which is why they’re using a fake victim to eject me from the courtroom, banning peaceful protesting outside of the courthouse, and trying so hard to tie me to Karen Read.

P.S. I’ve read the grand jury testimony, and I think Read’s team should be happy to admit a lot of into evidence, especially Tully, Michael Proctor, Lizzie Proctor, and Fanning.


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