Canton Cover-Up Part 33: State Police Union President Who Attempted To Intimidate Defense Team In Court Doubles Down On Support For Detective Michael Proctor Despite Obvious Corruption

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Two weeks ago as I sat in the second row of Norfolk Superior Courthouse three men with shaved heads and state police logos stood directly next to me throughout the entire hearing.

It was unclear what they were doing there, since this case involved a murdered Boston Police Officer, other than to intimidate supporters of Karen Read with a show of force. The four men marched into the courthouse like the brown shirts they are with their shaved heads, sunglasses, and scowling faces. Especially the last guy who wanted to make it clear that he was in fact a very serious person.

Contrast their menacing arrival with Karen Read’s entrance, where she was cheered on by complete strangers along the Dedham street as her defense teams fights for real justice.

The only reason for the State Police to be there was to make it clear that they were doubling down on their support for CONFLICTED Trooper Michael Proctor, in light of undeniable proof that he has lied and doctored evidence that has compromised a murder investigation. Just a reminder that Proctor is still on the job despite:

  • Intentionally spelling the names wrong in his report of at least 4 witnesses who were present inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was murdered.
  • Lying in his report that he arrived at Karen Read’s parent’s home at 4:30 PM and towed her car at 5:30 PM, despite call logs from the Dighton Police Department and footage showing he called to have it towed hours earlier.
  • Having his whereabouts unaccounted for for close to 2 hours, giving him private access to Karen Read’s vehicle prior to undiscovered tail light fragments being found under a foot of snow that the Canton Police didn’t see 12 hours earlier.
  • Failing to disclose that he was family friends with both the Albert and McCabe families.
  • Failing to record his interviews with any witnesses, including Karen Read.
  • Failing to go inside 34 Fairview Road at all.
  • Giving the McCabe and Albert families hours to get their story straight, interviewing them in the comfort of Jen McCabe’s home.
  • Withholding GeoFence data from the defense that would show who was in the house the night O’Keefe was killed.
  • Failing to provide the defense with Jen McCabe’s Google searches that directly incriminate her and exonerate Karen Read.

On Tuesday I emailed State Police media relations liaison David Procopio to inquire about why Proctor was still on the job, how he ended up as the lead investigator in a case involving close family friends, and whether or not the State Police had concerns about his actions compromising a murder investigation.

He said he couldn’t comment because it’s an ongoing criminal prosecution.

So I rephrased the questions without mentioning Proctor once, to see if they had a general policy on this sort of behavior.

He has not returned my email. Feel free to email [email protected] with your concerns. Maybe if thousands of people start asking questions they’ll stop ignoring this, because that’s clearly their plan now – pretend none of this is happening. They want us to go away, but we won’t.

The trooper who led the march into Norfolk Superior Court is Patrick McNamara, the President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM).

The Despicable Me looking dude who was directly behind him in court appears to be attached to his hip.

McNamara was interviewed by the Boston Herald outside the court, and made it clear that he was there to support Michael Proctor.

The president of State Police Association of Massachusetts, the union for troopers, came out to throw his support behind Proctor and the investigation.

“This case is actively going on. Our homicide detectives here in Massachusetts are arguably the best in the country. Our solve rate is indicative of that,” SPAM President Patrick McNamara said outside the courthouse Wednesday. “The association supports our members across the commonwealth and the facts of this case will speak for itself.”

Yes, the facts of the case have spoken quite loudly. We know that Trooper Proctor is a serial liar who dishonors his profession. He is transparently corrupt and makes no effort to hide it. By going out of their way to show solidarity with him the union is making it clear that they support corruption too.

If a teacher is accused of diddling a student the teacher’s union does not go out of their way to double down on their support for the teacher. They may pay for their attorney, and do the bare minimum required to legally assist them, but they wouldn’t hold a press conference standing by a pedophile.

It’s the union’s job to protect their dues paying members, but McNamara’s show of force at Karen Read’s hearing was much more than that. He should be ashamed and embarrassed about the damage that Proctor has done towards public trust in the state police. Instead he made it loud and clear that he would support any trooper, no matter how corrupt they are.

But you know where he didn’t show up to support his members? Former Trooper Samantha Cila’s house in Wakefield. The 29 year old trooper’s father was killed in the line of duty in 2005, but when she refused to take the useless COVID vaccine she was fired. Obedient troopers with shaved heads showed up at her house to take her badge, gun, and car in order to further humiliate her.



Where was McNamara? Unlike Proctor, Samantha Cila did nothing wrong. She was a good cop who the public trusted. Unlike Proctor she was an easy person to defend. But McNamara couldn’t be bothered to go to her house and stand by her as this complete injustice unfolded at her house.

Don’t worry though – he tweeted about it.

Whoa! Settle down there Mother Jones! We get it – you’re really mad about it! And if Governor Baker doesn’t do the right thing you may even tweet again!

Patrick McNamara is not a real State Trooper. He didn’t go into the profession to help save lives or maintain public trust in the institution of the police. He joined the State Police so he could become a political hack, wear snazzy suits to work, and shake hands with politicians. Find someone who loves you the way Patrick McNamara loves himself as he looks in the mirror and figures out which scally cap he’s gonna wear to match his hardo face today for the photo op today.

Here is he chumming it up with Attorney General Andrea Campbell, who is notoriously anti-police.

Patrick McNamara isn’t a cop, he’s a politician.

When he’s not rubbing shoulders with people who can invite him to the cocktail parties he dreams of being invited to, he can be seen virtue signaling on Twitter about how Charlie Baker wasn’t doing enough for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

His job isn’t just to stand by criminal troopers who compromise murder investigations through their incompetence. He’s also a scally cap salesman in charge of promoting the merch store.

Seriously, just look at these clowns.

The guy third from the right was with them in court.

These guys LOVE to go suit shopping almost as much as they love getting weekly haircuts.

Every picture is them awkwardly standing with their legs apart, chest puffing out in their new suit, hands folded in front of them. They don’t even want to attempt to come across as individual humans. Nothing about them is real. None of them has responded to a car crash, saved a life, or kept the streets safe in a decade,  but they will show up at your wedding and pose awkwardly behind you.

Then again, this is an organization whose last President was just sentenced to federal prison for stealing from members by taking illegal kickbacks from lobbyists, so his behavior is on brand.

Patrick McNamara took a couple softball questions from the Herald, but hopefully he’s there on May 25 so he can answer some questions from a real reporter. See ya then!


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