Canton Coverup Part 332: Evidence From FBI Investigation Show Brian Higgins Was A Lot More Involved In Coverup Of John O’Keefe’s Murder Than We Realized


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It was a shocking day in Norfolk Superior Court for the final pre-trial hearing in the Karen Read murder case, which is set to go to trial on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Auntie Bev said that I am guilty of harassing witnesses, and rejected both the Commonwealth and defense’s motions to prevent Turtleboy from being brought up at trial.
  • All jurors will have to get a CORI check, which only picks up people who have been charged with crimes in Massachusetts (regardless if charges were dropped or they weren’t convicted). The Commonwealth is trying to prevent jurors who have been charged with committing crimes because they’re more likely to be sympathetic to the defendant.
  • The defense says they have received new information about the Internal Affairs investigation into Michael Proctor.
  • Lally claims that Canton Police dash cam at 8:22 AM on January 29 shows Read’s car has a broken tail light at 1 Meadows Ave. However, no one disputes that her tail light was cracked or broken. The question is whether or not 35 pieces of shattered tail light were missing from it. Somehow the Commonwealth has not produced this evidence or leaked it to their propagandists on social media.
  • Judge Cannone seemed like she was going to deny Karen Read the right to use a third party culprit defense because she was unaware that they were planning on doing this, despite the fact that it has been brought up at every pre-trial hearing for the last 2 years
  • Cannone said that without being able to name a third party culprit she could not use this defense, but David Yannetti snapped back at her and pointed out that this is not necessary
  • Nevertheless, Yannetti did have 3 names he blamed as likely suspects – Brian Higgins, Brian Albert, and Colin Albert
  • Higgins texted John to try to get him over the house at 12:20 AM

  • Higgins wanted to hook up with Karen Read and texted her “ummmmmmmm well?” on the night O’Keefe was murdered
  • Higgins did his own extractions of text messages from his phone, but only included texts with John and Karen
  • Higgins went to a military base, destroyed his SIM card, and broke his phone

  • Higgins and Brian Albert were in the basement before John arrived
  • Brian Albert lied about going upstairs to show Higgins around because Higgins said he’d never been upstairs
  • Higgins became upset with Proctor when Proctor served him with a preservation notice for his phone
  • Proctor, Bukhenik, Higgins, and Berkowitz all had access to Karen Read’s car after it was towed from her parent’s house in Dighton
  • The defense has a witness in the Canton Police Department who saw Higgins and Ken Berkowitz alone with Karen Read’s car after it was towed from her parent’s house in Dighton
  • Higgins is close friends with Ken Berkowitz, clocked into work at CPD at 1:30 AM the night of the murder, and was at Canton Police Department questioning all the officers who were involved in investigating this case

  • Higgins went to 34 Fairview early on January 29, 2022 and called Brian Albert after missing a call from Berkowitz
  • Canton Police Department has a camera in their sallyport where Karen Read’s car was towed, but 42 minutes is missing, and there is no footage of Read’s car being towed into the garage
  • Lally claims the 42 minutes of missing video is because the camera is motion activated, however, if it was motion activated then it would’ve turned on when Read’s car was towed inside

  • Higgins claimed he parked his truck on the street outside 34 Fairview Road, which would mean Ryan Nagel didn’t see it parked there, and Higgins didn’t see John O’Keefe’s body on the lawn when he left at 1:30.
  • Lally blatantly lied about Karen making up a story, while in police custody, about her witnessing the Alberts smash John’s head into her tail light.

I think we have a much better understanding of why Jill Daniels asked me “what about Higgins” when I interviewed her last August. Higgins had a clear motive to want to hurt John, and John had a clear motive to have beef with Higgins – Higgins was hitting on his girlfriend. Higgins lured John over to the house, was seen practice boxing with Brian Albert at the Waterfall bar, and acted as suspiciously as possible after leaving 34 Fairview Road.

There is no reason for ANYONE to destroy their SIM card and phone shortly after being inside a home where a dead body was found on the lawn. These people are allegedly just “witnesses,” yet they’ve gone out of their way to:

  • Delete dozens of phone calls around the time John’s body was discovered
  • Get rid of family pets
  • Sell their homes
  • Replace basement floors
  • Destroy phones and SIM cards
  • Lie to state grand juries
  • Lie about butt dials after being confronted with their previous lies by federal investigators

This is now how innocent people behave.

There is no way Brian Higgins killed John O’Keefe alone. If he did then the McAlberts would happily throw him under the bus to save themselves after they were accused of being involved. Instead the McAlberts have gone out of their way to insist that Colin Albert wasn’t inside the house, despite the fact that the Commonwealth is alleging that John O’Keefe never went inside the house. Higgins stopped talking to the McAlberts last year after getting a subpoena to testify. He has stuff on them and they have stuff on him. It’s only a matter of time until the whole truth comes out.

It’s more clear than ever that John O’Keefe was murdered inside 34 Fairview Road, and the feds are well aware of that. There is no chance in Hell that they are going to let this slide without indicting people. The only question is, will they do it before Karen Read’s trial is over? The next few weeks will be very exciting to say the least.

I will have a lot more to say about this on tomorrow night’s Live Show at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our channel and join the fun. I will be having on Attorney Marc Randazza to talk about the SJC petition about the buffer zone appeal, which was denied by a single justice at the SJC today.



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