Canton Coverup Part 333: Commonwealth Offers No Experts To Counter Testimony From 4 Accident Reconstruction Experts Testifying That John O’Keefe Wasn’t Struck By Vehicle


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The witness list for the Karen Read murder trial has come out, and although there are many familiar names there are also several individuals we have never heard of before.


It should be noted that the Commonwealth has yet to explain their theory for how John O’Keefe got these injuries from a vehicle striking him in reverse:

They do not have any experts listed on their witness list who will attempt to explain how a man hit by a 3 ton vehicle:

  • doesn’t have any broken bones or bruising from his nose to his toes
  • appears to have a bruise on his right knuckle from punching something
  • has a linear 3 inch laceration in the back of his head despite landing on snowy grass
  • has two severely black eyes
  • has parallel bit marks on his arms that appear to come from a dog, while being found outside the home of a house with a German shepherd that has sent multiple people to the ER and has completely disappeared

They simply want you to take their word for it that a Lexus hit John while traveling 24.2 mph in reverse, only broke the vehicle’s tail light, and catapulted John 12 feet onto the grass, which caused all those injuries. They want the jury to believe that these injuries make sense because Karen left angry voicemails that night, got into an argument with John in Aruba a month prior, and may have been smooching with Brian Higgins in a garage. When women get angry they can apparently defy the laws of physics, and the Commonwealth hopes the jurors will overlook the science of it all and instead focus on what a bad person Karen Read is.

The defense is taking a different approach though. They’ve decided to add several expert witnesses who they intend to testify at trial. These include Dr. Frank Sheridan, who will testify that the dog bites on John’s arm are in fact dog bites, and Richard Green, an expert in digital forensics who used Cellebrite to find Jennifer McCabe’s deleted 2:27 Google search and over 20 deleted phone calls between 5-9 AM on the morning of January 29, 2022.

However, even more noteworthy is that they have brought in four experts, three of whom have PhD’s, to explain whether or not John O’Keefe’s injuries could’ve come from a vehicle collision. These are the same independent experts hired by the FBI as part of their investigation into the State Police and the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, who reached the conclusion that John’s injuries were inconsistent with a motor vehicle collision. Their names are Chris Van Ee, Daniel Wolfe, Andrew Renschler, and Scott Kline.

Wolfe, Rentschler, and Kline all work for ARCCA, Inc, a Pennsylvania based company that uses the latest technology to evaluate injury causation and accident reconstructions, amongst other things. They conduct investigations, do testing, write expert reports, prepare exhibits, and regularly do trial testimony, according to their website.

ARCCA employs over 40 experts listed on their website. Their biomechanical engineers have considerable experience analyzing the cause of head injuries, which seems to germane to the Read case since John O’Keefe’s head injuries will have to be explained.

Dr. Daniel Wolfe is the Senior Forensic Scientist at ARCCA, who specializes in accident reconstruction. According to his bio Dr. Wolfe investigates and reconstructs vehicle collisions, and is an accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist by the Accrediation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

Dr. Andrew Renstchler is a Senior Biochemist who specializes in the study of the forces and mechanics associated with injuries to the human body.

His expertise seems to be particularly relevant since John’s injuries will have to be explained, and he does this for a living. He has conducted several studies to evaluate the biomechanics of the human body during collisions.

Scott Kline frequently testifies at trials involving vehicle collisions, and is a Senior Accident Reconstructionist who specializes in the investigation of motor vehicle collisions. His expertise includes vehicle accident reconstruction, and imaging of event data recorders (EDR) in vehicles.

Although his expertise is usually used by insurance companies to determine who is liable for vehicle collisions, it is also going to come in hand in the Karen Read murder case since her EDR data will need to be explained and the Commonwealth has made no effort to reconstruct the vehicle collision that they believe killed John O’Keefe.

Dr. Chris Van Ee works for a company called Design Research Engineering in Michigan.

His company provides engineering services that focus on forensic investigations and has performed thousands of accident investigations. His specialties include impact biomechanics, accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, and injury causation. These seem like very valuable skills since an accident reconstruction will be need to explain whether or not John O’Keefe’s injury causation was the result of being struck by Karen Read’s vehicle.

Dr. Van Ee’s resume shows that he is an award winning crash reconstructionist.


In a 2007 court case in which he was an expert witness, the defendant attempted to have his testimony thrown out. The motion failed because Dr. Van Ee is a “well qualified bio-mechanical engineer,” whose “analysis seems adequately grounded in science.”

Click to access USCOURTS-alnd-4_05-cv-01026-0.pdf

Just to review:

  • The defense plans to use the testimony of four seasoned experts, three of whom are doctors with extensive trial experience, and who are so trusted that the FBI uses them for their investigations, to explain why John’s injuries couldn’t come from a vehicle collision.
  • The Commonwealth plans to counter that by questioning a basic bitch named Marietta about what a cunt Karen Read was to her in Aruba in an attempt to distract jurors from the fact that they have no explanation for how John O’Keefe got his injures.

We will see which side makes the more convincing case in the next two months.


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