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Canton Cover-Up Part 34: John O’Keefe’s Brother Doesn’t Believe Karen Read Murdered Him, Is Happy The FBI Is Investigating Other Leads

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On April 29 I DM’d John O’Keefe’s Facebook page after noticing that it was still active. Someone is clearly running it, and there are possibly messages in that account that show John’s private thoughts about his relationship with Karen Read that could shed light on whether or not their relationship was really on the rocks as the Commonwealth has alleged. I didn’t hear back from the account until Sunday night, May 14. It turned out to be John’s brother Paul, who attends every court hearing and fully supports the prosecution of Karen Read. He and I had a long conversation that was quite revealing, and he never asked to have the conversation off the record. I did tell him I would keep it private for now, but I also believe that he is being taken advantage of and manipulated by the Norfolk County DA’s Office, and our conversation reveals that.

I realize that this is a sensitive topic because he is immediate family of the deceased. Paul’s feelings matter, and he’s dealing with immense grief after already losing his sister 10 years prior. But the fact of the matter is that Paul is being manipulated by evil people, and it’s alarming to see what they’ve done to him. I’ve struggled with whether or not I was going to write about this, but I believe that the insight that can be gained from hearing his thoughts will give the general public a much more thorough understanding of how depraved Michael Morrissey’s office and the “Justice for JJ” crowd really are.

At first I wasn’t sure who was running the page, although it was clear that it was someone who supports the prosecution of Karen Read.


Paul was fixated on the Ring camera footage from John O’Keefe’s house, which like a lot of evidence in this case has disappeared. He also thought it was suspicious that Karen Read left 1 Meadows Ave so quickly the morning John died and went to her parent’s house in Dighton.

Except the defense has been the one requesting the Ring camera footage, but Michael Proctor took it so they’ll probably never see it because it likely shows her tail light in tact when she arrived back home that night.

Karen Read likely went to her parents home due to the fact that it’s extremely awkward to be around your boyfriend’s family hours after you were blamed for killing him. I have no idea why she changed her password on her phone, nor is it remotely relevant to how John O’Keefe died. But this seems to be the basis for why Paul believes she is guilty.

I brought up John’s arm, which was clearly bitten by a dog, and asked him if he thought that would happen to someone who was hit by a car going 5 mph in reverse. His response was basically that he believes whatever the medical examiner says.

The medical examiner looked at his body 3 days after he was killed, and she had been told prior to the examination that he was killed by Karen Read backing into him. From there she had to work backwards and come up with a way to explain all his injuries. Had the ME been shown his body and asked how she believed it got that way, she would likely have reached a different conclusion.

Paul O’Keefe is a man who trusts institutions, as do most of us. If we lose faith in the institutions then our society can crumble. During COVID we assumed that the “experts” wouldn’t lie to us when they told us we could stop the spread in 15 days by staying locked in our homes. But they were wrong. And then they lied to us over and over again, rather than admit their mistake. We allowed this to happen because the majority of Americans prefer to defer to the “experts.” It’s easier than thinking for yourself. Paul O’Keefe is one of these people who believes “experts.”

But how did he explain the Jen McCabe 2:27 “how long to die in snow” Google search?

“She didn’t and you will see on May 25th.”

He has no explanation for how a forensic expert determined that she Googled that. He just believes that she didn’t do that because he trusts institutions. He trusts that Adam Lally and the Norfolk County DA’s office wouldn’t lie to him about that. Lally knows that Paul is not the type to ask questions, or do his own research, and he is taking advantage of Paul because of that. Paul will believe whatever he tells him.

Paul claims that the McCabe’s have been “great family friends” to his family for years. But John only knew Jen McCabe because his niece and her daughter are friends. I have yet to see a single photograph of Matt or Jen McCabe with John O’Keefe, but I can produce dozens of images showing John with people sitting behind Karen Read in court. His real friends are supporting the defense and seeking the truth. I know this because I sat with them in court and heard their stories about how great a guy John was.

The McCabes are playing Paul O’Keefe and he’s too naive to see it. They are behind him in court for the same thing that Jen McCabe got in that car with Karen Read looking for John’s body – to control the narrative. They need to be near the O’Keefe family to keep an eye on them. To tell him that her Google search is fake news. It’s the same reason Jen McCabe called Tom Beatty 3 times that morning – to see what his teenage daughter knew.

Matt McCabe barely knew John O’Keefe. If an acquaintance you barely knew was killed would you take time off rom work to go to every court date like they do? They do, because they want to convince the O’Keefe family that THEY were John’s real friends, and the Commonwealth should be directing its resources towards Karen Read.

He really wanted to focus on Kerry Roberts being innocent, since she drove him to court on May 3:

But I’ve never accused Kerry Roberts of being involved in any coverup because she wasn’t there that night. This is a deflection from what really matters.

It’s much easier for Paul to accept that Karen Read accidentally hit him with her car and let him to die. The alternative that he was lured, ambushed, and beaten to death, is too horrific to even think about. He wanted me to focus on Karen Read.

And I have. When I first saw this story last year I thought she did it. I could picture someone accidentally bumping into someone in a snowstorm and maybe hitting their head at a weird angle and getting knocked out.

But I hadn’t REALLY thought it through. I didn’t realize he was found on the grass. I hadn’t seen the autopsy photos. I didn’t know there was a dog in the house. Like Paul, I trusted institutions. I put my faith in the people who investigate murders for a living. But the media was also hiding information from me about whose house it was, who was inside, and the relationship between all parties involved. There’s no excuse for Paul to not see this. He’s just choosing not to.

I told him that if I was ever murdered I would hope that my family wouldn’t be as laid back as he was about finding out who did it. I was very blunt with him and told him that you would have to be very stupid to believe that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe. He didn’t like that.

But I’m not here to assuage his feelings. I’m here to seek truth and justice for his brother, and he needed to hear that.

Surprisingly he said that he was happy the FBI was involved.

But why would the FBI be involved if nothing nefarious was going on? I understand why the autopsy photos are alarming to his family, but they need to see them. Anyone who looks at those photos knows that he was not killed by a car going 5 mph in reverse. He accused me of being immoral for sharing them.

We all should be shocked and horrified by seeing those photos. We learn about the horrors of the Holocaust by seeing images from concentration camps. It’s uncomfortable, but the only way to get justice for the victims is to see what evil people did to them.

I wanted him to answer my question – how will he feel if the FBI indicts Proctor, McCabe, or the Alberts? He kept avoiding the question by focusing on why she went to her parent’s home in Dighton, and accusing me of doing this all for clicks.

Any objective person knows that Karen Read could not have done this. To believe she did do this you’d have to ignore mountains of evidence and focus on the kind of irrelevant things Paul is focusing on.

Paul did say that he thought I was intelligent, but said that people only believed my “narrative” because it was a sexier story. I would argue that the angry girlfriend running him over with her car and leaving him to die in the snow is an equally “sexy” story.

“They want to believe in a corrupt, highly overt cover up.”

That was quite a revealing statement from Paul. This is likely what the DA’s office have been telling him. Adam Lally mocked the idea at the May 3 hearing that a conspiracy to cover up the murder took place. He is attempting to make believers in this particular conspiracy akin to Alex Jones disciples, Q-Anon followers, or Dominion voting machine truthers.

But I’m not one of those people, and my record backs that up. I don’t blindly believe in conspiracy theories, I believe in facts and evidence. And in this case the facts and evidence lead any rational person to believe that John wasn’t killed by Karen Read. Lots of intelligent people, including attorneys, legal experts, and police officers agree with me. The vast majority of the public does as well. Adam Lally is framing it to Paul O’Keefe as if only tin foil hat nutjobs believe what the defense is saying.

Paul still wouldn’t answer my question, but he did say that if any “real evidence” points in a different direction then he will pay attention. But the problem is that there’s already mountains of “real evidence” that he’s choosing to ignore. It’s mind boggling that his brother was killed and he has no interest in looking into it himself. What’s even more mind boggling was his explanation for how John fractured his skull on grass.

This is what we’re dealing with here. A man who clearly WANTS to believe that Karen Read did this. His response indicates that he had questions about how John’s face got like this:

So he likely went Adam Lally and asked for an explanation. Lally knew he was a simpleton who would believe anything he told him, so he said that hitting the frozen grass would be just like hitting a concrete sidewalk. That’s all Paul needed to hear because Paul wants to trust institutions.

What about the dog though?

Again, he blindly trusts the “experts” like the ME, rather than using his own eyes and brain. I get that he is a man in grief, but the fact of the matter is that his brother is dead and he’s putting no effort into finding out who did it. If someone I loved was killed in such a manner I wouldn’t rest until all my questions were answered sufficiently.

I asked him if he had even considered that John might have been beaten to death inside 34 Fairview Road. Surprisingly he said that my blogs, which he clearly reads, made him think about it.

But if you even thought that was a possibility why would you still associate with anyone who was in that house? How would he know that John didn’t have issues with Colin Albert when the facts clearly show otherwise? His family has raised a lot of money off “Justice for JJ” fundraisers. Why not spend that money on an attorney or a private investigator? That’s what you would do if you really wanted answers.

He’s also assuming that I’m getting information from Karen and Tom Beatty because this is likely what the McCabes and others are telling him. Those are the people they can’t control. This is why the McCabes come to all of the court hearings – they need to control the narrative. They need to rub his shoulders if he cries. They need him to believe that they cared for his brother more than anyone. They need to control the way the O’Keefe family thinks. If John’s family turns on them they’re in big trouble.

Paul does not appear to be much of a thinker, so he’s likely never thought about the possibility that Karen Read will be acquitted or have the charges against her dropped. The fact of the matter is that she almost definitely will be, so what will he do when she’s exonerated?

Will he throw his hands up in the air and say that she pulled an OJ? Will he turn his ire on the Alberts? Or will he just not care and move on with his life? It doesn’t appear to be something he’s thought about at all.

Paul understandably asked me to keep his niece and nephew out of it, which I have. I also believe his brother was a hero for taking them in like he did and raising them. I wanted to let Paul know that we were ultimately on the same team, fighting for justice for his brother.

Then to my shock he told me that he not only respected my opinions, but also believed that Karen Read did not intentionally murder his brother.

But the Commonwealth is not alleging that it was an accident, they’re alleging that she did it intentionally because she was mad that he dumped her. He can tell by reading John’s Facebook messages that this wasn’t the case. He has deleted all images from John’s Facebook and Instagram of Karen Read. He knows what the truth is and he’s choosing to ignore it. At some point the sympathy card expires. Paul O’Keefe is a grown man with the ability to think for himself, and we shouldn’t treat him like a child because we feel bad for him. He’s choosing to remain ignorant on this, and in doing so is protecting John’s killers.

I continued to send Paul things during the week to show him how ridiculous it was to believe that Karen Read killed his brother. In particular I brought up Michael Proctor’s undeniable documented lies in handling the case. If he truly believes that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe then he should be furious with Proctor for doing so many things that could get the case tossed out. But he’s not the least bit upset or curious about it.

Imagine your brother was killed, and you believed that the person they charged with killing him was the person who actually did it. Now imagine how upset you’d be if some incompetent State Trooper compromised the whole case by not disclosing his friendship with witnesses, not conducting proper interviews, lying on reports, and planting evidence. Paul O’Keefe isn’t the least bit upset about it because ultimately he doesn’t care that much.

Paul is also hypocritical for feigning outrage about anyone else drinking and driving. In October of 2020 he badly injured an elderly man while driving drunk in Lakeville during the middle of the day. Here’s the police report and images from the crime scene:

search.page (40)

Guess who paid for his bail? According to our sources, that would be Karen Read! And just like Karen Read, Paul lawyered up, fought the charges, and took a plea deal that gave him probation.

I briefly mentioned this during Saturday night’s Live Show, which he clearly listened to because he was upset about it.

Sorry Paul, but you’re not the victim here. You were the aggressor in your case, and now you are helping the people who killed your brother.

But he was too busy driving home from the Celtics game to put much thought into the fact that Michael Proctor’s actions are the reason John O’Keefe is not receiving justice.

An unfortunate car accident? Sorry, this guy just lost all sympathy from me. He made a choice to drink and drive and isn’t the least bit sorry about it. He’s actively hurting an innocent woman because he’s too lazy to do his own research. He has the luxury of being able to not think about it because he’s going to Celtics games. You know who probably wishes they could go to a Celtics game? Karen Read.


There comes a point where the sympathy card runs out. I no longer feel bad for Paul O’Keefe. He has the power and influence to demand justice for his brother. He’s just too lazy and apathetic to do so. If he made a statement expressing concern with the way his brother’s murder investigation was being handled, and if he told the McCabes and Alberts that he didn’t want them in court with him, it would send a loud message that something isn’t right here. Many of his cousins have reached out to me saying as much, but no one wants to tell him because we’re all treating him with kid gloves.

Paul is now telling me that he no longer has to answer my questions because he believes I’m being hostile. But Paul is not the victim here, he’s part of the problem.


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