Canton Coverup Part 346: David Yannetti Accuses Katie McLaughlin Of Perjury After Picture Of Her With Caitlin Albert At Baby Shower 8 Months Before John O’Keefe’s Death Emerges


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On Sunday night we showed yet another photograph of Canton firefighter Katie McLaughlin with Brian Albert’s daughter Caitlin at a social event. This time it was a June 2021 baby shower, and McLaughlin and Albert are standing with their arms around each other.

This picture was taken approximately 8 months before McLaughlin showed up at Caitlin Albert’s house after John O’Keefe’s body was discovered on the front lawn. Caitlin Albert was in the house that night until 1:45 and knows everything that happened inside. McLaughlin was not questioned by Michael Proctor until January 30, after being put in touch with Proctor by her friend Caitlin’s uncle Kevin Albert – the cross fit buddy of Proctor.

Katie McLaughlin can no longer pretend that Caitlin Albert is just some “acquaintance” from high school. She is a person Katie went on multiple vacations with, visited in college, and celebrated pregnancies with.

On Monday David Yannetti began the hearing by reporting to Judge Cannone this shocking information he had seen on the Turtleboy Live the night prior, and accused McLaughlin of committing perjury. Judge Cannone said she would address it later on in the day but then never did. She is not fond of allowing pictures found on social media into evidence, even when they confirm that a witness in a murder case committed perjury in order to protect her friend’s family and incriminate an innocent woman. Cannone never ended up addressing the new photographs and it’s unclear if she will.

Regardless, the entire world knows who Katie McLaughlin is now, and no matter what she does the rest of her career this will be the only thing she is ever remembered for. Hope it was worth it.


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