Canton Cover-Up Part 353: Middleboro Healthcare Worker Robin Brides Self-Doxxes Her Anonymous Twitter Account Threatening Children, Joins McAlbert Mafia After Previously Supporting Karen Read And Turtleboy


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The Karen Read murder trial is not going well for the McAlberts or the Commonwealth. Three weeks into it most of the Commonwealth witnesses have either given testimony that HELPS Read, or confirms that they are liars. Town passaround Jill Daniels is having a tough time coping with this, as she recently posted in a private anti-Karen Read Facebook group about how much Karen Read has hurt her family by refusing to be the victim of a police coverup.

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These people don’t hate Karen Read because they think she killed John O’Keefe. They hate her because she had the audacity to fight back against them. The McAlberts specialize in playing the victim after they’ve been victimizing people for years. Just ask the pathetic tough guys like Brian and Colin Albert who told police they were scared of big bad Turtleboy because he peacefully protested their involvement in a murder.

The McAlberts are even qualifying their posts now with “I don’t know if Karen hit John on purpose,” because they know that no one believes she intentionally ran John over with her car. They use terms like “conspiracy theory” to try to discredit the undeniable evidence that Karen has been framed, and that John was killed inside Brian Albert’s house.

Newsflash – you’re not a victim if you lie in a murder trial and get called out for it.

Katie McLaughlin is not a victim for lying about her relationship with Caitlin Albert.

Colin Albert is not a victim for dropping out of college due to a FBI investigation into his involvement in John O’Keefe’s murder.

Jennifer McCabe is not a victim for being asked why she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM.

Chris Albert is not a victim because people pointed out that he killed a man in 1994.

Karen Read didn’t “cause a circus.” The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office and the State Police did.

Karen Read sits in court rolling her eyes because the witnesses are lying while trying to frame her for murder. She smiles because she’s confident and knows the jury sees through their lies. She waves at supporters because she appreciates them. There has never been a supporter of the McAlberts or the Commonwealth who has felt compelled to protest on their behalf the way complete strangers feel compelled to protest on behalf of Karen Read. This is what envy looks like.

Karen Read has shed many tears. We saw it on the police dash cam videos. We read about it in police reports. We heard about it during testimony. Jennifer McCabe has never shed a genuine tear for John O’Keefe and certainly didn’t on the morning she found the “man on the front lawn” at 34 Fairview Road. Her pathetic attempt to create fake tears on Friday didn’t fool anyone.

I do agree with Jill when she said that Karen Read not owning up to it has caused so much damage to so many. Her refusal to admit to a crime she didn’t commit, and her steadfast determination to prove that Jill’s family did in fact murder John O’Keefe, has caused significant damage to many. However, the people damaged by this murdered a father of two and helped destroy public faith in our institutions. Every decent person is elated to see Karen Read cause this sort of damage.

It’s ironic that Jill thinks Karen is guilty because she hired “well known lawyers.” Someone might want to tell her that her friend Jen McCabe hired well known defense attorney Kevin Reddington. But perhaps Karen needed attorneys like David Yannetti, Alan Jackson, and Elizabeth Little because she realized that she was going up against powerful people who were committed to putting her in jail for the rest of her life for a crime she didn’t commit.

It’s cute that Jill said, “if by chance Karen does walk, which I truly don’t think she will,” because it illustrates the fantasy world these people are living in. Nobody with a brain who has been watching this trial thinks there is ANY chance Karen Read is convicted. Neutral observers like Emily D. Baker who have watched every moment of this trial and had no opinion going into it have been as shocked at the rest of us by how weak the Commonwealth’s case is. The most common sentiment from people who only recently started following is that they’re shocked it even made it to trial. There is no way Jill Daniels actually believes Karen Read is going to jail, which is fine by her. The only thing the McAlberts are concerned with is making sure they are never put on trial.

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Most of the people in this group are actually pro-Karen Read, but there are plenty of lonely cat ladies and McAlberts-in-training who are buying into the idea that the people who murdered John O’Keefe are actually the victims here.

Robin Brides was a diehard Free Karen Read supporter who frequently posted in the Justice for John and Karen Facebook group.

She sent me story ideas about Colin Albert, trying to get me to expose him for allegedly getting girls pregnant and dealing drugs – stories she had no evidence to back up.

She lives in Middleboro and is formerly from Brockton, and has been sending me story tips for years.

As recently as December 23 she sent me a picture of myself on the front page of the Herald with the caption “front page kid.”

She was a huge fan!

Robin works as a cardiac stenographer at Steward’s Medical Center in Brockton, and is listed as a “medical professional” in a 2020 Patch story.

In November she messaged me on Facebook and tried to get me to write a story exposing her employer for not paying their bills and other unethical practices.

Hope they don’t read this! Oops!

But like many others who have followed her lead and switched sides of the Karen Read debate, Robin is mentally unstable and decided to hide behind the anonymity of Twitter. She had an account called “Scully” (@robby2301) before it was removed for saying horrible things like this, wishing beatings on young girls because she disagreed with their mothers:

She posted some horrible stuff about my children as well – something people are more apt to do when they believe that no one will ever find out their identity.

After Robin lost the Scully account she created a new anonymous account to crap on the award winning journalist she’d been fan-girling since 2018:

You’re right Robin, I will “come after your job” if you threaten to harm children on the Internet. People like you are a disgrace and danger to children. You have no business working in healthcare, and you know this, which is why you don’t post using your real name.

After losing that account Robin created a new account @justmeagainx24 and pulled a Jill Daniels/Jackie Dugal by accidentally doxxing herself. She tweeted that she had recently received a butt dial from a friend and talked to her friend about it on Facebook. She then posted a screenshot of the conversation but forgot to completely cover her name:



People like Robin don’t have strong beliefs on anything, they just use the Internet for social acceptance and lashing out at others. She crapped on the McAlberts for months until people in the Justice group pissed her off, then she suddenly decided that Karen Read was guilty and I’m a bad person. She posted how excited she was that she knows “shady people” from Brockton who were going to assault me in jail.

People like Robin Brides, the fake victim, Kristy Cetrone, and others have flipped sides because they have evil in their souls and feel more comfortable associating with cop killers like the McAlberts. Everyone who supports them is a scumbag. Everyone. There is not a single person with any redeemable qualities on the other side. This is a battle of good vs. evil, and good will win in the end.


I have reached out to Robin for comment but she blocked me. However, if she would like to come on the Live Show tomorrow night to share her side of the story she is more than welcome to.




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