Canton Cover-Up Part 354: McAlberts Lie Their Way Through Week 3 Testimony In Karen Read Trial


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I didn’t have a chance to write many articles last week going over updates in the trial because watching this trial is currently dominating my life. But I wanted to do a brief overview of what happened last week to catch you up if you missed any of it because a lot happened.

General thoughts

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  • This is the murder trial of Karen Read, and she’s hardly mentioned at all.
  • Both the defense and the prosecution seem to be putting the McAlberts on trial, with the defense acting as the prosecution and vice versa.
  • This trial is unique because none of the star “witnesses” actually witnessed anything. They have nothing to say about what they saw or heard so they spend most of their testimony talking about what they didn’t see and how they spent their night and morning.
  • They all have nearly identical, well rehearsed stories. This isn’t surprising because they’ve had two years to make sure they have them straight and their lives depend on the consistency.
  • The federal grand jury is often referenced but never named specifically
  • All of the McAlberts were caught in lies at some point during their testimony


Brian Albert 

  • When Brian Albert and Brian Higgins get together they get silly together and engage in grab ass
  • Brian is by far the smartest of the McAlberts and understood how to mislead and deceive the jury. Alan Jackson asked him how big Colin was and he said 5’11”, 175 pounds. Colin’s BSU bio says he’s 6’1″, 215 pounds – a huge difference. The defense is trying to paint a picture that there were big, aggressive men inside 34 Fairview Road. Brian Albert knew this and intentionally tried to make Colin sound less imposing.

  • Brian and Nicole Albert told Michael Lank that Tristin Morris picked up Caitlin Albert at their house at 12:15 AM on January 29 – getting her out of the house 5 minutes before John O’Keefe arrived. But after testifying in front of the federal grand jury Caitlin Albert said she was the last person to leave at 1:45 (Geo fence?). Both Nicole and Brian Albert had no explanation for this and said that Lank made a must’ve made a mistake.

  • Albert sounded dishonest and unconvincing to the jury when he tried to explain why he didn’t wake up and go outside with Karen Read screaming, a dead body on his lawn, and first responders everywhere. His room was closest to the body and had two windows that overlook the. front yard. But even more suspicious was that the aggressive dog didn’t wake them by barking. The bright lights woke up the neighbors at 32 Fairview Road who took these pictures.

  • Alan Jackson showed a video that he personally filmed coming out of the basement bulkhead (and a Microdots snippet), opening the fence door, and walking to the front of the yard to where John O’Keefe’s body was found. The purpose of this was to put it in the jury’s mind that it would be possible for the McAlberts to beat up John in the basement, drag his body out of the bulkhead, open up the fence, and carry him 25 feet to the flagpole area while being obstructed by a parked Ford Edge that Lucky Loughran saw at 3 AM.

  • Court had to be stopped so that Brian Albert could get his attorney Greg Henning in the courtroom. This is the first time an allegedly innocent witness with nothing to hide needed his lawyer with him in court so that he didn’t incriminate himself.
  • Brian Albert did a factory reset on his phone deleting all data the day before Judge Krupp issued a preservation order for his phone.
  • Albert stood by his story that he didn’t call Higgins at 2:22 as phone logs say, and explained that he must’ve butt dialed while having sex. Jackson broke down all of the buttons he would have to press on his phone accidentally for this to happen, which made Albert look like a liar in front of the jury.
  • The first person Albert called about John’s death after the body was discovered wasn’t a family member, it was Brian Higgins at 7:20. He also later called Chief Ken Berkowitz later in the day.
  • Albert is the only witness to repeatedly refer to Karen Read as “the defendant.” He does this intentionally because he believes it will make her sound more guilty to a jury.


Brian Albert Jr

  • The 6’6″ oldest son said that Colin Albert arrived between 10:45-11. Despite being the biggest person in the house no one has ever accused him of being involved in the murder. After he testified it became clear why.
  • Albert Jr. said he could see car tracks in the snow on the road, but said he couldn’t see a 6’2″, 220 pound body in the yard.
  • Despite being inside the house during a murder and sleeping there Albert Jr. was never questioned by State Police until 18 months after the murder.
  • Albert Jr. said he didn’t look outside when all the first responders were in the yard because it gives him anxiety.


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Caitlin Albert

  • Just like the rest of the “witnesses” inside during the murder of John O’Keefe, Caitlin Albert didn’t see or hear anything when it happened, and didn’t see a body on the front lawn when she left.
  • Caitlin Albert came in with a long, prepared definition of what a friend is. This is proof that she watched Katie McLaughlin’s testimony, she knew that she was going to be asked about all the pictures of them together, and was prepped to have an explanation for that.
  • Caitlin Albert’s story, like the rest of the McAlberts, makes no sense. She said that her boyfriend Tristin went home early cuz he had to wake up at 3 AM and plow. She stayed out late, then went back to her parents, knowing it was a blizzard, and could’ve stayed over. Yet she got Tristin to pick her up at 1:45 AM instead. Wonder what changed? Maybe a murder.


Tristin Morris

  • Morris Gump’s ultimate weakness is time – he refused to answer any questions about what time things occurred because he couldn’t be for sure if an event happened at night or during the day
  • Morris Gump is extremely stupid, and said that he didn’t interview with anyone, he only spoke with the DA’s office
  • Despite picking up Caitlin Albert at 1:45 when a dead body was supposedly on the lawn, Tristin was never questioned by investigators
  • Tristin referred to his girlfriend as “high maintenance” on the stand and proposed to her at the end of the week



Sarah Levinson

  • Levinson testified that she was in the backseat passenger side of Matt McCabe’s car as they drove by John O’Keefe’s body at 1:45 AM. She says she didn’t notice his body despite being just feet away because she was turning to her left to look at Julie Nagel.
  • Levinson revealed that she testified in front of the federal grand jury last May and told them she saw grass on the ground, which meant that John’s body couldn’t have been covered by snow if he was there


Julie Nagel

  • Nagel previously told police she saw a “shadowy figure” on the Albert’s front lawn when she was finally interviewed by police 9 months after O’Keefe’s death, and days after Read’s attorneys pointed out in court filings that not a single person inside the house saw O’Keefe’s body on the lawn
  • In her testimony Nagel added new details about what she saw, changing her story from a shadowy figure to a 5-6 foot “black blob”
  • Nagel claims she told the McCabes and Levinson about the black blob, but the McCabes denied this happened
  • Nagel admitted on cross examination that she found out about O’Keefe’s death the next day and never alerted police about seeing his dead body on the lawn
  • Jennifer McCabe asked Nagel for a screenshot of her text message to her brother Ryan asking for a ride
  • made up a new story


Teri Kun

  • The UC Davis DNA expert revealed that she was sent DNA swabs from the State Police that they claim were from John O’Keefe’s clothing, but she didn’t witness them swab the clothing
  • The defense was not allowed access to the clothing and John’s arm tissue samples have disappeared
  • The swabs revealed no dog DNA, but did reveal pig DNA for some reason


Ryan Nagel, Heath Maxon, Ricky D’antuono

  • All 3 told the same story – they pulled up behind Karen Read and arrived seconds after she did at 34 Fairview Road, they saw Karen alone in her car with her interior lights on and her tail lights in tact, and John O’Keefe was not inside or outside the car, meaning he had to be inside the house
  • Their testimony refuted the testimony of Matt McCabe and Brian Higgins, who both told police that Higgins’ Jeep was parked outside the house – none of them saw this Jeep
  • Ryan Nagel was the first witness to tell the jury he spoke with federal investigators in May 2023
  • Adam Lally objected when Yannetti asked Nagel if he saw Karen Read run John over with her car, which is an odd thing for a prosecutor to do when he’s trying to convict Read for running over John with her car
  • The testimony of these three witnesses helped Karen Read immensely


Allie McCabe

  • Auntie Bev allowed a screenshot of McCabe’s alleged text message with Colin Albert, which shows her picking him up at an undisclosed location at 12:10 AM on January 29, 2022, despite the fact that there were no text messages for weeks after then and police never did an extraction report from her phone
  • McCabe testified that she dropped off Colin at his house at 12:20 and was in her house by 12:30 where she remained the rest of the night
  • McCabe’s testimony conflicted with Chris Albert’s testimony that suggested Colin was dropped off at 12:45 AM
  • McCabe was confronted with Life360 data showing she was driving until at least 1:30 AM, and when confronted with this data she baselessly said it was untrue
  • After being caught lying with the Life360 data McCabe began looking at the jury and crying about alleged harassment from Turtleboy
  • Allie said “Colin wasn’t at the house at the same time John was there,” making her the first witness to put John O’Keefe inside Brian Albert’s house


Colin Albert 

  • By far the worst witness the Commonwealth has had so far, Colin came across arrogant and dishonest
  • Colin testified that he didn’t talk with his parents at all about testifying at a murder trial in which anything he said could be used against him in future court proceedings
  • Colin said that the screenshot of his text message with Allie McCabe came from his father Chris, not him
  • Colin said that he’s not close with Courtney Proctor’s family, but took this picture recently with Courtney Proctor’s son

  • Colin didn’t understand what “antagonistic” meant so he asked Alan Jackson to use a different word. So he asked him if Michael Proctor was “mean.”
  • Colin told an obvious lie about why his knuckles were cut up in a February 26, 2022 picture, claiming that he fell on ice and braced his fall by curling his fingers up into a fist and landing with his knuckles on the ice

  • Colin testified that he’s never been in a fight, and claims that the video of him threatening to “fuck up” and “knock out, KO, BANG-BANG” was just an empty threat he made to a rival group of hockey players called the Advantage Boys
  • Colin followed Allie’s lead and cried about harassment as a result of the Turtleboy articles about him


Matt McCabe

  • Matt says he was standing in the window, looking outside after Karen Read drove away, claims he saw v shaped tire tracks in the road (in less than an inch of snow), but did not see the 220 pound black blob (John’s body) which would’ve been directly in his line of vision if he saw the tire tracks
  • Matt testified that his wife Jennifer McCabe fell asleep shortly after arriving home at 2 AM. Her Apple Health data shows that she was awake until Karen Read called her at 4:53 AM, and she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM.
  • Matt for the first time that he saw missing tail light on #KarenRead‘s car when she came to get Jen at his house at 5:30 AM, while he was looking out the window. Did she back into his driveway? If not, how could he see the back of her car?
  • Matt says that Michael Proctor made him go upstairs and sit in his bedroom when they interviewed Jen McCabe. Normally witness statements in murder trials take place at police stations and are recorded. Not John O’Keefe’s murder though. The “witnesses” get interviewed in their homes and nothing is recorded.
  • Matt insisted that Higgins Jeep was parked outside the house, and that he saw Karen’s Lexus in three separate spots outside the house but did not see John inside the vehicle
  • Matt was noticeably bothered by Yannetti’s questions and nervously laughed more than once
  • Matt was confronted with group text messages between him, Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, and Jen McCabe that he clearly hadn’t seen before. He pretended not to be able to see it without a flashlight.
  • One of the texts referred to the Alberts’ neighbors as “the Asian house,” and two of the jurors are Asian men
  • The text messages show Matt telling the group to tell Chris Albert to tell WBZ reporters that “the guy never came in the house,” to which Brian Albert responded “exactly”


Jen McCabe

  • Jen added tons of new details to her previous statements with police, all of which were designed to make Karen Read sound out of control and guilty
  • Jen sent a text message to John O’Keefe at 4:59 AM saying “we need to find u,” which is suspicious because if she thought he was missing and alive she’d probably say “where are you?”

  • Jen fake cried on the stand twice while retelling her story
  • Jen attempted to tell a long and detailed story explaining what she was doing at the time of her 2:27 Google search for “hos long to die in cold” but got cut off by Auntie Bev
  • Jen appeared to show disgust and disdain for Karen Read for showing genuine emotion while looking for John
  • Jen testified that when her, Karen Read, and Kerry Roberts arrived back at John’s house before they found his body, that Karen pointed out in John’s driveway that she had a cracked tail light. She said that Karen was screaming and directed their attention to the back right tail light, that Jen saw missing pieces of tail light, that Kerry was screaming back at Karen and telling her she was crazy. Shortly after that Adam Lally played surveillance video of the incident in question and it revealed that Jen was lying about all of this.

Jen McCabe thinks she can talk her way out of anything. Ultimately her arrogance will be her undoing, because she’s not going to be able to outfox Alan Jackson on Tuesday.


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