Canton Cover-Up Part 358: Commonwealth State Police Witnesses Confirm That Tail Light Was Planted, John O’Keefe Was Bit By Dog 


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Massachusetts State Police Lt. Kevin O’Hara, along with MSP Criminalists Maureen Hartnett and Ashley Vailier, all took the stand in the Karen Read murder trial today, and together they confirmed what we already knew – the State Police planted tail light and a hair to frame Read for killing John O’Keefe. O’Hara went first and did his best Toby Flenderson impression.


O’Hara runs the SERT team, makes nearly a quarter million dollars a year, and was found responsible for an “alcohol and drugs” internal affairs investigation in 2014 that ended up costing him 7 vacation days.

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Earlier in the trial the Commonwealth entered into evidence video of the Canton Police searching the area where O’Keefe’s body was found with a leaf blower, in broad daylight, with less than 2 inches of snow on the ground.

They did not find a single piece of red tail light or John’s black Nike shoe despite looking all over the area.

O’Hara got the call to assemble his SERT team for a second search at 2:53 PM.

This required getting a posse together of State Police and other cops who wanted to earn some overtime shoveling snow on Brian Albert’s front lawn.

It would’ve been ideal to do the search as quickly as possible considering the sun set at 4:56 PM, and 2-3 inches of snow were accumulating every hour. Instead his assembled team was forced to sit around waiting because Michael Proctor and Brian Tully wouldn’t give them the green light by 5:33 PM.

There was no reason for Proctor to delay unless he wanted to plant tail light. He couldn’t plant tail light if Karen’s car wasn’t towed back to Canton, and it didn’t leave Dighton until 4:15.

Between 5:08-5:50 PM the camera stopped working in the Canton Police sally port, so there is no video showing what time Karen Read’s Lexus was towed there, but it had to have come in at some point during that time. The search was finally green lighted at 5:45 PM and lasted until 6:15 PM. During that time they found 4 pieces of red tail light and John’s missing shoe.

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Somehow the Canton Police missed all this with much less snow and full daylight 11 hours prior. There is no way 5 members of the CPD didn’t see any of this. It was all planted at some point during the day.

Keep in mind, John O’Keefe was found with only one shoe on. Canton Police didn’t find this suspicious enough to ask to search Brian Albert’s house. They claim they had no probable cause to search, which is untrue. But if that’s the case then they had no probable cause to search his lawn either. It’s Brian Albert’s property. The scene was unsecured the entire day, so if the shoe was inside at 7 AM Brian had all day to drop it outside and get covered with snow.

O’Hara testified that an unidentified man walked out of Brian Albert’s house during their search, asked if State Police were there for “what happened earlier,” and then went back inside the house. By this point Tully had already determined that John was struck by a vehicle and was no longer willing to pursue other leads, despite the fact that not a single person heard a car accident or saw his body on the front lawn. Tully told O’Hara that he “believed there would be broken pieces of tail light in the area” and knew that John was missing a shoe.

Low and behold, the SERT team found exactly what Tully said was going to be there, which the Canton Police couldn’t see in broad daylight.

At 6:15 Tully told O’Hara that they “had found everything we were going to locate at that time” and ended the search.

How did he know that there was no more tail light to find? Or perhaps a better question is, how did they miss the other 41 pieces of tail light that would be found in 6 subsequent undocumented trips to Fairview Road by State Police and CPD Chief Ken Berkowitz? Luckily Michael Proctor was able to assemble all of them and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle before entering the tail light into evidence:

You would think that after the first or second subsequent search the State Police would’ve put up some crime scene tape and did a thorough search in the daylight to make sure they found EVERYTHING. Instead the tail light pieces kept popping up like perennials every time Trooper Proctor showed up. Kenny Berkowitz saw this piece from his moving vehicle.

Proctor found this Mexico looking piece February 11.

He found Switzerland and Belgium shortly after that.

The day before Trooper Bukkake found this little Kuwait looking double colored piece.

On February 8 Proctor found this upside down South Carolina piece.

On February 3 Trooper DiCicco found Ghana and the Korean Peninsula.

Then he found India, Slovenia, and Bhutan.

Trooper Keefe found Suriname, Togo, and Liechtenstein on the initial search.

Then Proctor found Bulgaria, Albania, and Vatican City on February 13.

Finally Proctor found two of the biggest pieces of them all on February 18 – this Czechoslovakia looking bad boy, along with Billy Belarus.


But I want you to pay special attention to the Czechoslovakia piece. A Lexus LX 570 has a small rectangle that lights up red in the bottom right hand corner. It’s directly underneath a sail looking figure that only serves as a reflector and does NOT light up red.

When Karen pulled out of 1 Meadows Ave at 5:08 AM that red rectangle was lit up.

It was still lit up 11 hours later at 4:12 PM when her car was towed from Dighton.

If ANY piece of red tail light covering up that small rectangle was entered into evidence it proves the State Police planted it. And that’s exactly what happened to the February 18 Czechoslovakia piece.

The piece covering that rectangle was removed from the car when it was viewed 3 days later in the sally port garage.

It’s undeniable that Proctor planted it on February 18. The crazy part is that he didn’t have to. They had planted more than enough tail light at the scene prior to that to jam Karen up. Proctor just got a little carried away because he liked planting tail light so much.

After O’Hara was done Adam Lally called Hartnett and Vailier. He had to be asked almost a dozen times to speak up by Auntie Bev, and she shut off the AC at one point because he couldn’t do as she asked. I saw several jurors fall asleep for the first time during this questioning of witnesses. He is the worst public speaker I have ever seen, and is clearly in the wrong line of work. But the Commonwealth doesn’t care because the purpose of this trial isn’t to convict Karen Read, it’s to try SOMEONE so that they don’t have to put the McAlberts on trial.

They spent almost 3 hours talking about the stupid hair found on Karen’s bumper. For months the Commonwealth insisted it was a human hair, only to find out in September that testing showed it was not human hair. They didn’t like that result so they demanded the hair undergo mitochondrial testing, which would destroy it. It’s been 9 months since then and they still haven’t done it. Not that it matters anyway, because even if it was human hair, and it was John O’Keefe’s hair, it wouldn’t prove a thing because he lived with Karen.

But the shadiest part about the hair is how it allegedly stayed on the car during a 70 mile round trip between Canton and Dighton in a blizzard. Hartnett failed her proficiency exam, which explains why she testified today that the hair didn’t move between these two photographs:


Oh, and they also entered John’s clothing into evidence, which continued puncture marks that look a lot like a dog bit his arm.

So basically the Commonwealth called three witnesses and entered a bunch of pictures into evidence that confirmed they planted evidence and John was bit by a dog. We knew the trial was gonna be a disaster for the prosecution, but I didn’t think it was gonna be this comically incompetent.



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