Canton Cover-Up Part 359: Commonwealth Didn’t Mention Text Messages From John O’Keefe’s Niece Calling Karen Read “Most Amazing Person I’ve Ever Met” While Exploiting Them In Murder Trial 


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Last week the Commonwealth hit a new low when they forced John O’Keefe’s twice orphaned niece and nephew to testify in the Karen Read murder trial. Both children were urged to give testimony that made it seem like Karen Read and John O’Keefe’s relationship was so toxic that Karen had motive to murder him. But all the testimony really did was show that John and Karen got into normal arguments that anyone in a relationship can relate to.

John’s niece has been particularly exploited by the McAlberts. She is friends with one of the McCabe girls, left her high school and now attends school with them, and has been brainwashed by Peggy O’Keefe, who despises Karen Read and ignores all evidence of a coverup of her son’s murder. She detailed incidents in the house and on the Aruba trip in which John attempted to walk away from an argument but Karen would keep badgering him. Any juror in a relationship could likely relate, so this didn’t have the effect the Commonwealth hoped it would.

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The testimony she gave made it sound like she wasn’t fond of Karen during her relationship with John, but there is evidence proving otherwise. This is a text message exchange between John’s niece and Karen on Karen’s 41st birthday in February of 2021.

She jokingly calls her 39, says that she “can’t imagine life without” Karen, and that Karen is the “most amazing person” she has ever met. This is how she felt about Karen Read BEFORE her brain was poisoned by the people who murdered her beloved uncle. This is how she felt about Karen Read BEFORE these murderers put it in her head that the “most amazing person she ever met” was actually a blood thirsty killer. Imagine the confusion and trauma that would cause to a teenage girl.

The two children also repeatedly referred to Karen as “the defendant.” For two years she was a de facto stepmother – a role she didn’t sign up for. They were clearly coached to call her this. The niece also told the jury that John and Karen’s relationship was filled with “toxicity” – which isn’t a word 16 year olds would use unless they were coached by adults to do so. I’ve seen dozens of pictures of the three of them having fun and hanging out. Karen was a de facto stepmother for John’s niece during her formative years, when a girl really needs a motherly figure to help her navigate the life changes she’s experiencing. This is what their relationship was actually like:

Keep in mind, the State Police and DA’s Office have access to all of these images and text messages because they have Karen’s phone. They just choose to ignore this on purpose because it doesn’t fit their blood thirsty killer narrative.

Karen expressed her frustrations privately to people like Brian Higgins about taking care of them alone when John got drunk. This was a normal thing to vent about privately until it was exploited in front of millions of people when she was framed for murder and Higgins exclusively handed over these conversations to try to make her look bad.

The nephew gave more favorable testimony for Karen, calling her a “caretaker” and describing their relationship as “sometimes rough, sometimes good.” He said the fights in Aruba were “nothing crazy.” Her referred to the four of them as a family and said Karen was “nice most of the time.” When Lally asked him if there were “not so nice things” between them it became obvious that he was trying to force this 13 year old boy to dwell only on the bad times because Lally knows that there is a complete lack of actual evidence to convict Read.

The negative things the nephew talked about only painted Karen in a normal light. He said that he got in trouble with Karen for not eating all his food, and said that she “put up an attitude” when he didn’t. Ya know, like a normal caregiver would if they were trying to get a child to do something that was good for them and received resistance. He testified that Karen was crying and looked sad the morning his uncle died, which only showed that Karen was a normal person grieving the loss of her boyfriend. The jurors didn’t seem as horrified as Lally hoped.

For the last year the McAlberts have also been pushing the lie that Karen Read returned to John’s home that morning and went upstairs to delete Ring camera footage from John’s computer. They claim that video from 1-5 AM has disappeared, and they believe that it would’ve shown Karen putting John’s Chevy Traverse in the driveway so that she could intentionally back into it and make it seem like that was what caused the tail light to break (and they call us conspiracy theorists). But that theory was debunked by both children, who testified that John offered all three of them access to the Ring camera but they all declined.

John’s niece also testified that Karen “seemed like she was on meds, wasn’t sitting still, and was almost shaking.” Conversely she testified Jen McCabe was “talking to me and was so calm so I didn’t get worked up.” She says Jen McCabe told her that “John probably went to someone else’s house” and was fine, despite the fact that Jen knew that John was dying on Brian Albert’s front lawn as she was telling her this. The girl has been wrongly led to believe that Karen’s behavior was abnormal, when in fact it was Jen’s relaxed and composed behavior that was much more suspicious.

Most disturbingly John’s niece said for the first time that Karen Read had said “what could’ve happened? Maybe I hit something. Maybe a snowplow hit him. Maybe I hit him. Did I hit him,” on the morning of January 29, 2022. She never told the District Attorney’s Office this during a February 22, 2022 interview. She was clearly coached to say this by the McAlberts, who intentionally got close to her in order to use her as a weapon in the attempted lynching of Karen Read. That’s all these people do – use other human beings for their own benefit.

David Yannetti said it best during his cross examination of John’s nephew:

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“I’m sorry that you were made to come here today.”

The Commonwealth, the State Police, and the McAlberts have done a lot of horrible things during this trial, but nothing is worse than what they’ve done to those poor children. All of this is just a distraction from the fact that Jennifer McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, and that there is evidence of a massive police coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. None of it explains how Karen Read killed John O’Keefe, because they all know that didn’t happen.



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