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Canton Coverup Part 365: iPhone Test Shows Nicholas Guarino Lied About 50 Foot Drop On Oakdale Street That Made It Seem Like John O’Keefe Was Ascending Stairs At 12:22


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The strongest piece of evidence putting John O’Keefe inside Brian Albert’s house is OJO’s Apple Health Data showing him ascending and descending three flights of stairs between 12:21-12:24 AM.

Karen Read does not have a basement in her Lexus, and her phone does NOT show her going up and down flights of stairs. Therefore John could not have been with her in her car between 12:21 and 12:24, and had to be in a place that had stairs. Like Brian Albert’s house.

But according to Trooper Guarino’s testimony last Thursday John could not have been inside Brian Albert’s house at that time because his GPS shows him on Oakdale Street at 12:22. He testified that that the 3 flights of stairs that John O’Keefe ascended and descended at that time was due to a 50 foot change in elevation, which he described as “pretty significant.”

If Apple Health data is that easily “tricked” by a hill, then it’s pretty useless data. Guarino admittedly did not travel Oakdale Street, and instead got his news from Google Earth. So to test this out yesterday I decided to drive Karen Read’s route to 34 Fairview Road that night and record what the street looks like, particularly Oakdale. I then checked my Apple Health data afterwards to see if it recorded me climbing any stairs.

As you can see Oakdale Street does not have a 50 foot drop. It’s probably the flattest street in Canton.


We had an iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 in the car, both of which were in the passenger’s seat like John’s would’ve been. I began the route at 5:56 PM, and was on Oakdale Street by 6:02. Here’s my iPhone 13’s data from that day:

As you can see my phone did not record me going up or down any stairs during the entire trip, let alone on the flattest portion of the drive. All of the other flights of stairs accurately correspond to me going up or down stairs during the day.

I wasn’t holding the iPhone 12, but it was in the car when we were driving at 5:56 PM. This was the same model phone John had, and it didn’t record any flights ascended or descended during that time.

Nicholas Guarino lied. After Rick Green’s report was entered into evidence in April of 2023 the State Police immediately sought to debunk it, instead of using it as a tool to investigate John O’Keefe’s murder. They did that because they had already found their killer – Karen Read. They did it because they didn’t want to investigate Brian Albert because he’s a well known Boston cop.

The Apple Health data is reliable, and would only record John going up and down stairs if he was in fact going up and down stairs. He was inside 34 Fairview Road between 12:21 and 12:24, which means Karen Read didn’t kill him, which means someone inside did. It’s not my job to find out who did it, it’s the State Police’s job. But when the lead investigator is a close family friend named Michael Proctor, and he works for an organization where his coworkers and superiors like Sgt. Bukka, Lt. Tully, Lt. Fanning, Trooper Paul, and Trooper Guarino’s immediate instinct is to protect Proctor instead of arrest the right person, then they can intentionally make sure that they never find out who killed John O’Keefe. It’s not just what they did do to frame Karen Read, it’s what they didn’t do.



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    1. There are a LOT.

      The state has lost the assumption of credibility.
      When we have to wonder, they must have their power removed.
      Innocent people are not JUST being locked up, they are being put to death as well.

      Unacceptable. NO number of people other than 0 is an acceptable number of people to be destroyed by the state.

  1. The MSP is like a human centipede of criminal law enforcement. Where are you, Josh Levy? Are you going to do anything about this organized crime syndicate?

  2. Well constructed argument. You have made excellent points throughout for the most part.

    Let’s also not forget that the Emmanuel Lopes was tried not once, but twice for the murders of Michael Chesna AND Vera Adams. All held up by a low IQ and disgustingly bigoted juror- whom Auntie Bev Cannone was well aware of.

  3. You seen how violent the alberts were in public now imagine how bad it was for jo in the basement. 1221-1224 . Even if the beating lasted only half the 3 minutes that’s a long time to take a beating. MSP made sure there was little to no evidence left. People are saying the alberts will never face consequences because that. So even though the fake killer is getting acquitted the real killers will probably get away with it. The cops are the ones that should be worried.

  4. I grew up in the house at 36 Oakdale Road mentioned in the MSP report. It would be impossible for JO to ascend three flights of stairs there. It’s a two story house with no basement.

    1. The apple health data doesn’t discern between ascending or descending, just that the person went up or down a flight of stairs. Also, we’re talking about 34 Fairview Rd, which absolutely has a basement. It has a basement, first floor, and second floor.

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  6. Kailey B, You are missing my point: We are agreeing. You didn’t see the report Guarino submitted which pins JO’s Apple Health data to 36 Oakdale Road, not Fairview. The MSP report asserts the health data indicating ascending/descending three flights of stairs was tied to a GPS location outside of 36 Oakdale road. The defense explains why Guarino’s assertion about the GPS location is false based on the time offset of the Waze app, and it demonstrated that it actually corroborates the defense contention that JO was outside of 34 Fairview. I was simply adding that, in addition to the defense’s explanation, there is no way JO could have ascended or descended 3 flights of stairs at 36 Oakdale road because it has only two floors. It doesn’t matter if Apple Health doesn’t distinguish between ascending or descending three flights of stairs in this case because none of the possibilities make sense for a two-story building: e.g., 1) Did he go up three stories? No, this is impossible because there are only two floors. 2) Did he go up/down/up? No, that would have left him upstairs at 36 Oakdale. 3) Did he go down/up/down? No, he clearly didn’t start upstairs at 36 Oakdale.

    1. Excellent comment! Thank you for laying it out and explaining it like this. Wish the defense would have thought to add that detail about the Oakdale Drive home.

  7. FYI: Your webpage will not fill when I’m in normal mode, it will open immediately when I use a private browse page. Somebody seems to be suppressing your wonderful journalism.

    You were so right about everything in this case.
    I hope KR counter sues.

    Will you be doing the same for the woman that was murdered after having dated 3 different
    town officers ?

  8. The Coverup persists and the emboldened Fairview Fight Club teed up three seats behind the family to face the jurors as if to challenge our justice system. Revisiting this “Look-away DA” courtroom for closing arguments seems especially ill-advised and bold for Colin, Brian and Jen. Message received, nothing matters to you. The world is watching Justice for Officer John O’Keefe Free Karen Read Pulitzer for Aidan Kearney

  9. TB you’re gonna have post partum depression after this ends.

    Why does Howie keep saying Jen McTooth deleted her search? Everyone selects “delete browsing history on exit”.

  10. Going through the Motions Sean told Howie Carr what happened to Officer John O’Keefe in 34 Fairview. Brian Albert’s former supervisor, Peter Murphy explains how taillight was used to indite then frame Ms. Read. Canonne’s a useful tool allowing inept traffic prosecutor Lally to muddle along. Point is Ms. Read’s civil rights are being violated. Feds handed her defense team evidence that Ruthless Norfolk DA Morrissey wants to see. Read ALL of Canton Coverup #119. This goes all the way back. Aidan Kearney deserves a Pulitzer for investigative journalism.

  11. I wouldn’t want to live in this town, nor anywhere within a 100 mile radius of this place. This is all the Devil’s work, and anyone residing there, run….. MOVE…. do it with haste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’d like to hear from Tr. Guarino more about his conversations with Berla that supposedly happened every 2-3 months. What a horrible coincidence that in December 2023 Berla releases software Version 4.6 with ‘additional unprecedented support for Toyota & Lexus vehicles’. The SAME month the risky ‘chip off’ process was carried out and the valuable ‘micro chip’ rendered useless. I would definitely go back to those ‘sales reps’ if I were Guarino, you were deceived!!

  13. Hey! From Canada over here 👋This is the craziest story ever! I just did a deep dive for the last 4 days and cannot stop finding horrible deceptions at every turn I only got onto this site TB today so it’s not like I started here! I don’t think Karen hit John with her car it just doesn’t make sense and the lying and covering that’s been brought to light is gut wrenching for Johns family they must be devastated. All they had to do was say he fell down the damn stairs but instead they framed his gf who none seemed to like. Then due to inflated egos figuring she’d just plead out do a few years and everything goes away! I just now started with that poor girl Sandra Birchmore sounds like they all just passed her around like what actual eff is wrong with people??!! I can hardly wait to see if they try her again if they do they’ll come guns blazing even literally I fear at this point. I hope Karen has protection she def needs it or she’ll wind up suicided sitting down cross legged on the floor too my god what a mess

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