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Canton Cover-Up Part 367: Michael Proctor Relieved Of Duties, Transferred Out Of Norfolk County DA’s Office After Failed Attempt To Convict Karen Read


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Breaking news – the Massachusetts State Police have announced that they have relieved disgraced Detective Michael Proctor from his duties in the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Let’s be clear – they waited to do this until after the trial because they had NO INTENTION of disciplining him if Karen Read was convicted. A police officer was murdered in Norfolk County, and no one has been held accountable for that. They are not blaming it all on Proctor, despite the fact that they stood by him this entire time. They are throwing him under the bus, as they should, but the DA’s Office and State Police brass allowed this to happen. His bosses Yuri Bukhenik, Brian Tully, and John Fanning covered for him. They knew that he lied about his relationship with the McAlberts and were in the inappropriate group text messages where he mocked and sexualized Karen Read. Yet they did NOTHING. Now they have a political nightmare on their hands so they’re doing this to save face.

To make matters worse they aren’t even firing him, they’re rehoming him.

I see the State Police are following the lead of the Catholic Church and shuffling around their most problematic employees instead of firing and arresting them.

The State Police have a long and documented history of doing this every time they get caught in a scandal. In 2018 we broke the news that Trooper Leigha Genduso was previously investigated by the State Police for drug dealing and money laundering, and had to testify in federal court against her boyfriend Sean Bucci in order to avoid going to prison. Despite knowing about her past the State Police did not discipline ANYONE for hiring her. They threw her under the bus much like they’re going to do to Proctor. But until they rid themselves of the institutional rot it will be impossible for anyone to ever trust them moving forward.

Brian Tully should be fired.

Yuri Bukhenik should be fired.

Colonel Mawn should resign.

Michael Morrissey should resign.

They stood by Proctor, and as a result John O’Keefe will likely never get justice.


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  1. All of the law enforcement involved in this fiasco, should be fired from proctor all the up to healey! She was AG from 2015-2023 and is corrupt as hell!

    Aidan, you exposed healey and her abuse of power as AG, for sleeping with multiple female state troopers …and you are paying the price for that and the Read case too.
    What the hell has happened to our Country!
    God Bless 💗

    1. How likely is it that the feds will hold whoever accountable. In a retrial couldn’t all the prosecutions witnesses just plead the 5 th now so as not to incriminate themselves ?

  2. Poetic Justice for Chloe.
    Prodigious through an f-bomb on live news. If that isn’t the final nail in his coffin, Massachusetts might just be corrupt. I’m joking of course,Massachusetts is the dirtiest state in the union.

  3. Yep, throw the stupid little fish under the bus to get squished when in fact everyone from corrupt dirtbag Morrissey on down should be fired But, hey, gotta keep those pension clocks ticking, right?

    I feel bad for John’s mother. There was no justice possible with this crew in charge. A bunch of incompetent, selfish psychopaths. And that includes his wife who likes to call people at their work and tries to get them fired.
    Such arrogance. Such ignorance. And nothing will change because they’ve got the guns. and are corrupt traitors to the concept of justice.

  4. Aidan your trial will help make Massachusetts safer for free speech. Keep knocking the rust off the wheels of justice. Maybe The Fast Times at Norfolk DAs office will come to a screeching halt. Where is Josh Levy?

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that all the corrupt individuals involved are regular speakers at NAMBLA meetings. Is the proctologist getting rehomed to the same puppy farm as Chloe?

  6. Killing the lowest peons in the incestuous swamp that is Mass Law enforcement has a long tradition. Lickspittle toerags like Bukakke, Lally, Mawn and that vile corrupt bag of suet Morrissey; these men are absolute cancer… and the whole country knows it now.

    1. What an effin DISGRACE. People . people with power. The town folk need to keep Fighting
      And let them McCabes & Alberts know we 👀 you . we see you and we are going to remove you & demolish you
      Enough with the cover-ups & lying
      This isnt Your town. Its our town
      One thing I do now in my older years . I call people out and let them know I know what they’re doing .. Im not taking anyones Crap ANYMORE.. And I Despise & Abhor LIARS. You lie to my face I will call u out and then we’re DONE
      The most horrific aspect of this case is a fellow officer was killed and Who knows if they”ll ever be JUSTICE for him .. Thats a Crime in itself
      Karma needs to come for All those who coveruped & lied

  7. Money-talks Morrissey could be counted on to shift cases from Norfolk County to Worcester read Coverup Part 119. The old fat cats holding up the bar at Jimmy’s Harborside need to be deep-sixed from power. The pen is mightier than the sword. Aidan thanks for your investigative journalism.

  8. The establishment has corrupted every facet of this case , and I also believe that they corrupted the jury to avoid “Not Guilty “ and have some type of gray area to hang their hat

    1. Wondering how jurors will feel as botched investigation reveals evidence planted on lizard king McAlbert’s lawn. Berky’s scared to death. Mawn brush up on ethics, please. Morrissey’s lost his grasp of modern courtroom proceedings. Ms. Read hold your head high. You were framed. Not Guilty of anything but falling for Officer John O’Keefe who walked into Fairview Fight Club. Does Aidan have a trial date

  9. Well in the end there were members of the jury who say she is GUILTY…Proctor is not a big deal but a strategy for a conviction…he is represented by the union and exercised his freedom of speech on his private cell phone that should have never come in as a evidence anyway. They can suspend him now but the union and the high court will give his job back not as an investigator but he will remain a trooper..and tax payers will pay any back money owed to him…that is beside the point and only was a distraction from the real issue and that is KAREN READ IS A KILLER…The state will get a conviction at the next trial believe that..

  10. A retrial.will be better, as more evidence of involvement of the Albert/ McCabe crew is warranted..
    Between the autopsy photos, cell phone location data, this was a cover-up by a handful of people, not one person who wasn’t even around him when his phone stopped moving

  11. What about Higgins? Has he lost his job as an ATF agent? Going to the Kiosk-throwing his cell phone (when they told him to turn it over) onto a dumpster on the Base-my Dad was Navy Shore Patrol in Wollaston Bay Area- They burn everything in those dumpsters- I knew that as a 12 year old- my dad told me so. Anybody know? Because I’m about to write a few letters. This is Local-State-Federal . Does anybody know about Higgins status now-because I cannot access it.

  12. What about Higgins? Has he lost his job as an ATF agent? Going to the Kiosk-throwing his cell phone (when they told him to turn it over) onto a dumpster on the Base-my Dad was Navy Shore Patrol in Wollaston Bay Area- They burn everything in those dumpsters- I knew that as a 12 year old- my dad told me so. Anybody know? Because I’m about to write a few letters. This is Local-State-Federal . Does anybody know about Higgins status now-because I cannot access it.

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    1. What kind of special new brand of cocaine was trooper Paul on? That dude was for sure “a trooper” for even having the balls to get on the stand all geeked the fuck out like that. Like listen I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks: if trooper Paul isn’t THE definition of someone “geeked the fyck out on high power dirty cop confiscated blow” idk what is. Bros entire body was clamming up and sweating; dude couldn’t talk. That was sad for real it was hard to watch

  15. Listen, I used to work for a high profile CDL out of FL. I also have the “blessing” of having experience on both sides of the aisle (in other words I’ve been in Karen Read’s shoes, as well). I watched every single minute of this trial. Well, let me be clear, I watched every single second of the defense’s cross and direct examination of witnesses as well as the opening/closing statements, hearings outside of the jurors presence– as well as read every single motion filed by the defense in this case (if anyone could watch more than 2 minutes of Lally’s direct or cross God bless you because I would rather watch 4 coats of paint dry). That being said, the prosecution is going to bluff hard as FUCK that they will re-try this. That’s what they do. DA’s bluff all day every day. Until the last second. They will never re-try this case. And if they do they are going to have to come up with a whole other story as to what happened because counts one and three will be thrown out by an appellate court due to double jeopardy (as long as when they re-poll the jurors and/or confirm with the foreman that those two counts were unanimous 12-0). Auntie Bev can try what she wants but Read’s defense attnys will appeal this to a higher court and those charges will be dropped. And even if they aren’t — where exactly do you go from here if you’re Lally/the DA’s office? lol you threw literally every single piece of shit you could find at the wall and nothing stuck. I have some ideas for how the defense could have handled it differently. Listen, this is the best criminal defense team in the world and I’m not acting like I’m better or smarter than them, but in closing rather than having the theme be “look the other way” the theme should have been “reasonable doubt”. The defense doesn’t have to prove what happened. The defense simply has to say if there is ANY doubt in your mind what happened on that night – which I think we all know the answer to that– then you HAVE TO check not-guilty. I mean, reasonable doubt is the theme of this case. The prosecution proved NOTHING concrete. I think Jackson (who is honestly the best criminal defense lawyer I have ever seen in my entire life and he is honest to God my idol and I couldn’t be more proud to have even heard of this man because he is an absolute legend and he is the only thing standing in-between ALL of us and this CORRUPT nation) in his closing argument, although I loved it, I think for a simple minded layman’s type person the in depth theory was too much to believe (Higgins pushing him down the stairs Chloe biting him etc etc). I mean NONE of us know what happened– and that’s the whole point. Thats what reasonable doubt is. My closing argument would have been “in closing I think there’s one thing we can all agree on — no one has a god damned clue what happened that night, and that was the prosecution’s job- to prove without a reasonable doubt what happened that night, If you can sit there and conclusively without a shred of a doubt say that you know exactly play by play what happened that night you’re lying to yourself. And that was the prosecutions one job- to prove to you what happened. They failed at that. There is reasonable doubt from the headlight, to the cause of death, to the injuries and/or how they were caused, there’s reasonable doubt all over every single aspect of this investigation- from the clothing evidence, to the taillight pieces, to the physics of the accident, to when the taillight was even broken, to if a text was sent from inside the home from someone other than Karen read’s phone saying “hosting ti die in cold”, there’s reasonable doubt regarding why the home was sold and why the dog was rehomed, there’s reasonable doubt regarding cell phone evidence and even reasonable doubt that the car itself never even struck mr okeefe as u heard the outside non-biased (and clearly WAY more professional/intelligent) accident recinstructionists (that actually know the definition of kinetics and physics) that stated there is no way these injuries were attained by a vehicle. There is reasonable doubt every single which way you look. The end. The defense doesn’t have to prove a theory, they just need to prove the prosecution didn’t prove their’s to the extent of without a reasonable doubt. That being said, I guarantee you this case is never re-tried… remember I said it.

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  17. Aaah, no worries; it is far from over. You will see a very big shake up and policy change at the MSP along with other departments. All that really matters right now is uncovering everyone who is involved. Hopefully the feds will make an example out of this….We will see

  18. They shouldn’t be fired. They should be charged. We want JUSTICE! WE WANT THEM PUNISHED FOR THIS!

    Purge the MSP and temporarily replace them with the national guard while a new MSP force is built out and trained.

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