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Canton Cover-Up Part 40: Matt McCabe’s Brother Calls Karen Read Psycho Bitch For Post-Court Press Conference, Believes Public Support Isn’t Behind Her


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This is Sean McCabe, the brother of Matt McCabe.

He’s the Tim Albert of the McCabe family, in that he can’t shut his mouth on social media. He’s a simpleton who’s been brainwashed into becoming a communist because he gets his news from world renowned information centers such as “The Other 98%” and “Occupy Democrats” on Facebook. He expresses himself mainly via sharing memes because he’s incapable of independent thought. But he’s also an alleged grownup who posts insensitive and inappropriate things on Facebook that no self respecting adult would. For instance, he mocked Ashli Babbitt for being dead.

Because it’s funny when people die if they voted for the person you don’t like.

His profile picture is a middle finger, and his job is listed as “Boss.”

He believes the President is not the President when he doesn’t vote for them.

He celebrated National Daughter’s Day with this.

He’s a grown man who sees something like this:

And decides that he simply must share it on Facebook.

He compared Barron Trump, at the time a 13 year old boy, to a dog.

And he mocked the murder of 22 year old Otto Warmbier, who died after being tortured in a North Korean prison for allegedly pulling a flier off a hotel wall.

Sean McCabe thinks that it’s funny to laugh at his grieving parents.

That’s the kind of person Sean McCabe is, because that’s the kind of family the McCabes are.

Sean also had some thoughts about Karen Read’s post-court press conference on Wednesday, in which she not only proclaimed her innocence, but stated that her defense team knew who was responsible for killing John O’Keefe.

I get my name misspelled wrong a lot, but Aidiun is a new level of stupidity that could only be breached by an Albert or a McCabe.

The fact that these people are so publicly posting things like this shows just how classless and arrogant they are. If one of my family members was openly being accused of covering up the murder of a Boston Police Officer, I would say nothing publicly. If I did choose to speak I would make sure whatever I had to say was well thought out and articulate.

But this is who the McCabes and Alberts are – trashy townies who can’t help themselves. The kind of people who show up to court in jeans and sandals and smile at you when you’re asking them about their role in covering up a murder.

Not Sean McCabe though. He calls Attorney Alan Jackson a “douchebag lawyer” on his public Facebook page, and refers to Karen Read as a “psycho bitch client.” Kind of like how Tim Albert posted “don’t f*** with my family or I’ll make you the most miserable person,” days after Alan Jackson and David Yannetti accused his family in open court of murdering John O’Keefe.

Smart people do not behave like this.

Innocent people do not behave like this.

Confident people do not behave like this.

When Karen Read spoke for the first time on the courthouse steps it was powerful. You heard in her voice for the first time just how much she loved for and cared about John O’Keefe. She stressed how she was the only one who tried to save his life, and is the only party involved in these legal proceedings who’s interested in pursuing the truth.

The reason that lawyers advise their clients not to speak is that bad faith actors will take one thing you said, focus on that exclusively while ignoring all of the other things you said, and intentionally misinterpret it (or in this case didn’t say) in order to paint you in a bad light. There is nothing Karen could have said that will ever convince people like Sean McCabe because they’re too invested in the lie.

I have seen others point this out as well, so I want to address how she responded to the question from 7 News reporter Steve Cooper, who asked her if she killed O’Keefe. Watch it at the 4:50 mark:

Her look said it all:

My fifth grade teacher gave me the same look when I asked her a ridiculous inappropriate question while trying to impress my classmates, except she pulled her glasses down to the tip of her nose and glared at me for longer.

“We know who did it, Steve. We know.”

The fact that she addressed him as Steve spoke volumes because it made it clear that she had spoken with him before. Steve Cooper already asked her this same question outside of court a year ago and was emphatically told no. Her response to him was basically:

“Of course I didn’t do it Steve. You know that because you’ve asked it before. We’re way passed that question and I’m not going to humor it. As a matter of fact, we’ve figured out who actually killed him. Judge Beverly Cannone knows who killed him, but she is not allowing us to prove that in court, so we’re frustrated.”

Over the years I’ve been called a number of things that I know I’m not. Tops among them is that I’m “racist,” or a “white supremacist,” for investigating people like Monica Cannon-Grant. I used to deny it because it’s baseless and untrue. But over time I realized that even humoring the accusation by responding to it gives the statement legitimacy. If Sean McCabe asked me if I was a racist or a white supremacist I wouldn’t humor him with a “no,” because that’s giving the asinine question more legitimacy then it deserves. I’d probably ask him if he was a pedophile and move on with my day to prove the point that not all questions have merit, so all things considered Karen Read handled that better than I would’ve.

Here’s the part that Sean McCabe really whiffed on though – “Anybody listening to this psycho bitch speak thinks this psycho bitch is soooo f***ing guilty.”

The beauty of that statement is that it’s simply not true, and shows how desperate and panicked these people are. I’ve never seen a murder defendant get cheered on the way into court by complete strangers. The McCabes want to believe that people are thinking that Karen is guilty, but they’ve read the comments section and they know that’s not true. Go read the comments on any neutral third party reporting on the Karen Read murder case to see what people who are NOT diehard turtle riders think of this case based on the facts presented by the mainstream media (who still has not told tons of relevant details that would further make people conclude she was innocent). Here’s a small sampling from Court TV’s YouTube channel, and WCVB’s Facebook page:

Uninvolved, unbiased individuals who don’t follow this religiously can see clear as day what is happening here.

“Seems pretty obvious that that whoever googled about dying in the cold is guilty.”

“This is the one case that I agree with the defense.”

“It sounds like a delay tactic for the judicial process.”

These are random people who aren’t from Massachusetts and haven’t been following this case. These are people who are predisposed to believe the prosecution, but for the first time they do not. It’s OBVIOUS to them what is happening.

This is why Karen Read should be confident – this is representative of the jury pool Adam Lally will have to choose from. There is no way in Hell she will ever be convicted, which is likely what Lally wants. He wants to be able to say that he tried so he can blame it on the jury. He wants to be able to have a reason to never pursue the Alberts and McCabes. If the case were dropped he would have to go after someone. He wants to turn her into OJ.

You can tell the McCabes and Alberts are flustered because they have to use fake names (except for dumb ones like Steve McCabe and Tim Albert) to defend the indefensible. You might’ve seen them on our Facebook page – Laurie Palmer, Noah Pizzaro, Beatrix Potter, etc.

They have nothing of substance of offer, just like Steve McCabe. I block them on my page (Clarence Woods Emerson) because my policy is clear – I encourage and allow dissenting opinions, as long as you use your real name. If you’re confident in and proud enough of your opinions then you’d put your name on it. These people are neither because they know they’re defending the indefensible. Most likely it’s Jen McCabe herself, but it doesn’t really matter who it is. If you don’t use your real name then your opinion is irrelevant.

The McCabes are desperate because the facts hurt their case. Look at the faces Jen McCabe made when I confronted her outside of court.

A lot of people pointed out that her smile looked cocky and arrogant, but I can see right through her. That is a nervous, fake smile that she has to put on in order to make it seem as if Turtleboy isn’t getting to her. An innocent person wouldn’t smile at all, they would remain stoic and keep walking, much like Karen Read has been doing. They would treat this like the serious matter that it is.

(P.S. Where is that polygraph Jen McCabe did that her drunken Attorney Kevin Reddington promised us we would be seeing a month ago?)

The bottom line is that anyone criticizing Karen Read for not immediately saying “no I didn’t kill John O’Keefe” has never put themselves in her position. Until you’ve been wrongly framed for murder, and are in the position of speaking off the cuff in front of millions of people, you’ll never understand the pressure of being in a scenario like that. Defendants are taught to say as little as possible. I’m sure her attorneys would’ve loved for her to emphatically say “No I didn’t,” but instead she went one step further.

Anybody listening and following this case knows that it’s not Karen Read who should be nervous here, it’s the McCabes, the Alberts, the Proctors, and the corrupt DA’s Office who are providing cover for cop killers.


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  1. McCabe Construction apparently does a fair amount of excavation work. Wouldn’t that kind of experience come in handy when someone needs a swimming pool filled in?

  2. “Over the years I’ve been called a number of things that I know I’m not. Tops among them is that I’m “racist,” or a “white supremacist,” for investigating people like Monica Cannon-Grant. I used to deny it because it’s baseless and untrue. But over time I realized that even humoring the accusation by responding to it gives the statement legitimacy.”

    For this exact same reason, when you harass and chase supporters of the O’Keefe family outside the courtroom they all turn their backs and ignore you. It does not matter what they respond to you. They know that what you are saying to them is untrue. But you have your mind already made up and are looking to shine a poor light on some that are just there to support John O’Keefe’s family.

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