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Canton Cover-Up Part 42: Top 50 Things You Must Ignore In Order To Believe That Karen Read Killed John O’Keefe

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The unique part of our coverage of the Karen Read-John O’Keefe story is that feedback has almost been universally in agreement of our work. No matter how vile the people we blog about are, there is almost always some contingent of people who want to defend their honor. Often it falls across party lines, but in this case both the left and the right are united in agreement that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe. However, there are a couple stragglers online who continue to push this narrative. To that end I put together a list of the Top 50 Things You Must Ignore In Order To Believe That Karen Read Killed John O’Keefe, so that you can reference this moving forward. I understand that 41 blogs are kind of hard to keep track of, so it’s better to have the most important points in a list like this in order to realize just how much factual information you must ignore in order to be Paul O’Keefe, Karl Dugall, or the few remaining stragglers holding onto hope that Karen Read did this. We will be reviewing this on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch.

50. Michael Proctor interviewed Jen and Matt McCabe, and Brian and Nicole Albert together at 11:30 AM at Jen McCabe’s house, despite all four being at 34 Fairview Road at 9 AM. This gave them time to get their story straight and ensured that no one’s story contradicted another person’s story. Proctor chose not to interview them at 34 Fairview Road immediately after finding a dead cop on the lawn. Here is a picture of McCabe’s car in the driveway at 9 AM.

49. No interviews conducted by Michael Proctor or other members of the State Police were recorded or done at a police station as protocol requires.

48. No one besides Karen Read was ever considered or treated as a suspect, despite the fact that she has no criminal record, no history of violence, and is a well respected member of the community. 

47. The Commonwealth’s story is that a vehicle going 5 mph in reverse killed a 6’2″, 217 pound man, causing multiple skull fractures and lacerations to his arm, despite the fact that he landed on grass and snow. 

46. There was no accident reconstruction report ever took place at 34 Fairview Road.

45. John O’Keefe’s body had to have been struck with enough force to have flown 12 feet in the air in order to land 12 feet from the curb.

44. The Commonwealth has not attempted to come up with a theory for how John O’Keefe died or how he got lacerations on his right arm. They simply blamed it on blunt force trauma from being read-ended.

43. No one ever interviewed the man who plowed 34 Fairview Road that night to see if he saw a body lying in the snow.

42. The Commonwealth is withholding several pieces of evidence (including DNA from John’s body) that exculpates Karen Read, which they have been ordered by the court several times to give to the defense.

41. If Karen Read killed John O’Keefe then she knew that the angry voicemail she left him would be used against her as evidence.

40. Every single person who claims Karen Read said, “I hit him, I hit him” is directly related to the Albert or McCabe families.

39. No one saw or heard a man being hit with such force that it knocked him to the ground, nor did anyone hear him calling for help.

38. John O’Keefes body had no bruising, cuts, or broken bones on his abdomen, legs, midsection, or left arm. Injuries are exclusive to his head and right arm. 

37. Jen McCabe claims not to have seen a 217 pound body laying in plain view, illuminated by snow and obstructed by nothing, at 6:03 AM, while riding in the front seat of a car, and specifically looking for a body.


36. Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe, Julie Nagel, Sarah Levinson, Colin Albert, whoever drove Colin Albert home, Brian Higgins, Brian Albert Jr, and whoever else was inside 34 Fairview Road and left that night, did not see John O’Keefe’s dead body on the front lawn despite less than 2 inches of snow falling.

35. A pool owned by Tim Albert, at the home where the Alberts all gather, was filled in for no apparent reason one week after the Alberts were named in court for the first time as potential suspects by Karen Read’s defense attorneys.


34. Jen McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, despite telling police that she believed John O’Keefe had gone home with Karen Read and had never been inside 34 Fairview Road.


33. Jen McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 6:24 AM, with the exact same spelling mistake she made 4 hours prior, one minute after spelling it a different incorrect way.


32. Jen McCabe deleted all of her calls, texts, and Google searches before and after finding John O’Keefe’s body. She also deleted a screenshot of Brian Albert’s phone number, and a Google search for “how long to digest food,” which could be used by a pathologist to determine time of death.

31. McCabe called John O’Keefe 6 times in a panic between 12:40 AM and 12:50 AM, despite having no reason to believe anything bad had happened to him, and despite claiming that she saw Karen Read drive away at 12:45 AM.


30. The Commonwealth claims that Jen McCabe never Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, but then filed a motion to cancel an evidentiary hearing where ADA Adam Lally could’ve cross examined the forensic expert (Richard Green) who claims that she made that she deleted the search and other incriminating calls and text messages.

29. Trooper Nicholas Guarino’s extraction report intentionally left out McCabe’s incriminating Google searches, and other information that inculpates her.


28. The Commonwealth’s only explanation for McCabe’s 2:27 Google search was that it never happened because she had another browser open in Safari.

27. Colin Albert called Tom Beatty’s daughter at 12:33 AM to ask for a ride home from 34 Fairview Road.

26. Jen McCabe called Tom Beatty 3 times between 5:30 AM and 6 AM despite having no reason to, since Beatty was never at 34 Fairview Road, and would have no idea about O’Keefe’s whereabouts.


25. The only evidence tying Karen Read to the crime scene are pieces of her tail light that were found by the SERT team 12 hours after discovering O’Keefe’s body, but there is Ring camera footage showing her tail light breaking after backing into O’Keefe’s car at 5 AM in O’Keefe’s driveway.


24. Canton Police reported finding no tail light evidence at the scene of the crime at 6 AM.


23. Twelve hours later State Police under the direction of Michael Proctor found more tail light fragments, a shoe, and a hat that were NOT seen by Canton Police 12 hours earlier, despite more than a foot of snow having fallen during that time.


22. Trooper Michael Proctor never disclosed that he was a close family friend of the Albert and McCabe families. ADA Lally later lied in court when he said an image of Proctor with McCabe’s daughters was not actually a picture of McCabe’s daughters.


21. Alarm.com footage from Karen Read’s parent’s house at 4:12 PM shows Proctor lied about having towed the car at 5:30 PM, giving him 1 hour and 18 minutes alone with her car. Tail light fragments were found on top of over a foot of snow at 34 Fairview Road at 5:45 PM. Proctor knew that a SERT team would be there by then, and needed to establish an alibi showing that he could not have planted tail light fragments.


20. Dighton Police records show that Proctor called for a tow from Karen Read’s parent’s house at 2:30 PM, despite the fact that he had not yet seen her broken tail light, and despite his claims that he did not arrive there until past 4:30 PM.


19. In his report Michael Proctor misspelled the names of at least 5 witnesses who were inside 34 Fairview Road that night, including the homeowner’s daughter, a nurse, the daughter of the Town Administrator, and Brian Albert Jr’s girlfriend (Emily Fabbiano, Caitlin Albert, Kathryn Doody, Julie Nagel, and Sarah Levinson.)


18. Despite being material witnesses who drove past, and were just feet away from John O’Keefe’s body, Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson were never questioned by Proctor until more than a year later.


17. Police Chief Ken Berkowitz magically found tail light fragments from a moving vehicle on February 4 outside of 34 Fairview Road, a week after Read allegedly struck O’Keefe with her car. On February 1 he contacted a reporter and asked him to remove a tweet with factual information that O’Keefe’s body was found on the lawn of a Boston Police Sergeant, because Sgt Brian Albert was a “pillar of the community.”


16. Despite a night of drinking Jen McCabe’s Apple Health data shows her moving around her house until 4:53 AM when she finally received a call from Karen Read.


15. Ryan Nagel told police that Karen Read was alone in her car after arriving at 34 Fairview Road seconds before she did. He did not see John O’Keefe’s body in or around the car, nor did he hear any signs of a struggle. Her car was facing south.


14. Both Jen and Matt McCabe claim that they saw Karen Read drive south on Fairview Road, which means that she never did a three point turn.

13. After a night of drinking witness Brian Higgins elected to clock into work at 1:30 AM at the Canton Police Department in order to have an alibi.


12. Two minutes of footage from the Canton Library are missing from the exact time Karen Read would have driven by (12:37-39), and the Commonwealth has no explanation for why that is.


11. Jen McCabe claims that she saw Karen Read leave at 12:45, which could easily be disproven with camera footage from the hundreds of homes Read would have passed by on her way home, as well as the Canton MBTA station. The police made no attempt to obtain any of this camera footage.

10. Ring camera footage from John O’Keefe’s home that would have shown Karen Read’s tail light condition after arriving back at home is mysteriously missing. The defense has requested it, but the Commonwealth has no explanation for where it is.

9. John O’Keefe’s brother described his body as looking like he went 5 rounds with Mike Tyson. Brian Albert is a known fighter and recently assaulted a BPD Officer named Eddie Hernandez at a Christmas party.


8. Colin Albert didn’t like John O’Keefe, made several videos threatening to beat and/or kill people, and had scars on his knuckles 4 weeks later on images posted on social media.


7. Brian Albert, a trained first responder, never came outside after Jen McCabe called his wife at 6:07 and 6:08 alerting them that a dead Boston cop was found on his front lawn. McCabe then deleted those phone calls and has no explanation for why she did that.


6. Despite the fact that a body was found on the property, 34 Fairview Road was never searched, and the area where O’Keefe’s body was discovered was not sectioned off and treated like a crime scene. Throughout the day gawkers contaminated the crime scene before tail light fragments were later discovered.


5. John O’Keefe’s phone moved up and down flights of stairs inside 34 Fairview Road from 12:21 to 12:24 AM, despite testimony from the McCabes and Alberts that he was never inside the house. The Commonwealth claims that they have an expert who refutes this, but then filed a motion to cancel the evidentiary hearing where the expert could be questioned by both sides.


4. After being named as a suspect by Karen Read’s attorneys, Brian Albert proceeded to sell  his house which had been in the family for multiple generations, get rid of his 6 year old family German shepherd, and have his basement floor replaced.

3. John O’Keefe’s phone was discovered underneath his body, indicating that it had been planted there. The phone stopped moving at 12:31 AM after ascending and descending stairs minutes earlier, then began moving again after police found his body.


2. John O’Keefe had a lateral gash in the back of his head, which supposedly was caused by a car going 5-10 mph in reverse, after landing on snowy grass.


1. John O’Keefe’s right arm was covered in lacerations, and the medical examiner who examined his body 4 days after he died was told ahead of time that he was struck by a car.


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  1. How did Proctor end up at the house? Did someone call 911?
    Was he dispatched there by MSP?
    Did Canton Police call state Police and he was the officer on duty?

  2. Dang, man. You’re like a pitbull on a mailman on this one. Respect for the commitment in the face of blatant injustice.

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