Canton Cover-Up Part 44: Firefighter Who Heard Karen Read Say “I Hit Him” Is Close Friends With Caitlin Albert And Others Inside 34 Fairview Rd On Night John O’Keefe Was Killed

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The most common refrain you will hear from the 1% of people who still believe that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe, is that she admitted hitting him with her car at the scene of the crime. But this ignores relevant facts:

  • She was in trauma and just found her boyfriend dead.
  • She was the only one of the 3 women (Kerry Roberts, Karen, Jen McCabe) who acted surprised or traumatized by finding John dead in the snow.
  • Jen McCabe admitted to asking her in the car if she thinks she could have hit John O’Keefe, thus putting the idea in her head.
  • No reasonable person would immediately jump to the conclusion that their boyfriend was beaten, then left to die as his body was staged to frame her, so the only logical conclusion a person in her position could reach is that she may have accidentally hit him without realizing it.
  • There is a difference between saying, “I hit him,” and asking “Did I hit him?” Just ask My Cousin Vinnie.

Jen McCabe was the one who claimed that Karen was screaming “I hit him,” after asking in the car “could I have hit him?” But critics of the defense’s theory point out that a Canton firefighter named Katie McLaughlin also claimed that Karen said “I hit him,” repeatedly to Kerry Roberts, after being asked what happened to John.

Notice she only saw one black Nike sneaker, yet the SERT team found his other sneaker 12 hours later under over a foot of snow. Somehow she missed that, as did all the other first responders.

Critics ask the obvious question – why would a paramedic lie? And I agree that it’s absurd to believe that an uninvolved third party would go along with a conspiracy she had no knowledge of. However, there’s two problems:

  1. Karen Read was saying “I hit him” at that point because she had been made to believe that she did in fact hit him.
  2. Katie McLaughlin is a close family friend of the Alberts.

Here she is partying with her high school friend Caitlin Albert.

Both of them are also in this picture.

She has removed all social media.

Caitlin Albert was at the Waterfall with her parents Brian and Nicole, the McCabes, John O’Keefe, and Karen Read. She was inside 34 Fairview Road that night and allegedly left 3 minutes before O’Keefe arrived.

Katie McLaughlin was hired by former fire chief and current Town Administrator Charles Doody.

Doody’s daughter Kathryn was also inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was murdered, and her name was intentionally spelled wrong in Michael Proctor’s report.

This is not to say that Katie McLaughlin was in on the conspiracy, or that she’s not qualified to be a first responder. But the fact of the matter is that she was not questioned about what she saw until January 30, more than 24 hours after responding. By then the narrative that Karen Read had killed John O’Keefe was the generally accepted version of events around town. She was predisposed to tell police something that made Read look guilty.

Just to review:

  • McLaughlin was friends with multiple people in the house, including the homeowner’s daughter
  • McLaughlin was not questioned about what happened until after Karen Read’s car was taken in as evidence, and after it was reported that she had killed John O’Keefe
  • McLaughlin’s responses to police were favorable to Brian Albert by keeping any suspicion off of him

Caitlin Albert is also Venmo friends with Katie McLaughlin.

Just as Michael Proctor’s sister is Venmo friends with several Alberts, including Colin.

Just as Colin is Venmo friends with the deputy chief’s son, who lived across the street from 34 Fairview Road, and whose Ring camera mysteriously didn’t pick up the murder that allegedly took place across the street.

Did Katie McLaughlin speak with Caitlin Albert prior to speaking with police? She had 24 hours to do so, and I’m sure everyone in town was talking about it. We don’t know if that was even asked because her interview with Proctor wasn’t recorded.

Like everyone else involved in this case McLaughlin is a Canton townie, who grew up there and intends on working there. She doesn’t have to be in on the conspiracy, she just had to say the right answers to leading questions from Proctor which implicated the only outsider involved – Karen Read. Does this look like a family that’s going to allow themselves to be broken up and sent to prison when they could easily just blame Karen Read?

Katie McLaughlin wasn’t the only first responder on the scene, but she was the only one who reported hearing Karen Read say that. She may not be in on any conspiracy, but she’s also not some sort of unbiased first responder either.

P.S. Turtleboy is everywhere, Jen McCabe.

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