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Canton Cover-Up Part 44: Firefighter Who Heard Karen Read Say “I Hit Him” Is Close Friends With Caitlin Albert And Others Inside 34 Fairview Rd On Night John O’Keefe Was Killed

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The most common refrain you will hear from the 1% of people who still believe that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe, is that she admitted hitting him with her car at the scene of the crime. But this ignores relevant facts:

  • She was in trauma and just found her boyfriend dead.
  • She was the only one of the 3 women (Kerry Roberts, Karen, Jen McCabe) who acted surprised or traumatized by finding John dead in the snow.
  • Jen McCabe admitted to asking her in the car if she thinks she could have hit John O’Keefe, thus putting the idea in her head.
  • No reasonable person would immediately jump to the conclusion that their boyfriend was beaten, then left to die as his body was staged to frame her, so the only logical conclusion a person in her position could reach is that she may have accidentally hit him without realizing it.
  • There is a difference between saying, “I hit him,” and asking “Did I hit him?” Just ask My Cousin Vinnie.

Jen McCabe was the one who claimed that Karen was screaming “I hit him,” after asking in the car “could I have hit him?” But critics of the defense’s theory point out that a Canton firefighter named Katie McLaughlin also claimed that Karen said “I hit him,” repeatedly to Kerry Roberts, after being asked what happened to John.

Notice she only saw one black Nike sneaker, yet the SERT team found his other sneaker 12 hours later under over a foot of snow. Somehow she missed that, as did all the other first responders.

Critics ask the obvious question – why would a paramedic lie? And I agree that it’s absurd to believe that an uninvolved third party would go along with a conspiracy she had no knowledge of. However, there’s two problems:

  1. Karen Read was saying “I hit him” at that point because she had been made to believe that she did in fact hit him.
  2. Katie McLaughlin is a close family friend of the Alberts.

Here she is partying with her high school friend Caitlin Albert.

Both of them are also in this picture.

She has removed all social media.

Caitlin Albert was at the Waterfall with her parents Brian and Nicole, the McCabes, John O’Keefe, and Karen Read. She was inside 34 Fairview Road that night and allegedly left 3 minutes before O’Keefe arrived.

Katie McLaughlin was hired by former fire chief and current Town Administrator Charles Doody.

Doody’s daughter Kathryn was also inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was murdered, and her name was intentionally spelled wrong in Michael Proctor’s report.

This is not to say that Katie McLaughlin was in on the conspiracy, or that she’s not qualified to be a first responder. But the fact of the matter is that she was not questioned about what she saw until January 30, more than 24 hours after responding. By then the narrative that Karen Read had killed John O’Keefe was the generally accepted version of events around town. She was predisposed to tell police something that made Read look guilty.

Just to review:

  • McLaughlin was friends with multiple people in the house, including the homeowner’s daughter
  • McLaughlin was not questioned about what happened until after Karen Read’s car was taken in as evidence, and after it was reported that she had killed John O’Keefe
  • McLaughlin’s responses to police were favorable to Brian Albert by keeping any suspicion off of him

Caitlin Albert is also Venmo friends with Katie McLaughlin.

Just as Michael Proctor’s sister is Venmo friends with several Alberts, including Colin.

Just as Colin is Venmo friends with the deputy chief’s son, who lived across the street from 34 Fairview Road, and whose Ring camera mysteriously didn’t pick up the murder that allegedly took place across the street.

Did Katie McLaughlin speak with Caitlin Albert prior to speaking with police? She had 24 hours to do so, and I’m sure everyone in town was talking about it. We don’t know if that was even asked because her interview with Proctor wasn’t recorded.

Like everyone else involved in this case McLaughlin is a Canton townie, who grew up there and intends on working there. She doesn’t have to be in on the conspiracy, she just had to say the right answers to leading questions from Proctor which implicated the only outsider involved – Karen Read. Does this look like a family that’s going to allow themselves to be broken up and sent to prison when they could easily just blame Karen Read?

Katie McLaughlin wasn’t the only first responder on the scene, but she was the only one who reported hearing Karen Read say that. She may not be in on any conspiracy, but she’s also not some sort of unbiased first responder either.

P.S. Turtleboy is everywhere, Jen McCabe.

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  1. Assuming Jackson does the cross (no offense to Yanetti who is brilliant), I’m sure they are both prepared, she will be exposed. Like watching Jordan and Pippen in their prime.

  2. Aiden you have done a great job exposing what has been going on in Canton and provided great resources for the Defence to call upon.

    I know you are disappointed by not being invited to court by the Read family however talking negatively about them isn’t doing you any favours.

    For a moment put yourself in their shoes, you like them have been targetted by the corruption in that town. The very same people that fitted her up have done the same to you.

    Have you ever thought for just one second that the Read’s, Jackson, Yannetti and Little actually have your best interests at heart by not inviting you to court??

    Look at the decisions Aunty Bev has made in this case in just the last 4 days and then ask yourself why she is objecting on behalf of Lally when he doesn’t make an objection himself??

    These people are powerful and they weald their power at the very people that are a threat to their exposure!!

    We all know Karen is innocent, however Aunty Bev is stopping all proof of this coming into court with her decisions.

    What is it going to look like in your case if you are photographed in court with the Defence and the Read’s …..you already know they are trying to link you both to witness intimidation!!

    You also know that even with zero evidence they will just make it up anyway!!

    You will end up with either Aunty Bev as your Judge or someone else of her ilk who is more than happy to hide proof of your innocence.

    What is the point in Karen being found not guilty in her case to only then a month later be implicated in yours?? Once again putting both of your freedom at risk??

    Please just trust that the Read’s and the Defence team are actually doing the right thing even if at the moment you don’t see it.

    When Karens case is over and hopefully the jurors see through all of the smoke and mirrors ….who do you think she will be giving her exclusive interview to??

    Who do you think she will want sitting by her side when it’s the McAlberts in the Dock for what they have done to her??

    You spent 60 days in jail because you didn’t take Bradls advice. Had you taken his advice then LG, Tully etc would never have had the opportunity to fit you up and jail you.

    Please be humble enough to know that there is a bigger plan ahead and cut the Read’s some slack …..they won’t ever forget what you did for them and I guarantee you will be repaid 10 fold if you just stick to their plan. ❤️❤️❤️

      1. He’s been upset all day because he’s not going to be invited to sit in court by the Read’s. He’s taken it very personally without realising the bigger picture.

        Don’t get me wrong I respect everything he has done in exposing what’s going on in that town and everything he has done to help Karen, we clearly see the gratitude from the family.

        Today he’s been having a dig at several people and how they should be giving up their seat for him and then talking about loyalty. All of it is so unnecessary and its making him look bitter.

        He also tried to insinuate he spent 60 days in jail for Karen. Which really isn’t fair, when his own attorney advised him against meeting with LG it but he did it anyway.

        Aiden knows the cops will do everything in their power to get something on him ….what if for instance Mr Read innocently messages him to invite him to court or makes the mistake of calling him …..we know these cops lie and will turn any communication into their advantage and try and use it as proof against both Aiden and Karen of collusion ….he seems to have forgotten how at the drop of a hat they raid his house for his devices, subpoena his bank accounts and basically going through his entire life completely unbeknown to him…..he has literally just got the evidence in the last few days of what they have been upto since last year.

        His phones were taken and every single source he has ever had the cops now have putting them in jeopardy too.

        We know they have been going to people’s doors and threatening them to make up ish about Aiden using previous information they hold to intimidate them ….even going to the extent of claiming they have warrants for their phones when they have not to then say they were given them willingly.

        They even flew to California telling Natalie the German they would give her immunity if they told them everything she knew ….immunity from what?? No crime was committed!!

        Again I reiterate I fully support Aiden and his Journalism and I’m so very grateful of the risks he took to expose it all ….there just comes a time when someone has to get him off his high horse before he does anymore damage to himself or anyone else that he’s been in contact with.

        Although I’ve never met Aiden and he has no idea who iam when a good friend is about to undo all of the good work they have done then it’s only because you care that you try and give them a good bit of advice for their own self preservation if you know what I mean.

        I don’t want him put in jail for years on end just because he wants to sit in a court room with the Read’s and I don’t want Karen locked up for years for a crime she didn’t commit.

        There’s a reason Aunty Bev overuled both the CW and Defence when it came to mentioning Aiden …..Aiden provided the photographs proving that both Jen McCabe and Kerry Roberts were at Proctors house ….their excuse during pre trial was because they were being intimidated by TB …..a complete and utter lie but if he is in court when they testify ….they are going to point to him and say he is the reason they are pleading the 5th or some other bs that they can think of in order to cover their own ass’s and then turn themselves into the victims!!

        That’s how dirty these people really are!!

    1. Wow, boy whoever you are? You are the first one from “our side” to give TB some sane advice. I do not love, nor barely even like Aidan. I respect Aidan. He is doing what none of us have the talent or smarts to do, and that is ruthlessly investigating and cultivating effective sources. Calling females c$&!s and &$@!s is helping no one, and only appeals to bullies and lalouchebags. I admire TB, but in the words of Rambo to the town sheriff: “let it go. let IT go…”
      Let her win with what you’ve given them to use.

      When you laugh and scoff and just get ready to $&it on me? Remember this: “The sheriff is a $&@@er.” The sheriff is near. We thank you from the bottom of our FKRead hearts. Thank you for your service.

      1. Thank you ❤️

        I don’t want these cops trying to imprison anyone else just to keep their own dirty secrets safe, least of all Aiden who has exposed every last one of them!!

        Aiden has no boss, so it’s not as easy for the likes of Lizzie Proctor to contact his employer to get him fired.

        These people really are dirty and low!!

        The cops abusing Sandra Birchmore got her sectioned as a threat to keep their dirty secrets safe…..then one of them gets her pregnant and suddenly she’s unalived ….they then cited Mental Health Issues because of their previous section orders and it was case closed!!

        It’s scary what these evil people are capable of and the amount of people they have in their pocket that will turn a blind eye and cover for them because they have dirt on them too!!

        Aiden needs to be proud of all that he has achieved and know that eventually he will get the recognition he so rightly deserves ….its just now its not the right time and someone that does actually care about his wellbeing needs to tell him that!!

        Unfortunately that person just had to be me because no one else is saying it.

  3. Is there any way Brian Albert didn’t tell his daughter to tell Katie to just say she doesn’t really know us and leave it at that. Brian Albert’s game is just deny deny deny

  4. KR and parents are pretty wealthy in their own right so these donations have me asking lots of questions like where are they actually going, could it be maybe a blogger who is losing subs in all their social media and facing a lengthy prison sentence is helping them self to them, does make me wonder. I do notice no matter what the story line is in Kearneys blogs he always inserts himself in any way he can, this and his poor grama will keep him nothing but a blogger and sadly not a very good one. His days are numbered, his cell is being prepared. The storm is about to break. Wishing Liar for Hire Kearney a long healthy life..

    1. Let me help you out a little as clearly you have no idea about anything whatsoever!!

      1. The Defence Fund was set up by Jacksons law office …..it clearly states any funds remaining will be donated to the Innocence Project!!

      2. Why are you so interested in the Donations being given to Aiden yet don’t cite the 99% of YouTube channels that also receive donations especially regarding this case. As far as I’m aware they don’t even have websites and most certainly don’t out corruption. Instead they use Aidens work to profit from themselves!! Yet you have no mention of that anywhere in your daily postings about Aiden!!

      3. If Karen Read’s parents are as wealthy as you claim …..pray tell why they have had to remortgage their home to help pay for her defence and also why have her actual attorneys got a fundraiser to make up the difference in order to pay for their services??

      4. I know you’re not the smartest tool in the box but surely you realise having 3 attorneys for a period of over 2 years costs more than the average mansion!! Then add in experts, did you miss the part where the Commonwealth wanted to charge Karen $21,000 to simply have someone stand in a lab to observe DNA being taken?? Note also how Karen did not pay because the money would be better spent elsewhere, perhaps for the flights and hotels for Attorneys Jackson and Little when they have to fly in for a 5 min hearing!!
      Their clock starts the moment they leave home until the moment they get back at an HOURLY RATE!!

      5. Now that you have been schooled in the reality of a Criminal Case and its costs not to mention the $80,000 the CW are currently holding onto as Karens bail will you actually let that sink in and refrain from your jealous postings about money?? Doubtful I admit because it’s a running theme with every one of your posts!!

      Being unsuccessful at life is no one else’s fault but your own!!

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